IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 19

Whoa. WHOA. WHOA! This was one explosive episode (har har), but the last ten minutes made up for the first forty. The episode started out with me going, “Well aren’t you an idiot!?” most of the time, until finally we ended with a bang. Here comes the last episode!

Soo-yeon and Yoo-gun have a little heart to heart outside the apartment, and Yoo-gun defends himself for having Yun-hwa around. She’s been quite helpful, and he’s pretty much “adopted” her because otherwise she’d be a lost, little, stray cat. He asks Soo-yeon for help in retrieving the data from the hard drive, since she needs to access NSS main servers for it. Once he catches Yoo Joong-won, he’ll turn himself in, and hopefully she can wait for him until then.

He drives off with Yun-hwa, but there’s a problem: his nose starts bleeding and the headaches get worse. He protests against going to the hospital, so Yun-hwa takes him home worriedly, buying any possible pain killer that could alleviate the pain she doesn’t know anything about.

Chul-hwan returns home with two of his agents, but just as he dismisses them, they’re shot dead by Joong-won. This is his revenge for refusing his offer to join IRIS. He shoots Chul-hwan, but doesn’t bother to check if he’s actually dead. Dude – check if they’re dead before running off!! It’s a very important step in assuring that you’ve succeeded because guess what? Chul-hwan was wearing a bulletproof vest and survived the assault.

As soon as Joong-won returns to the safe house, he’s called into the principal’s office Mr. Black’s room. Mr. Black scolds him for doing something so unnecessary. It’s not about eliminating the enemies who want to take them down – it’s about using the enemies to their advantage. Duly reprimanded, Joong-won returns to his room, only to find that Hyuk-soo has something for him: a letter from his mother. She wrote it after soldiers had come searching through Joong-won’s room once he was declared a traitor, and in it, hopes that he is still safe and not doing anything that will get him in such huge trouble. She apologizes for not being there to see him marry, since she’s so sick now, and bequeaths her jade engagement ring to him.

Oh the waterworks. They mess with my stoic demeanor.

When Yoo-gun wakes up the following morning – feeling allllllll better – he gets a call from his father. Baek San apologizes for not being a good father to him, and repeats his request for Yoo-gun to get out of this chaos before it’s too late. He hangs up – right before Yoo-gun says, “Father.” Heh.

Remotely, Anthony Choi/Mr. Black delivers a message to NSS and the Agency of Defense Development regarding the research and transport of the nuclear warheads. He has his “team” from Jeron pick it up, but those team members are really Joong-won’s men. The team reaches a checkpoint (headed by Joong-won), and once the nuclear warhead is confirmed to be in the truck, they shoot all the remaining soldiers in the trucks.

Little do they realize there is a tracking device on the warhead, and Min had given Yoo-gun the tracker that locates where these warheads are at at any time. He calls up Soo-yeon when he sees one on the move, and she tells him about Jeron and Anthony Choi. He presses that he needs the hard drive, so she quickly accesses the server to get it decrypted and handed over to him on another drive.

Meanwhile, Baek San meets up with Mr. Black, each guarded by their respective right-hand men. Mr. Black’s plan is to restart the war so that there can be a definite end to it; since the two Koreas are in a state of truce, they’re technically still at war. It’s just that the South has become fearless towards the idea of war. That’s why he wants the nuclear warhead. Baek San’s terms are simple: he’ll hand over the nuclear warhead if Mr. Black hands over Yoo Joong-won.

After the meeting, Baek San dismisses his assistant, whom we learn is named Jang Chul. The assistant is to escape to Japan and leave the rest to Baek San. They’re getting tailed, so Baek San manages to lead Shi-hyuk and his men away from Jang Chul. He also warns Jang Chul not to tell Yoo-gun what the plan is, but of course Jang Chul will tell!

Soo-yeon hands the decrypted drive to Yoo-gun, and he discovers that Yoo Jong-chul/Mr. Black is the same as Anthony Choi. When she returns to NSS, she hears that the transport team was under attack. As soon as she touches base with Yoo-gun, he tells her about his discovery. Putting two and two together, Soo-yeon realizes that they just handed a nuclear weapon to the head of IRIS under the pretext of ‘research’. Yoo-gun will check whether the location being transmitted on the tracker is a trap or not, and then let Soo-yeon know.

Soo-yeon takes the information to the meeting room, causing Chul-hwan to kick himself in the shins and slap his face over his mistake. He knows that her source of all this knowledge is Yoo-gun and demands that Yoo-gun come back to NSS to help them with this mission; he’ll make sure the boy gets pardoned.

Meanwhile, Baek San lures his tail through an open shopping mall. He quickly gets rid of one of the IRIS agents, and leads Shi-hyuk and another man to the warehouse where he keeps his nuclear weapon. Baek San disarms the other man, and tells Shi-hyuk to put his gun down or else he’ll blow the place up with the detonator in his hand. He opens the trapdoor on the floor and shows Shi-hyuk where the nuclear weapon is. That’s enough proof for Shi-hyuk to call up Mr. Black and verify the weapon’s existence. If Mr. Black doesn’t hold up to his end of the bargain, Baek San will blow everything up; Mr. Black’s safe house won’t be spared.

With that, Baek San is allowed to go to Mr. Black’s safe house.

Yoo-gun receives a video message from Baek San – once again, he wishes he could have been a better father. Since seeing his son, he’s had a stronger will to live, but he needs to pay for his crimes now. Yipes. Yoo-gun, Yun-hwa, and Jang Chul arrive at the safe house and split up in search of Baek San.

Yun-hwa takes out several guards (instead of being stealthy) and manages to pin a security guard in a lock, forcing him to tell her where Joong-won is. She enters his room and aims a gun at Joong-won’s face – she’s going to kill him because she’s worried about him. (Whut…) She wants him to stop helping IRIS start a war, because it will lead to disaster for all of them. If he stops, she’ll stop Yoo-gun from chasing him down. He’s already become her enemy for becoming the military hard liner she had come to hate, but since he’s her only family she hopes they can run away to another country and start over.

Jang Chul and Yoo-gun confirm the location of the nuclear bomb in the safe house, and split up to find Baek San. Unfortunately, Jang Chul gets seen by Tae-hee, and she slices him up to death. Shi-hyuk encounters Yoo-gun and they finally have their face-off – of which Yoo-gun successfully pummels Shi-hyuk down.

Yoo-gun then gets a call from Mr. Black – if he wants to see his father, he’ll have to come down to the basement. It’s a long concrete network of hallways, and Yoo-gun sees Mr. Black standing in the middle of it, aiming a gun at Baek San’s head. Mr. Black pressures Baek San to hand over the remote detonator, and even points at Joong-won and Yun-hwa standing at the other end of the hallway (as they tried to make their escape), watching the events unfold. Doesn’t Baek San have what he wants now?

Baek San: “I never said this remote control is to detonate the nuclear bomb…” He opens his jacket and reveals another bomb strapped to his waist. Yoo-gun screams, “FATHER!!!” and runs towards them. That makes Baek San happy, and he grabs Mr. Black’s hand and presses the button.

The blast throws everyone back, but Baek San and Mr. Black are dead.


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