Heirs Discussion: Rachel Yoo

So I’ve strangely been doing a lot of tweeting about Heirs. I don’t know why this drama just compels me to write my many thoughts in 140 characters several times over. But the one that really sets me off is Rachel Yoo, played by Kim Ji Won.

FYI there may be spoilers, so watch episodes 1-3 first before reading this.

I could go on and on about how wonderful Park Shin Hye is and how her character is refreshing compared to the other Candy-girls that we get as K-drama heroines. Though whiny, she is highly aware of when she is being mistreated, and that when a hot guy is changing in front of her she should look rather than pretend to be naive. I could also go on about how Lee Min Ho is awesome because he’s not playing a jerk!

But no – I’d like to talk about Rachel Yoo. The only girl in the drama with an English name as her given name, she’s the meanest bitch around. She’s smart, multilingual, rich, pretty, and a mighty sharp tongue. It’s so easy to hate her because she is Eun Sang’s romantic rival and because she acts so cruelly towards everyone, including her own mother. (The blunt bangs don’t help at all either.) But I didn’t hate her in the first two episodes. I connected with her when she resented her mother for remarrying so soon after a divorce, and I pitied her when I saw her stuck in an engagement she didn’t want. I felt a little sorry that she was trying hard to make do with her situation by reaching out to Tan, but he wouldn’t talk to her. (Not too sorry – I got my loyalties to the OTP too.) I did not like how she kicked Eun Sang out of Tan’s house without hearing her out, but I could understand her actions since she was the fiancee.

And by episode 3 we realized she was a misunderstood rich girl. Her confrontation with Chan Young and Eun Sang showed that she clearly doesn’t like these two men liking the same girls. Both are/were involved with Bo Na, who’s just as whiny and loud as she is, and both are now involved with Eun Sang (in different ways). There’s something about Bo Na and Eun Sang that appeals to the two nicest guys in this world, and that must suck for her because she’s the only girl left in the main cast/world. She clearly hates that no one takes an interest in her, and people are only forced to because of her mother. Even Young Do doesn’t like her, but must because he’s going to be her step-brother.

So I really really pitied her, and saw her as a “misunderstood bitch.” Tan’s little speech about how he admired her until the moment she became a petty jealous fiancee also touched upon how she could have found love with Won, but no one found it a suitable match. She even softened up when she was around Won.

BUT. (And this is the one thing that puts her in “unforgivable” territory for me.) In regards to how she knew Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk) but never spoke to him in school:

He’s of a lower social class, so I never talked to him.


EDIT: Granted, what she really said was that Chan Young got into her school (a high school for the rich owned by Jeguk Group) because of his good grades and through affirmative action, rather than his wealth. She refused to talk to him for those sole reasons, which is similar to saying she refuses to talk to him just because of his socioeconomic status. -Kae

She probably looked down on Eun Sang for being poor too, but I thought she hated Eun Sang more for being a woman in her man’s house. Whenever I see classist superiority and a demarcation of “rich class, poor class” I get easily offended. I could handle any type of bitchiness but that. It’s possible that if she knows about her mother and Secretary Yoon’s past, it would color her impression of Chan Young. But I think she would have been just as bitchy all the same.

So I guess in the end, she’s both a “misunderstood bitch” and a “plain bitch.” Just like her step-brother Young Do (although personally I think he’s more of a “plain bastard” than a “misunderstood bastard”). But what do you think?

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