Han Chae Ah Joins Cast of Mi Rae’s Choice


Han Chae Ah, last seen in All About My Romance, will be joining Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun in Mi Rae’s Choice. This girl never stops! Since Bridal Mask, which is when I feel she really broke out as a famous actress, she’s been in three projects in 2012 alone, and two so far in 2013. Crazy!

Now she’ll be completing the love square between Yoon, Lee, and Jung Yong Hwa.

As Seo Yoo Kyung, Han will play a reporter who’s quite foxy and cute, but also smart and ambitious. At the end of the day, she’s a go-getter who’ll get her story no matter what. She ends up attracting both Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Dong Gun’s characters, so I guess she’ll do anything to get the man she wants too.

The drama will take a leaf out of Nine Time Travels’ book by casting Choi Myung Gil as the older Mi Rae who goes back to her past to advise Yoon on what and what not to do. Except this time the focus is on the younger self (whereas in Nine the focus was on Lee Jin Wook, who was the older self). Choi will play Yoon 37 years into the future, even though she’s only 22 years older than the actress. She’s old enough to be Yoon’s mother, which will make her presence as more of a nag than that of a kindly fairy godmother. I wonder if older Mi Rae will be traveling back and forth with short intervals of time (like in Nine) or if she will travel back once and choose to live in her past in order to advise younger Mi Rae constantly. I wonder if she’d go back to her present to see if anything changes, and I’m sure her memory would be altered with every new choice she makes.


Amidst all these questions, what I find really strange is why tvN* would air a drama so similar to Nine and so soon. Was Nine not successful enough that they needed another drama to prove that this concept would work with a hotter, more familiar cast? Or is this going to be another franchise like the Oh Boy Flower Boy series, except this will be about time travel and be called the Oh Deja Vu series? In fact, while we’re on this, wouldn’t it be insane if Queen In Hyun’s ManNine, and Mi Rae’s Choice all occurred in the same world? Or what if the broadcast station in this drama is the same as that of Nine, and Mi Rae had discovered another object that sends her back in time — like the incense stick’s stand — and she travels back, not knowing the terrible consequences that had befallen Lee Jin Wook’s character as he messed with time? Or what if she found a bit of the incense stick that had been carelessly left behind, and got stuck in the past!?

The possibilities are endless.

*[EDIT: So… this drama is not airing on tvN – but on KBS. So… that makes most of the entire paragraph moot. However! I am amazed there’s no plagiarism issue at hand, because both stories are so similar. But! I still wonder how older Mi Rae is going to handle the time travel – will it have its own set of rules, or be similar to Nine with its time constraints. -Kae]

sources: tvdaily, wowtv

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