IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 14

Slowly we’re getting a more fleshed out story. It’s hard for me to keep track when everyone wants revenge and the drama is full of guns and fighting, but there is a story – even though it’s about nuclear weapons again. I’ll summarize here, mainly for my benefit, but I hope it helps you too.

Everyone wants Baek San to get the nukes; IRIS wants to attack the peninsula (North and South); North wants to attack South; South wants bargaining power over North; and Baek San wants to take down IRIS with the nukes. Joong-won and his friends are Team North-but-I’ll-help-IRIS; Rei is Team IRIS-All-the-Way; Yoo-gun and NSS are Team South; and Baek San is Team Baek San.

On another note: Kim Yun-hwa, you seriously give your sister a bad name. Meanwhile writers can’t stop giving Lee Da Hae crying scenes. Enough already.

Yun-hwa barges into the church just as Joong-won’s mission is about to start. Looks like he left her behind on purpose, and she’s not happy about that because she wants to kill Rei herself. Sheesh – a little too one-track minded, aren’t ya? Joong-won asks for a little trust – he’s going to have to rescue Rei, but he’s got his own plans too.

As for Yoo-gun, he makes his way to the Church through the back, silently killing any of Joong-won’s men along the way. He even takes out a sniper, and then assumes the sniper’s position; when Joong-won radios in asking for an update, Yoo-gun replies. Thankfully Joong-won doesn’t recognize his voice.

Soo-yeon wants to pause the mission, but she can’t – Joong-won Skypes NSS (literally) and tells them they have 30 minutes to give them Rei and Soo-jin. If they delay, they’ll start killing everyone in the church. To emphasize his point, he kills one hostage right away. He calls up Soo-yeon privately and says he’ll give her four hostages for two, and then will release one for every 10 kilometers they leave. Min wants her to make the exchange; she also surreptitiously had a tracker injected in Soo-jin, so she’s not worried about losing the team.

The exchange is made, and Min calls up Shi-hyuk to trace Soo-jin afterwards because she only trusts him. Why!? Whyyyyy?!!?!??!

After they agree on the deal, Yoo-gun shoots the air several times; of course, each side thinks the other shot first. Joong-won assumes it was from NSS, but he pretends that he shot more hostages and demands the hostages now. The exchange is made; Yun-hwa pulls the gun on Rei again, stupidly, and Joong-won forces her and his team to all move out. They leave first, and while everyone’s distracted, a hostage tries to make his own escape.

Rei shoots him, and NSS hears. They head back in, guns raised, and Rei uses Soo-yeon’s brother as a shield. Next thing we know, Yoo-gun comes in, using Soo-jin as a shield. Rei shoots Soo-jin dead, and then kills the brother, and runs. Yoo-gun chases after him as Soo-yeon cries over her dead brother’s body. Shi-hyuk spots Rei running off into his own car and aims, but doesn’t shoot. Instead he shoots the air.

That’s it – he’s the bad guy for sure.

Now with Soo-jin dead, Min must rely on traffic cameras to locate the car and follow IRIS to their next destination. Yoo-gun follows Rei’s car, with Shi-hyuk and his partner behind him. Min reminds Yoo-gun that she needs Rei alive; heck like he’ll listen to her!

They end up in a tire factory, and Yoo-gun beats all of Rei’s henchmen until it’s just the two of them left. Shi-hyuk’s partner worries they’ll have to arrest both Yoo-gun and Rei; Shi-hyuk: “Can’t you see what’s the priority here?!” Hah.

Yoo-gun and Rei pretty much waste their bullets shooting into the air so that they can locate each other, and end up in a fist fight. Rei is clearly stronger, as Yoo-gun is a bit off his game. So Yoo-gun decides to “cheat” (with Rei’s permission) by using the two empty guns to help him fight. Rei ends up bloody on the ground, and Yoo-gun inserts a new cartridge in his gun. He asks where Joong-won is, but Rei doesn’t know. (The guy abandoned him, knowing that eventually Rei will be offed and he’ll get to be a leader for Mr. Black.) With Rei taunting him, Yoo-gun shoots him dead, and adds a bullet in his brain for good measure.

Yoo-gun knows Shi-hyuk is behind him too, and he shoots at their feet, warning them not to follow him. His partner has to calm Shi-hyuk down and prevent him from shooting too.  And sure enough, Mr. Black tells Joong-won he’s got Rei’s job now.

Baek San calls up Min and apologizes for not being able to show her where the nuclear weapons are, but he will keep his promise. He sends her a magazine that has the location of the first nuclear weapon, located in the Olympic stadium. She heads out with a small team, and Section Chief Hwang reports that to Chul-hwan; fortunately, he’s incompetent enough to not have her followed, and thus find out what she’s up to.

Min and her team go to the underground areas of the stadium and, using a Geiger counter, find 4 nuclear weapons. Baek San calls her up, and hopes that the nuclear weapons should hopefully secure South Korea’s status as a nuclear state. He says he won’t use the 5th one in the country, but is planning to use it as bait for IRIS so that he can catch them.

We see Soo-yeon’s father show up for the brother’s funeral, and he reminds her that in a hostage situation, anything can happen, so she shouldn’t necessarily blame Yoo-gun for anything. Meanwhile, Yoo-gun takes Byung-jin aside to have him locate Tae-hee for him, as she’s the link between Joong-won and Young-choon. Poor Byung-jin – he’s all worried that he’ll be fired for doing all these secret side missions for Yoo-gun and Soo-yeon!

Young-choon is pissed when he learns that Joong-won performed a mission for Mr. Black without telling him, because it seemed like Joong-won forgot to whom he should answer to. Their goal is to get Baek San so that they can hand over the nuclear weapons to IRIS. That’s all – and then they can go back to Pyongyang, and Joong-won will be pardoned. After their talk, Yun-hwa takes Joong-won aside and reminds him what kind of person he really is deep down. Isn’t he a rebel? If he delivers Baek San and the nuclear weapons to Mr. Black, he won’t need Young-choon to pardon him at all… he can be in control.

Yoo-gun returns to the safe house he originally brought Young-choon. It’s now abandoned, but he asks Byung-jin to look through the house’s CCTV and locate Tae-hee’s car. Byung-jin’s findings bring Yoo-gun to Joong-won’s current hideout, and he rings the doorbell.

Tae-hee and Joong-won weren’t expecting any visitors either. Guns are raised.

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