News Bits: 8/15/2013 Edition


Kim Woo Bin (School 2013, and the upcoming Heirs) is now going to be the new MC for M! Countdown. He was a special guest MC for the show in April, but will now take over the job as the main host. I mighty like how his hair is all slicked back – he looks ready for some chaebol action in October…

His first show was today, on August 15.

  • Han Chae Young is due to give birth soon! After her drama Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek ended earlier this year, she went back home to the States to be with her family and be with them during most of her pregnancy. She decided to come back a few weeks early, as she’s due in early September, to give birth in Korea. Congratulations!
  • Seo Ji Suk and Hong Soo Hyun will be starring in a new MBC weekend drama together called Give Love Away, alongside Park Geun Hyung, Cha Hwa Yeon, and Lee Sang Yeob. Hong Soo Hyun will be the female lead Song Mi Joo, a calm and rational daughter with a stable job who makes her family proud. Seo Ji Suk will play a chef who seems to be a happy romantic, but is really a man full of pain. (Because of course he’s going to be a tortured hero!) The other side of the love triangle is played by Lee Sang Yeob as Jeong Jae Min, who’s got less luck with employment, and has a secret pain from his childhood as well. At least he really cares for Song Mi Joo!
  • Jin Yi Han, Jung Woong In, and Joo Jin Mo will join Ha Ji Won in her upcoming drama Hwatu, which follows Empress Ki, a Korean-born empress in the Yuan Dynasty. Joo is King Chunghye in Goryeo; Jin plays a scholar ‘Tal Tal’ who, despite being great for the advancement of Korea, falls for Empress Ki’s manipulations; and Jung plays the villain Yeom Byung Soo. The 50-episode drama will air in October.
  • Speaking of Ha Ji Won, she just signed on to a Hollywood talent agency, UTA (United Talent Agency). Could a US debut of Ha Ji Won be in the works?
  • Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun may star in the new KBS drama Future Choices – which might now be called Mi Rae’s Choices because her character is named Mi Rae. Yoon last starred in I Miss You last year, which was a huge hit, and Lee last appeared in When It’s at Night. He hasn’t selected a project since he was discharged from the army last year. I would really look forward to this drama if he were in it, since I haven’t seen him in a long time. In addition, it’s written by one of the other Hong Sisters pair – Hong Jin Ah. They’re less famous, but have produced more serious works than the more popular Hong Sisters (that do The Master’s Sun, Big, You’re Beautiful). Because I enjoyed King 2 Hearts, I’m more likely to tune into this one. It will also air in October.

So I guess to help finalize our new weekday primetime lineup in the fall, we’re going to get SBS’ Heirs and Suspicious Housekeeper (with Choi Ji Woo), MBC’s Hwatu and Medical Top Team (with Kwon Sang Woo), KBS’ Future Choices and Secret (with Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung), and tvN’s Basketball and Answer Me 1994.


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