IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 18

Questions are answered and identities are revealed. But what’s ridiculous is how much this drama enjoys resurrecting dead characters – and that includes actors. Don’t repeat actors unless they’re reprising the same role!

I do have this sense that for the first time, I don’t really like the North Korean spies more than the South Korean spies. This is mainly due to the fact that the North Korean spies got a personality switch and started acting like lovesick idiots, when they shouldn’t be. I still don’t prefer the South Korean spies any more than the other characters. I think instead, my favorite character this time around is Baek San.

This drama also has the strangest use of product placement. Characters constantly putting on these disposable eyedrops because they’re “stressed” is odd because that’s the last thing I thought would need product placement. I’m used to the lingering shot on a Kia tire, or a random segment of Yun-hwa riding a bike, or having every single agent go to Paris Baguette Deli for a meal. But eye drops?! I guess it’s because it’s allergy season…

For some strange reason, Yoo-gun remembers back to the time when he jumped off a snowy bridge, escaping IRIS, in Japan when he’s passed out. When he wakes up, Yun-hwa has already dressed his wound. She gives him his phone, and he finds that Min has been calling him quite often because she wants to meet face to face.

The Chief of Staff arrives at the airport to pick up none other than Mr. Anthony Choi, head of Jeron and also known as Mr. Black. First off, he’s played by a scruffy Kim Gab Soo, who was Mr. X in the first series and was killed by Baek San. Secondly, that means he played the brother of Yoo Jong-chul, who is now Mr. X. So does this drama mean to tell me that Yoo Jong-chul (Mr. Black) and Yoo Jong-hoon (Mr. X) are TWIN BROTHERS?! Thirdly, Anthony Choi is in Korea to meet with the President and advise him regarding nuclear weapons.

President Ha wants Jeron to help Korea revive its nuclear program, but doesn’t confirm that he has nuclear weapons in his possession.

Mr. Black calls up Joong-won to catch up; he wants to meet up so they can discuss their strategy. Tae-hee is still concerned about working with IRIS, but Joong-won tells her to shut up and listen.

Yun-hwa takes Yoo-gun out and orders soju for the both of them, even though he’s injured and shouldn’t be having alcohol. It’s kind of funny how Yun-hwa doesn’t really know social etiquette for drinking, so she just repeats whatever she hears a girl nearby say. (I don’t really get how all of a sudden Yun-hwa acts like a child rather than a deadly assassin, but okay. I guess the public prefers when she does the cute act rather than the “I’ll kill you with my dead expression” act.) Yoo-gun is amused by her but it really all just reminds him of Soo-yeon, in case we’ve forgotten with whom he’s in love with.

While drunk, Yun-hwa does give Yoo-gun a very real moment: she’s worried that he hates Joong-won too much. She hopes he wouldn’t because at the end of the day, she and Joong-won are just two very hurt people who want to take revenge. She would be alone if he dies. Aw – she does love him in some way!

Joong-won and team arrive at the location Mr. Black gave them, and they’re greeted by Shi-hyuk, who limps due to the bullet Hyun-woo shot into his leg. Yoo-gun also goes to meet Min, who wants him to make sure IRIS and Joong-won never get their hands on the nuclear weapon that Baek San has. Yoo-gun does not think denuclearization is an option for South Korea at this point, but goes along with Min’s plan of handing it over to the States.

Yoo-gun arranges to meet with Byung-jin at a cafe, and lets Yun-hwa wander around on her own with an electric bike from the cafe. (She is such a little kid!) Yoo-gun wants Byung-jin to analyze the hard drive Baek San gave him, and after that he won’t make any more requests that will put him in a spot at the agency.

Unfortunately the NSS agents are already on to them; two of them capture Byung-jin before he can get into a taxi, and two others follow Yoo-gun. Yun-hwa is smart enough to figure that he’s getting tailed, so she wanders down a narrow alleyway on her bike, thus preventing agents from following her in their car. Yoo-gun is cornered in a building garage – just like how he wanted. Did they really think they’d be able to capture him unharmed?

Joong-won calls up another military hard-liner in the North to inform him that he can make sure the unification of North and South can go smoothly – in the face of total war of course. He’ll secure one last nuclear bomb, detonate it in Gwanghwamun, and then make sure that the North’s troops are stationed at strategic locations for a complete takeover. Sounds simple, no? The military hard-liner is in agreement, but will continue to pursue their political means of having unification parallel to Joong-won’s extreme plan.

He’s finally invited to meet with Mr. Black, and they both come to an agreement that Joong-won will detonate one of the nuclear bombs so that the North can win, and Mr. Black can get the uranium mines in the North. In return, Mr. Black will make sure Joong-won gets a high position in the new unified peninsula.

The NSS agents bring Byung-jin back to headquarters and hand Section Chief Hwang the hard drive he was holding. Soo-yeon, being overprotective, wants to handle his interrogation. Byung-jin just tells her that Yoo-gun’s fine, and that they might need to keep tabs on Choi Min’s movements.

That’s a fine idea – considering that Min is getting ready to move four nuclear weapons to Camp Humphrey for the US to take. (Baek San still has one, and is preparing for the detonation of his hidden one.) Soo-yeon discovers Min’s actions and reports to Chul-hwan, and they ambush Min in the middle of an intersection. Her mission is called off, and the President reprimands her for acting out of his orders. Of course, this also means she’s fired.

How quickly and easily they get rid of her! And to think, Min barely bats an eyelash at the news. She merely hopes Soo-yeon will understand her one day and they can meet each other in the States. Since when did Min care about what Soo-yeon thought of her!? She also adds that Soo-yeon needs to help Yoo-gun now.

Yoo-gun hears of Min’s situation, and contacts Soo-yeon soon after. He wants her to steal back the hard drive that was confiscated from Byung-jin. Thankfully she knows which one because she saw Hwang handle it, and so she successfully swaps it out with a fake hard drive. He also reminds her to treat Hyun-woo well, since he was injured, and only then does she take him out for a meal.

Everything is forgiven between Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon, and then he gets a call from none other than Shi-hyuk. Soo-yeon has the call traced while Shi-hyuk threatens pay back for Hyun-woo. They find that Shi-hyuk is located at Hyun-woo’s place. They head over, and Soo-yeon calls up Yoo-gun so that he can go there as back up as well.

The apartment is empty, though Shi-hyuk clearly went through it. Instead, he’s waiting outside, watching them all converge in front of Hyun-woo’s building. When Yoo-gun arrives, Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon raise their guns – and their eyes.

Hyun-woo’s surprised to see Yoo-gun, and Soo-yeon’s surprised to see her boyfriend’s new sidekick: Yun-hwa.

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