Suspicious Housekeeper: Episode 5-6

Episodes five and six were quite crazy as they focused on the two older children of the family. It’s Doo Gyul and Han Gyul’s turns to shine, and boy are they annoying in different ways.

The last we saw was Doo Gyul finding a letter that states Bok Nyeo is a murderer.

Episode 5


Bok Nyeo offers to take care of the letter but Doo Gyul insists he’ll handle it. There’s a moment of uncertainty where you’re not sure if Bok Nyeo knows what’s in the letter, but she leaves for the night without another word. Doo Gyul proceeds to convince his siblings that Bok Nyeo is suspicious but no one believes him. Han Gyul even suspects that Doo Gyul may have planted the letter himself. Sae Gyul reveals that Bully, named Jung Tae, could have done it since he sent Bok Nyeo to kill Jung Tae the other day. The older siblings suddenly feel a sense of guilt for not having known that their baby brother was being bullied. Doo Gyul goes to the police station to try to report Bok Nyeo, but he doesn’t have any information regarding her address or her ID number so he can’t really report her.


As for Uh Jin’s mother, she continues flitting around the house out of a restless curiosity. Through her husband’s telescope she had seen the mysterious man drop off the letter but she doesn’t know what the contents are. Her husband points out that she’s trying too hard to find something wrong with Bok Nyeo. Apparently she’s kicked out a lot of housekeepers from their town. She claims that they were all suspicious in some way but her husband counters that they were all just pretty. Hah!

Meanwhile Sang Chul has been hanging around Song Hwa’s house because he wants to propose to her. Unfortunately she comes home with Manager Choi and invites him inside. Immediately Sang Chul gets it: She’s moved on. However, it turns out Song Hwa has been using Manager Choi to make it all a show, since she somehow knew that Sang Chul would be watching.


Manager Choi is not about to let this opportunity to go to waste. He asks for a cup of tea but assures that he wants nothing more than that. He’d rather know how it is they fell in love and why she liked him. Song Hwa replies, “I got the feeling that I was his first love.” Flashback to several years before when she was waiting for Sang Chul outside a store in the rain. She used her jacket to protect their home model that they had spent so many long nights together building and, feeling guilty, he escorted her home. She then wished him a happy birthday and offered him some seaweed soup.


The following morning, Doo Gyul wakes up from a nightmare where Bok Nyeo sets fire to the house to kill them all. He watches Bok Nyeo warily and jumps when she asks him to take off his pants. (To fix a button of course!) They get an unexpected visitor in the form of Uh Jin’s mother, who’s collecting signatures for a petition. She needs Sang Chul’s signature, but it’s clear that she’s only present to fish out more gossip. Before the kids can come up with an excuse, Bok Nyeo responds that Sang Chul ran away from home. Now the rumors will start spreading.

After school, Bok Nyeo and Hye Gyul go to Shin Jung Man’s shop for some beef brisket. Jung Man once again tries to win her over with a gift of pepper spray, telling her to be wary of stalkers. Unfortunately Mi Ja catches him and thinks that he’s gifting her perfume. She sprays it all over her face… and starts running out of the store screaming in pain. Heh!


Of course Bok Nyeo refuses the gift, so the pepper spray ends up in the hands of Woo Jae — so Jung Man is Woo Jae’s father. Woo Jae gifts it to Han Gyul since she might need it against anyone who’s hitting on her. Hint: He means Soo Hyuk. Soo Hyuk does not appreciate Woo Jae interrupting as he’s making his moves since he is 99% sure that Han Gyul likes him. Woo Jae: “Oh whew, at least it’s not 100%.”


Doo Gyul tries to get more information about Bok Nyeo from Manager Hong but gets nothing. Bok Nyeo is very special to her, so if Bok Nyeo does anything wrong, she’ll make sure to take full responsibility. Sae Gyul also finds out that Jung Tae is not the one who sent the letter. The older siblings reason that someone wants to hurt Bok Nyeo’s reputation because if she were really a murderer, the person would have reported it to the police. They’re next option is to change the housekeeper. But that would require contacting their father — something Han Gyul never wants to do.

Grandpa is still bothered by the sight of Bok Nyeo coming out of the hotel with Sang Chul that he calls up Manager Hong for a meeting. There are only four scenarios that could possibly explain her presence: (1) She’s just a housekeeper who happened to fall in love with Sang Chul, (2) She’s threatening him, (3) They were in a relationship and he hired her as a housekeeper so that she could get to know the kids, or (4) She’s a gold digger. Manager Hong sighs, “He hasn’t changed at all.” Eh? Grandpa wonders if she knows him, but she doesn’t reply. She tells him to get out, and then takes out a small box with a pearl brooch. It seems like that might have been a gift from him long ago.


That evening, Bok Nyeo heads to Sang Chul’s hotel to have him sign the petition. At the same time, Han Gyul goes up to meet the father to get him to change housekeepers. The thing is, Sang Chul isn’t in his room yet so he has the manager open the door to his room for his daughter. But he belatedly realizes that the couple rings are on the table on display. He rushes to the hotel but it’s too late. Han Gyul has seen the rings and will never forgive him for this. She thinks that he’s happy with no kids because he could freely marry Song Hwa. Of course it’s a bit of a misunderstanding since he doesn’t intend to marry her anymore.

Back at home Doo Gyul uses Sae Gyul’s computer to look up Park Bok Nyeo on the internet… and ends up looking at porn. And Bok Nyeo catches him. And he tries to close the computer quickly. But it falls to the floor and breaks. Hee!

When Sae Gyul comes to Bok Nyeo to ask who broke his screen, she cannot tell a lie. Doo Gyul ends up in even more trouble with Sae Gyul and Han Gyul because now they think he’s really messing with them just to ruin Bok Nyeo’s reputation. Doo Gyul takes out his anger at Bok Nyeo and orders her to smile. Bok Nyeo: “If I have to smile, I’ll quit.”


The following day Doo Gyul takes out his anger at his teammates in basketball club. Because they’re chitchatting and laughing on the sidelines, he thinks they’re laughing at him for missing the basket as he practices. He orders them to do 100 pushups, which his other classmates think is too harsh. One brings up the fact that his father ran away from home (which indicates that Uh Jin’s mother spread rumors), and Doo Gyul punches him. A huge fight ensues, and Doo Gyul is kicked off the basketball team. He sees those classmates at an arcade later and proceeds to fight with them again.

This time Doo Gyul lands in jail and Bok Nyeo and Sang Chul come to pick him up. Out of anger and rebelliousness, Doo Gyul tosses his basketball uniform and orders his father to buy cigarettes for him. He even tries to drink his father’s beer when he gets home, acting like he’s an adult when he’s really not.


He refuses to go to school the next day and plays video games all morning. Instead of reprimanding him, Bok Nyeo asks if there’s anything she can get for him. He orders her to play with him. She beats him. Again, and again, and again. Frustrated, he challenges her to a basketball game. And she steals the ball right under him, sidesteps him at every turn, and even dunks the ball into the net. Impossible! But Bok Nyeo can do anything!

As she’s preparing dinner, Doo Gyul asks if she could do “that thing.” You know, what a boy and girl do when they’re alone together. At first Bok Nyeo doesn’t get it, but then she proceeds to take off her apron and unbutton her shirt! Freaked out, Doo Gyul runs out of the house. Haha! He proceeds to wander around town, too embarrassed to go home for dinner.


Uh Jin’s mother keeps watch by the window to see if the mysterious guy shows up again. He does, and she creeps over to the mailbox to take out the letter. Thankfully, Doo Gyul catches her in the act but assumes that it’s actually her who’s pranking them with the letters. She spills that she’s been watching their house and that a mysterious guy did it, but Doo Gyul doesn’t believe her. He’s so angry that everything he’s done to help protect his family has gone wrong, and it’s all because of this neighbor’s insensitive pranks.

Bok Nyeo comes out to greet Doo Gyul, and he angrily orders her to destroy the neighbor’s house. She doesn’t have a bulldozer or dynamite, but she has spray paint. She goes up to the neighbor’s house and proceeds to graffiti their walls. “I want to protect my family,” is all she writes. Doo Gyul and Bok Nyeo stare at each other with a sense of understanding. This is all Doo Gyul has wanted to do and Bok Nyeo helped him express it perfectly.


Unfortunately Uh Jin’s mother screams out in horror at the sight of the two of them and the graffiti and calls the police.

Sang Chul rushes home to find the police officer and Uh Jin’s mother in his home. Uh Jin’s mother wants him arrested immediately but Sang Chul begs them not to. He apologizes on his son’s behalf for being an absent father.


Sang Chul: My son is not a bad kid. He probably acted like that to protect the family since the parents aren’t around. He’s kind of sensitive because he’s going through puberty, but he has a warmer heart than anyone. Even my late wife told me when she was sick, he was the only one who took care of her all night and changed her towels. I’ll clean your wall and make it look like it was before. So please forgive Doo Gyul this once.

Sae Gyul, Hye Gyul, and Doo Gyul are all amazed — and shocked — by their father’s speech. Too bad Han Gyul isn’t around! Uh Jin’s mother says she’ll only accept his apology if he kneels… and Sang Chul does. Ahh!!!

But then, Bok Nyeo marches out and gets a mop… and raises it threateningly towards the neighbor.

Episode 6

Will Bok Nyeo hit Uh Jin’s mom?!


Nope – instead she calls her dirty… for dragging poop all around the house. Eh?! Turns out in her rush to get the police to the Eun house, she stepped on poop with her socks! Bok Nyeo starts mopping everywhere the mother stands. The embarrassment is so much that she wails and runs out of the house. Bok Nyeo also tells Sang Chul to stand up because she has to mop up that area.


The family gathers outside to clean the graffiti since Bok Nyeo has a magical cleaning solution for the spray paint. In a sweet moment, Doo Gyul apologizes for being such a troublemaker when all he’s ever wanted to do is protect his family. Hye Gyul holds his hand and promises to protect her older brother. They finish cleaning and Bok Nyeo cooks noodles for dinner. It’s almost like everyone is back to normal… except for Han Gyul. She arrives home late and gets pissed off at the sight of Sang Chul. Sang Chul, in a moment of understanding where her anger is coming from asks Bok Nyeo to take care of the kids until he deserves to come home. He leaves before Han Gyul can get angrier with him in front of the rest of the family.


The following day Bok Nyeo brings her commission to Manager Hong, who asks if Doo Gyul gave her any trouble. She muses that Doo Gyul is just like his grandfather, and that if Bok Nyeo’s son were alive they’d be around the same age. Oh!!! So Bok Nyeo had a son! And he’s dead! Her past is slowly being revealed! When Bok Nyeo does her weekly ritual of buying food at the amusement park, this time she lets a tear fall down her face.

Doo Gyul is now a changed man. Bok Nyeo had told him earlier that there isn’t anyone who’s good at everything, but there also isn’t anyone who’s good at nothing. Determined to find something he’s good at, Doo Gyul asks Sae Gyul to tutor him. It ends up being a hopeless cause for everyone involved though.


Meanwhile, Han Gyul is still feeling vengeful toward her father and asks Bok Nyeo for advice on what would drive a big nail into her father’s heart. I find it strange that these kids are directly asking Bok Nyeo for tips like this. She considers quitting school or committing suicide. (So extreme!) Bok Nyeo replies, “What scares parents the most is seeing their kids become ruined.”

That seals the deal. Han Gyul decides to ruin herself by finally spending a night with Soo Hyuk. She tells Bok Nyeo she won’t be back home, who then relays the message to Sang Chul when he calls to check up on the kids. Soo Hyuk is thrilled to see that she’s coming over and kicks Woo Jae out of his house. They had been together to practice a new song together. Woo Jae realizes that Han Gyul is coming over and tries to convince her out of it, but she doesn’t listen to him.

It’s very nerve wracking for her and what’s more is Bok Nyeo keeps calling on behalf of Han Gyul’s siblings because they’re asking for permission to use her stuff. Soo Hyuk gets so annoyed with all the calls that he shuts off he phone. And… then it’s the next day.


At class, one of her classmates texts everyone in class that Soo Hyuk and Han Gyul slept together last night. Everyone is aghast that she would have done that. Her friends ask if it’s true. Han Gyul immediately suspects Woo Jae of spreading the rumor and she gets so mad that she dumps a bucket of water on him. A group of girls start hassling with Han Gyul for “touching their man” but Woo Jae comes to her rescue and drives them away. Because of that gesture, she realizes that he didn’t spread the rumor.

It was actually Soo Hyuk. And it was also because they ended up not sleeping together. Again. Yep — she ran away.

It’s also adorable that Woo Jae and his father are so similar – both are in love with women who are unattainable. Well, Jung Man’s got it harder because Woo Jae does have a chance with Han Gyul — if she’d stop staring at Soo Hyuk all the time.


Meanwhile, Grandpa learns from one of his secretaries that Sang Chul ran away from home and got demoted because of a “shameful thing” at work. Grandpa decides to find out the whole truth from Han Gyul and summons her home. He’s angry that she never told him about what their father did and thinks she’s an irresponsible eldest daughter. “Are you protecting him because he’s your father? Are you flirting with me wearing that underskirt?” he yells, pointing at her short school skirt. “Like father, like daughter,” he adds spitefully. She fires back that he’s never done anything to help the family, and because Grandpa was so hard on everyone he caused Grandma’s death.

“This is all because of you,” he roars. “If Sun Young hadn’t had you, she wouldn’t have married him (Sang Chul). And she wouldn’t have died! You are the cause of this misery!”

Whoa – harsh. That’s enough for Han Gyul and she storms out of the house. She calls Soo Hyuk for some comforting by their spot at the river. At first he plays standoffish, but she begs to see him. She cries about her family again and says that she could withstand the rumors at school as long as she knows that Soo Hyuk is on her side. He suggests that they run away together, and she agrees. Suddenly her life seems all romantic again!


She packs up her stuff and leaves that very night, thinking that Soo Hyuk will meet her at the station and they’ll run away to Busan together. But she waits all night… alone.

Finally Han Gyul stands outside his apartment building and sees him come home with another girl. He can’t believe she thought that they’d really run away together and love each other until they die. So melodramatic! He only agreed because he thought he’d finally get some action tonight. Finally the cold hard truth hits: Soo Hyuk only wanted her for sex. Unwilling to go home after the pain and embarrassment, Han Gyul tries to hide out in a sauna. She is kicked out after 10pm because she’s a minor, and walks around, considering a stay at a motel for one night. A drunkard approaches her and offers her money for the night. Just at that moment some of her classmates see her and take pictures of her.


The rumors spread like wildfire – now Han Gyul is whoring herself out! It even reaches the ears of the teacher, who calls Bok Nyeo and Sang Chul in. They have to find Han Gyul in before things get worse and she gets suspended or expelled. Worse is that the sex offense will be on her record forever.

The family starts searching for Han Gyul, calling and texting her like crazy. Unfortunately because her cellphone battery died, she doesn’t realize that they’re looking for her until after she charges her phone at a convenience store. That’s when she sees the photos of her being offered money. Even though nothing happened, the rumors become too much for her to bear. She climbs over the railing of a bridge and prepares to jump…


And Aunt Na Young pulls her back to safety. The aunt had actually been following Han Gyul for a while. She knew that Han Gyul ran away from home because that’s what Bok Nyeo reported, and followed her because she wasn’t sure what Han Gyul would do. Na Young brings Han Gyul back home to safety, and then asks Bok Nyeo to please take good care of Han Gyul in her place.


Bok Nyeo brings Han Gyul’s laundry to her room as if nothing happened. Han Gyul is still feeling quite depressed because she feels betrayed by the people she loves, and that she shouldn’t have ever been born. “Bok Nyeo,” she begins, “Kill me. I can’t find a reason to live, so please kill me.”

Thoughts and Comments

What a crazy two episodes. Episode five was quite tolerable. It started off quite comically with Doo Gyul trying to find out the truth about Bok Nyeo, and then reached its comedic peak with when he challenges Bok Nyeo to have sex with him. I quite liked his story arc because Doo Gyul was always the irresponsible and hormonal teenager who never did anything right, but it turns out he’s actually a really nice guy who just doesn’t know how to fix problems. To see his feelings spelled out with Bok Nyeo’s graffitied message really made me understand what kind of person Doo Gyul is. He’s not just an annoying eldest son, but really a childish adult.

Episode six was intolerable. I really ended up disliking Han Gyul in that episode. She was insufferable because everything was all about her, her, her. Yes I understand she is only a high schooler, but she’s so selfish because she never seemed to care about taking care of the family. It’s possible she doesn’t know how to, but she never seems to try. She’d rather leave all the “motherly” work to Bok Nyeo, who’s most certainly not their mother. For a daughter of two messed up parents, I would think she would know that there is no such thing as love at first sight and that not all relationships are like in the movies. However she tries to play out a grand romance with Soo Hyuk, swearing to love him forever and running away into the sunset with him. I mean, seriously?! Who does that anymore!? She does not even entertain the thought of Soo Hyuk using her or cheating on her when her very own father cheated on her mother! She does not even become jaded about love. On one hand it’s nice to keep that innocence, but on the other hand it’s unbelievable for her character.

What’s also intolerable is how melodramatic she is about everything. She does not know how to forgive, does not know how to listen to people who truly care about her, and does not understand the value of life and death. She’s so ready to kill herself, to jump from a bridge, when she should know that death is final. She’s seen it with her own mother. It’s irresponsible of her to ask Bok Nyeo to kill her.

What’s really interesting throughout these two episodes though is that Bok Nyeo is starting to interfere more and more with the family matters. She’s still staying in character by not giving her outright opinion on everything or stopping them from doing their tasks. But by using her honesty to her advantage, she always reports the most crucial facts to Na Young and Sang Chul. Thank God for that. I love seeing her crack bit by bit. She can’t help but be concerned about the kids, or suppose what they’ll do next. And we now know that she does have emotions and can cry. So while I don’t think she’ll ever become fully “human” and show all of her feelings at once, or outright interfere with the family affairs by proactively calling the family for any help, I still think that she is going to be a very different woman by the end of this series.

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