IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 17

Oh drama. Your fascination with feathers and unimportant side characters crack me up.

Baek San creeps into the factory and opens fire, killing most of the team members until Joong-won and Tae-hee get involved in the fire fight. Soo-yeon passes out while tied up to her chair, so her guards leave her to back up their team. That’s when Baek San’s assistant falls into the room through a hole in the ceiling and takes Soo-yeon away unharmed to a hospital. (The manager of the Paris Baguette happens to be at that hospital too. Side note: I really don’t understand why they keep trying to use this character; he doesn’t even act as an example of normalcy amidst the spies, nor is he good comedic relief.)

Joong-won shoots the gun out of Baek San’s hand, and Tae-hee corners him. They realize that Soo-yeon has escaped so they tie Baek San up instead. Joong-won wants to know where the nuclear weapons are, and won’t believe that they’ve all been handed over to NSS. Form of torture? Branding Baek San’s legs with a hot poker. Joong-won does apologize for killing Yoo-gun’s mother though.

Yoo-gun hears of the situation and of course wants to go save Baek San; it’s also so that Joong-won won’t get his hands on the last nuclear weapon. Yun-hwa offers to help him, as long as he doesn’t kill Joong-won. Fair enough.

Yun-hwa makes the first move by arriving at the warehouse. Joong-won takes her away angrily for a private talk (and I’m sure Tae-hee doesn’t like the preferential treatment), but he’s happy to see her alive. She apologizes like a kid sister for killing Young-choon, and he forgives her. Goodness gracious – Joong-won is a terrible agent! He will forgive her no matter what because she’s family. He’s curious as to how she found the location anyways; Yun-hwa stumbles for an answer because she can’t say “Yoo-gun brought me here,” but he provides an answer for her anyways. He believes she read the article that was meant for Baek San.

While Yun-hwa is distracting the team with her sudden presence, Yoo-gun uses the same hole in the ceiling to help get Baek San out of there. By the time Joong-won finds out, Yoo-gun has managed to get Baek San out of there and in the assistant’s car.

They get to a safe house and Yoo-gun treats Baek San’s burns. The father wants the son to stop his whole revenge business and go back to his life before. Otherwise, people around him will die. But Yoo-gun doesn’t want to go back – he can’t go back, because he might put Soo-yeon in greater danger than before. Since this duo never listens to each other anyways, Baek San forcibly chloroforms Yoo-gun so that he can’t go anywhere. Problem solved.

Meanwhile, Shi-hyuk commences an attack in the security truck and uses the soldiers’ confusion to shoot most people dead, and leave Hyun-woo harmed. The truck topples over to its side, and Shi-hyuk manages to uncuff himself and run. Hyun-woo shoots him in the leg, but he still manages to get away over a fence before Section Chief Hwang and additional backup reach the truck. Guess we all know who the mole is now!

Min calls up Yoo-gun, who is groggy from the effects of the chloroform. Since he knows where Joong-won is, she agrees to send him a team for backup. But she also (finally) warns him that his head is not in good condition. No kidding, considering the amount of pain sears through his head. He promises that after he gets Joong-won, it’ll be the end.

Joong-won thinks that someone’s been tailing Yun-hwa, and that’s how the warehouse got found out. Tae-hee thinks that she might be in league with Yoo-gun, but Joong-won doesn’t believe that – Yun-hwa and Yoo-gun were enemies in Japan! They plan to move locations, and Yun-hwa quickly texts it to Yoo-gun.

Since he can no longer receive Min’s help, Yoo-gun goes to visit an arms dealer he once put away in jail. He wants bombs and guns, and pays the guy with rocks – heh. Soon after he’s gone, Baek San’s assistant holds the dealer at gun point and asks where Yoo-gun went. He doesn’t know, but does believe he needs to get out of this business soon. Hah.

As for Min, she meets with the head of the NSA – Eastern Region, Philip. She informs him quite frankly that South Korea is in possession of 4 nuclear bombs, and she wants to hand it over to the States so that South Korea does not become a nuclear nation. Philip is all for it, and gets Pentagon’s approval. As for the 5th one… Baek San and his assistant are currently transporting it in a truck on the highways.

We know that Tae-hee doesn’t trust Yun-hwa at all (and Joong-won’s starting not to), but what we learn is that Tae-hee isn’t even from the North. She’s just a North Korean sympathizer who graduated from a top school. Hmm. Anyways – Yun-hwa finally hears from Yoo-gun, and tells him how many people are around. She gets caught texting him by Hyuk-soo, and runs for it. While Hyuk-soo reports to Joong-won, Yoo-gun has already been making his way into the warehouse, killing each soldier he sees stealthily.

Soon it becomes an all-out fight as soldiers go on the hunt for Yoo-gun. He ends up in a gun fight with Joong-won; despite Yun-hwa’s pleas to spare him, Yoo-gun looks like he’s not going to go easy on the North Korean. They end up shooting at each other through aisles of boxes… of feathers. Once again, feathers fill the air as these two men go at it, wounding each other in the arm. This is such a strange sight…

Anyways – it gets to a point where Yoo-gun is cornered, and OUT OF NOWHERE Baek San and his assistant come running in, shooting at all the North Koreans. They manage to get Yoo-gun out in their getaway car, and once again, Joong-won loses both his targets. Good job dude.

Baek San treats to his son’s wounds, reprimanding him for being so reckless. Yoo-gun doesn’t care, but just hopes the last nuclear weapon will be disposed of safely. He quotes Baek San, “No matter how soon you regret, it’ll always be too late,” which Baek San had said in front of Joong-won. The look on Baek San’s face is all, ‘You truly are my son! We share the same proverb!’

He gives Yoo-gun a recording of all the things he had done regarding the nuclear scientists; if Yoo-gun uses that information, he’ll be able to ruin IRIS. Baek San then calls up Mr. Black and says he wants to end this hide-and-seek game once and for all.

Yoo-gun returns to his own safe house, where Yun-hwa has been waiting anxiously. She’s relieved to see him come back safely, but then he faints right in front of her.

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