News Bits: 7/26/2013 Edition

Well – Joo Ji Hoon’s got another drama! Unfortunately it’s Medical Top Team, the drama I’ve sworn off for sure because it has Kwon Sang Woo in it (not my favorite actor). He’ll play Han Seung Jae, another genius doctor part of the group. Jung Ryeo Won is also signed on as Seo Joo Young, a doctor specializing in thoracic surgery. I would love to watch Joo and Jung, but not Kwon so much. And since Kwon is the main character, that means less screen time for them (possibly). 

Medical Top Team airs in October after Two Weeks. It’s got two months to convince me to tune in.

  • Ghost stories seem to be the “It Story” for this year. With The Master’s Sun and Who Are You coming up, we now have Ghost Detective, starring Oh Ji Ho. Coming off from Queen of the Workplace with Kim Hye Soo, Oh has signed on for this 10-episode miniseries on OCN. As Yoon Cho Young, he was born with the ability to see ghosts. He works with a female partner, and a female ghost of a high school student as he solves crimes. He’s also got his dark past, having lost a partner 7 years ago, and the gruff hero personality (stiff and mean on the outside, ambitious in the pursuit of justice and probably quite nice on the inside). Oh says that he was thrilled to get such a script and that he wanted to work on it as soon as he got it. The drama will air on October 6. 
  • Now with Han Hye Jin married and making plans with her U.K.-based husband, Sung Yuri is set to take her place on the variety show Healing Camp. She is scheduled to join the July 31st broadcast of the show.
  • Hwang Jung Eum is looking favorably towards a role in upcoming KBS drama Secret (not to be confused with the 2001 drama with Kim Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won though). She would be playing a woman who goes to prison for her boyfriend after he causes a hit-and-run accident, and ends up being betrayed. Whoa – that’s a bit dark. It’s like Nice Guy in reverse? Ji Sung is also in talks for the role as a chaebol son who doesn’t believe in love (duh). The script also won a KBS screenwriting competition, so I’d hope it’s good coming from a new writer. But the title and the synopsis make me cringe at all the melodrama that could result from it. The drama is set to air after Sword and Flower.
  • A few stills have come out for Good Doctor with Joo Won in medical garb and saving the life of a young child with CPR. It’s kinda cute how he listens to his own heart with the stethoscope. He’s a pediatric doctor with savant syndrome, while Joo Sang Wook is the highly capable surgeon in the hospital. He also poses with Kim Min Seo, the hospital director’s daughter whom he’s engaged to.





  • And the news that has shocked the drama industry: famed director Kim Jong Hak was found dead in a one-room apartment; he had committed suicide by burning charcoal briquettes. News reports have said that his possible motivation for suicide was the increasing amount of debts that resulted from Faith; the drama – however successful it was – could not pay its actors and crew. He left a note apologizing to his family and cursing the prosecutor in charge of a lawsuit against him, saying that he had been framed. Many celebrities attended his funeral, as he was the one who made the iconic dramas like Eyes of Dawn, Sandglass, and The Legend

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