Special Affairs Team TEN 2: Episode 5

A new episode that manages to close out a case about revenge (again), but also gives a hope for a new beginning. I have to say, I’ve never been so frustrated with Do Shik in my life with this series. I can see how Ji Hoon has made him a bitter, jaded old man, but at the same time I want him to use logic!

Then again – the Ten team doesn’t always use logic to figure out people’s motives, because people just aren’t always logical with their actions.

With Min Seob in the hospital unconscious, it’s looking likely that Jong Yoon really did commit the crimes. Do Shik has a moment reveling in his superiority and knowledge about the perpetrator and the case. He believes that Jong Yoon killed the family in an attempt to get to the safe and steal the 5 hundred million dollars kept in Lim Do Sool’s safe. As for Min Seob’s questionable motives, instead of getting revenge, the brother actually wants his hands on the money too. Ji Hoon just takes it all in silence.

Then, the police get a tip on Jong Yoon’s whereabouts and all head out, except for Min Ho and Ji Hoon. A nurse comes by with Min Seob’s belongings, and Ji Hoon notices a bloody photograph: two women are in their lingerie with Min Seob. Out of all the racy and improper photos that they have, Min Seob only kept this one – why? Ji Hoon realizes that when he mentioned Jong Yoon being framed in front of him, Min Seob must have realized there was another possible culprit, and that the person is in the photo.

While Min Ho is off finding the identities of the women in the picture, Yoo Rim also found more evidence for Ji Hoon. A large key was found in the wife’s intestine with traces of formalin. It’s a clue to who might have been the real murderer, and suggests that the key has been in an operating room or handled by a doctor who recently used disinfectant.

Do Shik and his men head to the cafe where Jong Yoon had held the owner hostage. She reports that he held her at knifepoint and made her dial several numbers from a book. Finally a man on the other end picks up, and Jong Yoon takes the cordless phone to a bathroom. It’s suspicious to Do Shik because it seems like he’s still looking for the real murderer.

Do Shik has his colleague check out all the numbers that Jong Yoon called out on the cafe’s phone. He then heads to a sauna looking for a Miss Kim. She’s a loan shark herself, and not too happy to see Do Shik at all. That is – until her tummy grumbles. He treats her to a meal, and suddenly she’s a fountain of information.

Lim Do Sool was a loan shark as well, but also had a nickname of ‘Pig’ among his peers. When women were in debt with him because they couldn’t control their gambling habits, he preferred a different form of payment. Do Shik: “What?” Miss Kim gives him a lewd gesture, and Do Shik finally learns about his sex-for-money-exchange.

Chapter 1: Pigs

Min Ho goes through Do Sool’s work computer in an attempt to find any information about the women, and discovers a locked folder called ‘pig’. Easily figuring out the numbered password, he finds pictures of Do Sool raping all the women that owed him money. Min Seob is in some of them as well. Every photo corresponds with a principle or interest payment made. Ji Hoon is informed, and he urgently requests the addresses of the women in the photo Min Seob specifically pointed out.

Ye Ri is still in Seoul trying to locate Jong Yoon’s family. The police are of no help as they have a lot of missing persons reports to sort through. Another child happens to be crying in their waiting area until her mother finally finds her. Ye Ri notices an owl necklace hanging around that child’s neck, and it matches that on Jong Yoon’s little girl. The police tells her that the owl necklace was used as a location device; if a child were to go missing, the parents could locate them with that necklace.

Well then – all you need to do is locate the girl’s necklace!

Ji Hoon goes to visit one of the women in the photo, and her husband opens the door. When Ji Hoon asks where the wife was on April 2nd the day of Do Sool’s murder, the husband flips a lid. He starts beating his wife, and claims responsibility for the murder.

He didn’t really do it though. The wife was an addicted gambler, and she borrowed from Do Sool constantly. Of course, she ended up paying with sex, and her husband sure wasn’t happy about learning that. The wife talks to Ji Hoon outside her house, and reveals that the other woman in the photo with her hair mostly covered is Hong Jung Im. Gambling Wife didn’t know much about her, but knew that Jung Im was desperate for money – enough so that she was willing to sell her body for it.

The next time Gambling Wife saw her, it was in a casino bathroom and Jung Im was throwing up. Jung Im asked if she had any money that she could borrow to pay back her debt. Gambling Wife told her she’ll never escape from the clutches of Do Sool. Hell is not just a place where there is no escape; hell has a small window for an escape, but the ladies just choose not to leave.

I hope Jung Im isn’t pregnant with Do Sool’s baby…

Soon after, Jung Im’s husband came and paid off all her debts. And then, she committed suicide at a mental hospital. Gambling Wife remembers that the husband happened to be a doctor. Doctor… who has a grudge against Do Sool… and knows pressure points in a body. He’s now the prime suspect.

Meanwhile Do Shik’s colleague tracked down the last number Jong Yoon called, but can only provide an address for Do Shik since he hasn’t confirmed the identity yet. Do Shik makes his way there.

Ye Ri is also making her way to an address where Jong Yoon’s daughter, Min Ji, was last seen. Surprisingly, Min Ho and Ji Hoon also show up, because they’re looking for Jung Im’s husband’s hospital. Inside is an absolute mess, and they find a door chained and locked. The key found in Mrs. Lim’s stomach opens the lock, and they enter a small surgery room where Min Ji’s necklace is found and some bloody scrubs.

Someone has been here, and may not have gotten out of it alive…

The next room has a surprise in store for them… it’s Do Shik, waiting for them. He was actually waiting for Kang Jong Yoon, expecting him to come for Lee Sun Ho (Jung Im’s husband). Scattered on the table are magazines about fine wine.

Do Shik knows that Lee Sun Ho has been missing since the morning. Ji Hoon finds it an admission of guilt – that Sun Ho is the real killer, and putting the blame on Jong Yoon. Do Shik sees it the other way around, that Jong Yoon wanted to get away with murder and theft by blaming it on Sun Ho, who would have a motive. (Sorry but Do Shik’s logic isn’t sound – why would Jong Yoon go so far as to blame Sun Ho? Why not blame it on the maid or something?) Do Shik is so sure that Jong Yoon is a criminal mastermind, not an addicted gambler.

Ye Ri pipes up with her theory in the hopes of defusing additional tension, too. She believes that Sun Ho kidnapped Jong Yoon’s wife and daughter, Eun Joo and Min Ji; he could have then used them to force Jong Yoon to kill Min Seob. Min Ho adds that Sun Ho had revenge as his motive, and he framed Jong Yoon.

It doesn’t convince Do Shik at all, because there’s still the question of the 500 million stolen from Lim Do Sool’s safe. But despite the motives and possibilities, Do Shik isn’t interested in trying to understand Jong Yoon and the crime. He realized last year (in a biting way towards Ji Hoon’s own turmoil) that trying to understand someone before they can speak is like discovering a lie. It’s better to just catch the sucker and then ask him why.

The Ten team leaves, and Ji Hoon affirms that they need to find Sun Ho quickly, but quietly. If Sun Ho realizes that the police are on to him, he might do something dangerous against Jong Yoon’s family. Ye Ri is confused on one point though – even if Sun Ho is the criminal, then why did he blame it on Jong Yoon? What is their connection?

Do Shik gets a new tip that Jong Yoon was last seen in a PC cafe looking for someone at Naricom, which was the former company he worked at. They locate a former coworker who works at a computer/mobile repair store. The coworker had tracked down a cellphone number for Jong Yoon, and then lent him a prepaid phone. Do Shik threatens him with three years in jail for helping a criminal – unless the coworker makes an identical phone to Jong Yoon’s for the police.

Meanwhile, Min Ho receives a tip that Sun Ho was seen in a rented car with Eun Joo and Min Ji. They find the rental abandoned in a barren field, and Ji Hoon spots a little girl’s hair clip on the floor. The car was only rented to go as far as 40km, and since the rental car shop was only 20km from this abandoned location, Sun Ho must have brought the hostages somewhere else within a 20km radius. Ji Hoon inspects the tires and sniffs the dirt; there’s a stable smell, so he has Min Ho check out nearby stables.

Ye Ri is trying to find a link between Sun Ho and Jong Yoon, and she goes through Sun Ho’s home videos. I don’t understand how Ye Ri can watch a video of him playing with Jong Yoon’s family on Min Ji’s birthday, and not see a connection immediately, but okay… She notices that he’s got the 12 step program too, which suggests he’s the spouse to an addicted gambler.

That’s when Ye Ri notices a photo framed of Sun Ho and his wife, and the background matches that of a photo Jong Yoon and Eun Joo took. She hurries back to Eun Joo’s place, takes out the photo, and sees a message from the back from Sun Ho:

“Thanks to you, we had a great time. My wife went to the casino for the first time and she was so happy when she won the jackpot. Meeting you has brought our family good luck. May happiness always be with you.”

There’s the link, and the motive.

Chapter 2: The First Day

Ye Ri calls Ji Hoon with the information; when the two couples met during Jong Yoon’s honeymoon, he had brought Jung Im to the casino for the first time, giving her a taste of the gambling life. It was a targeted revenge from the very beginning.

Min Ho is afraid that Sun Ho may have already killed Jong Yoon’s family, but Ji Hoon doesn’t believe so. Sun Ho would most likely keep his hostages alive until he meets Jong Yoon, and then he’ll kill them to maximize the torture.

Meanwhile, a checkpoint is in place, and a truck transporting pigs is stopped for inspection. The police guard doesn’t see anything suspicious and waves the truck through. But once the truck stops at a gas station, Jong Yoon appears from under the covers, hiding behind all the pigs. He reaches his destination – a building’s roof – but sees no one around. That’s when he gets a call from Sun Ho.

Jong Yoon demands to know where his family is since he did everything Sun Ho asked for. However, the police are now on their tail. Jong Yoon insists that what happened to Jung Im was not his fault, but that isn’t going to get Sun Ho’s sympathy. He hears a car honk – both through the phone and from his surroundings – and Jong Yoon realizes that Sun Ho is near. As he keeps talking to the killer, Jong Yoon checks out all the intersections from the roof for a man talking on his cellphone. And then, he spots him.

As Sun Ho tells him to think of the one place that would provide the greatest torture to him, Jong Yoon quietly makes his way down the building stairs. Just then, Do Shik also tracks down Jong Yoon’s phone, and heads over to the same intersection. Jong Yoon races towards Sun Ho’s car, which then speeds right towards him. Jumping out of the way is his only option, but he quickly makes chase. Do Shik sees him as well and runs after him on foot.

Jong Yoon quickly loses Sun Ho’s car, and now must deal with the police on his tail. They run through alleyways and markets, and the chase ends up going through construction sites and even a scenic hill that could have been part of The Sound of Music. Despite his stab wound, Jong Yoon keeps a good distance from Do Shik. He leads the detective to an abandoned train yard, forcing Do Shik to tread carefully. Jong Yoon attacks out of nowhere and has the first advantage in the fight, until Do Shik grabs his
wound and gains the upper hand. Just as he’s ready to arrest his suspect, Jong Yoon smashes a rock against Do Shik’s head, and makes his escape.

Ji Hoon hears of this chase through Min Ho, and he realizes that Sun Ho may have wanted to meet Jong Yoon alone, somewhere other than where the hostages are kept. Finding that the hostages are currently in greater danger, he wants to find their location and save them first.

Ye Ri visits the treatment center where Jung Im had gone to when her gambling addiction got worse. The treatment didn’t work, but she decided to return a second time because she was also pregnant. However, the fetus was also badly infected with syphilis. Her doctor brings Ye Ri to the roof to show where Jung Im jumped off. Nothing her husband said could have stopped her from going through with it, and she fell to her death before Sun Ho’s eyes.

At that very moment, Eun Joo is tied up in a chair, next to an IV stand. Sun Ho hooks her up to a bag, which presumably has poison in it. He then takes a sleeping Min Ji into the bedroom. Just before he lays her on the bed next to Eun Joo, Min Ji grabs his neck tighter and murmurs, “Daddy…” The irony just kills Sun Ho, but it doesn’t weaken his resolve. Though Eun Joo doesn’t know what her family ever did to Sun Ho, she begs for him to save Min Ji.

Jong Yoon picks up the bag of money he had hidden in an abandoned mine, and heads out for his final face off against Sun Ho.

Ye Ri leaves Eun Joo’s apartment, and looks back at the steps numbered 1-12 to symbolize the 12-step program. Hidden behind a brick, she notices a step 13. There is no step 13 officially. Hmm…

Do Shik returns to his station, bandaged up, and gets a call from One-Eye. Someone suspicious came by asking for boats to Pohang. Believing that it’s Jong Yoon making his escape, Do Shik and his partner head out to catch Jong Yoon in time. Just then, Ji Hoon calls up Do Shik asking for his help. He wants to stop Jong Yoon from meeting Sun Ho. Do Shik thinks he’s got that part covered, since he’s on his way to see One-Eye and possibly arrest Jong Yoon there.

Ji Hoon doesn’t deny that that might be true, but he thinks Jong Yoon will be tortured in seeing his family die before him first. The question now is, who is on the right path towards the truth? Is Jong Yoon going to save his family, or run away from it all?

Before Do Shik can hang up, Ji Hoon apologizes for his actions a year ago. It’s a little too late, but he does feel sorry for having put his team through so much. He hopes that Do Shik does understand how painful it is to see a loved one die, as he did say he did once before.

Suddenly, the tracking device goes off – Jong Yoon’s phone has been located once again, and he’s going in the opposite direction of Pohang. Looks like Ji Hoon was right! But Do Shik is stubborn and thinks this is just a ruse; he orders to keep going towards Pohang.

The IV drips keep going, and Eun Joo and Min Ji are growing weaker. Sun Ho waits patiently for Jong Yoon, drinking glass after glass of expensive wine. Jong Yoon races by motorcycle to the one place where he thinks they could be – a lodge where he and wife stayed, and met Jung Im and Sun Ho. A flashback shows the two couples chatting over tea, and Jong Yoon encouraging them to do something special on their anniversary.

Meanwhile, Do Shik can’t stop thinking about what Ji Hoon said, and he has his partner stop the car. He orders the partner to follow the van of backup police officers to Pohang, and he’ll take the car back to Jungsun, where Jong Yoon presumably is.

Ji Hoon and Min Ho arrive at a house in search of Min Ji and Eun Joo, but it’s not the lodge where Sun Ho actually is, waiting for Jong Yoon. By the time Min Ho locates the two hostages, it’s too late. Shock and disappointment at their failure fills Min Ho and Ji Hoon’s insides. They really couldn’t save the hostages.

When Jong Yoon arrives at the lodge, he is disappointed and furious to see that Sun Ho only has a live feed of Min Ji and Eun Joo. Neither of them are moving, and rage fills Jong Yoon. Sun Ho only smiles at Jong Yoon’s grief, but the next thing he knows, he’s stabbed in the gut. Jong Yoon stabs him one more time, and then falls to the floor, beside himself with grief.

Just then, Do Shik bursts into the room, gun raised. No one seems to care about his presence: Sun Ho is dying, and Jong Yoon is wailing. He then sees the live feed of Eun Joo and Min Ji on the tablet, and suddenly understands Jong Yoon’s actions. Everything really was as Ji Hoon said, and Do Shik drops his gun, disappointed in himself.

But then, suddenly, Min Ji sits up. She’s awake! She couldn’t sleep because Min Ho was probably crying too loudly! Do Shik notices it through the live feed and quickly calls over Jong Yoon. Min Ho scrambles to his feet and frees Min Ji from the IV drip, while Ji Hoon and another officer untie Eun Joo.

Jong Yoon glances over at Sun Ho for some clarification, and he replies, “The thirteenth step: you must watch your daughter grow up.” And with that, Sun Ho dies.

Afterwards, Ye Ri questions Eun Joo for an account on what happened. After Sun Ho had dropped Min Ji off on the bed, he had asked Eun Joo why she made a thirteenth step. The extra step was to remind herself that even though Jong Yoon may never escape his addiction, she would always be by his side. He was her first love, and she promised that she would be his last love. That statement had touched Sun Ho, and made him second guess his actions. Instead of killing them, he switched their bags with one full of sugar and a sleeping aid. By not killing them, he gave Jong Yoon a second chance at life he never got.

Though there were many extenuating circumstances surrounding the murders, Jong Yoon will have to pay for his crimes. Once again, he will be parted from his family, but afterwards, he can spend a lifetime with them.

As he is led away by officers, Do Shik addresses him. He’s surprised that Jong Yoon gave up the money to save his family. Jong Yoon denies that he’s changed – he thought for a long time of running away with the money; in fact, had the Lim family not been dead, he might have killed them for the money.

He then passes his wife and daughter, and poor Min Ji is saddened to see that her father is leaving once again. He promises that it’s only for a short time, and afterwards, he will come back. She holds out her pinkie – it’s a promise right?

Ji Hoon wants to know why Do Shik turned the car back around. Do Shik: “I didn’t want to regret anything. If I misunderstood him and ended this case the wrong way, I think I would have regretted it every day.”

Min Ho and Ye Ri wait by the stairs, worried that the other two might be fighting again. Heehee. Ji Hoon makes his leave, calling for the Ten team to follow as case is closed, and looking at Do Shik in particular. Min Ho and Ye Ri follow, but Min Ho asks if Do Shik will follow. I mean, he might as well…

A moment’s pause, and then Do Shik walks down the stairs, following them out.

Ye Ri rides in Ji Hoon’s car on the way home, and after some time, she asks why Sun Ho stopped his revenge. Ji Hoon: “I don’t know. Maybe he just got tired of it.”

Now there’s a thought.


This episode went by pretty quickly. Once we knew that Ji Hoon’s understanding of the case was correct, it was just a matter of finding the culprit and the hostages before any thing else happened. I mentioned earlier that I was really frustrated with Do Shik. I understand that he’s still quite bitter towards Ji Hoon, but I also was frustrated at his “guilty until proven innocent” mindset. While his arguments made sense regarding how Jong Yoon should be the main suspect, it was all based on the assumption that he knew Jong Yoon best. If anything, his experience with Ji Hoon’s case should have taught him that he can’t know anyone “best” and therefore can’t make assumptions on what they will or won’t do.

But it’s exactly this conflict that would make the Ten team so great – there would be someone countering Ji Hoon so that he wouldn’t always be right. In fact, it’s humbling to see that he didn’t know everything about revenge; he didn’t know why Sun Ho stopped his revenge because he himself couldn’t stop. Ji Hoon and Do Shik’s constant conflict, and their new cases, make them grow as detectives and help understand the mentality of a criminal better.

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