The 18th Busan International Film Festival Kicks Off


The 18th Annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) kicked off 10 days of screenings last night with an opening ceremony gala. Plenty of stars were present dressed to the nines as they strolled into BIFF square in Nampo-dong, Busan. It’s amazing because when I think of that area, it doesn’t seem glamourous with all its food stalls and shops. But that’s the power of a red carpet and great lighting.

The opening film is “Vara: A Blessing,” from Bhutan, and the closing film will be “The Dinner,” directed by Kim Dong Hyun and starring Jung Ui Gap (Thorn Birds, Dr. Champ) and Park Se Jin (Que Sera Sera). Bong Joon Ho‘s “Snowpiercer,” Kim Jee Won‘s “The X” (starring Kang Dong Won, Lee Som, and Shin Min Ah), and Lee Sang Il’s “Unforgiven” (a remake of the Clint Eastwood film starring Ken Watanabe and Sato Koichi) are both all gala presentation films.

Some other films that are being shown are “A Touch of Sin” by Jia Zhang Ke, “Once Upon a Time in Vietnam” by Dustin Tri Ngyuen (of 21 Jump Street fame), “Top Star” starring Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Min Joon and directed by Park Joong Hoon, “The Fifth Estate” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and his blonde hair and directed by Bill Condon, and even “The Berlin File,” which opened earlier this year and stars Ha Jung Woo and Jeon Ji Hyun.

There’s a great variety in the films being shown from around the world, just like the dresses below.


Kim Hyo Jin in an outfit reminiscent of Sharon Stone’s when she wore her husband’s button down shirt over a Vera Wang skirt.


Kim Sun Ah. Not loving the skirt and how she shows off her leg through the slit. But it’s not the worst dress of the night.


Yoo Ah In looking sharp. Look at those dazzling shoes!



Lee So Yeon and her ‘We Got Married’ “hubby” Yoon Han.


Kim Min Jung showing that sheer lace and embellishments are part of the trend of the night. I kind of wished that the dress lining underneath went all the way down, and didn’t stop mid-thigh.


Kim Yoo Jung wearing a short dress that totally fits her age and is stylish enough to show that she’s a growing lady.


Uhm Ji Won, in what seems like the opposite of Kim Hyo Jin’s dress. But a little simpler.



Nam Gyu Ri. What is that thing all over her chest? She does have an open back, but it doesn’t redeem the front lacy mess in the front.


Kim So Yeon – an elegant but drab color. Lighten up the eyeliner!

So Yi Hyun, in a safe bright red dress. It shows off her collarbone nicely though.



Hong Soo Ah, looking unhappy in every photo I see her in. She looks ill, or just grumpy. Pity because I like her dress, but that frown isn’t doing it any favors.


Lee Joon with a double breasted blazer.




Jo Yeo Jung‘s white dress just makes me so happy. The beauty is in the details, and it looks so darn comfortable. It’s also sheer like Kim Min Jung’s, and yet it doesn’t seem as revealing for the legs.


Now here’s another sheer dress done right. Yoo In Na‘s dress borders between modest and risque.


Ok Taecyeon escorts Lee Yeon Hee down the red carpet. I like the texture on his suit, and the sheer cap sleeves on her. I swear though, personally I have a hard time recognizing Lee Yeon Hee between dramas and her on red carpets. To me she always looks different. Maybe I’m just weird like that.


Jung Joo Yeon‘s puffy dress is princess-like and beautiful in a cotton candy way. The actress last appeared in Princess Aurora.


I really like the simple-yet-sexy silhouette of Han Hyo Joo‘s dress, and the pale pink color of her dress.


Ha Ji Won is the winner of the night for me in dresses. She’s like the Gwyneth Paltrow for the red carpet at this event.


Kim Yoon Hye, also known as Woori, plays it safe with a black dress…


… then shows off her tattoo on the back that translates to ‘Girl’.


Chun Jung Myung! Cutie!


Can’t Live Without You‘s So Yoo Jin‘s dress feels a little too late. I thought we saw more of this kind of dress last year, and it was so trendy that I didn’t like them then, and don’t like them now.


Yoo Jin Seo stays classy in this beaded white dress. It’s a unique quilted-like pattern.


Lee Soo Hyuk! I have far less to say about these guys – they just look spiffy.


Lee Hyun Woo! Like a mini T.O.P.


Kim Min Jong dares to be different in a blue three-piece suit, and pulls it off quite well.


Ye Ji Won looks much older than her 40 years with that dark red lipstick. I’m not too fond of her dress either, even though green is my favorite color.


Ahn Sung Ki still looks good at 61.


I’m conflicted about Kim Sung Eun‘s dress. On one hand I like how the dress’s style and the concept, but on the other hand the material makes it look like she just donned silk bedsheets and tied it up with a jeweled belt.



Go Ara’s bangs make this otherwise boring dress look updated.



Kang Han Na’s black dress is deceptively conservative…



… until you see the sheer back that nearly shows her butt crack.

source: naver

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