Heirs Discussion: Yoon Chan Young and Lee Bo Na


I love these two to death! ‘ChanBo’ is the best!

I find it a little weird to say that they are probably the most normal couple on this show because they’re not that normal, and no one is normal in this drama. These two are incredibly cute, and I never thought that Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal would work so well together. They act more like friends than lovers, which I find quite important if I’m going to watch a secondary romance occurring alongside the OTP’s romance. I personally don’t want to watch a secondary couple be more lovey-dovey than the main couple because my attention should be on the main couple. So if the secondary couple acts more like best friends to each other and to the main couple, they’re a good support and good example for what couples should be like for the beleaguered OTP.

However, this couple is totally stealing the show with their antics.


I think Chan Young is the most level-headed character in the show with a good head and a good heart. He’s a supportive and faithful friend, an obedient son, and a sweet and endearing boyfriend. He also doesn’t seem to have any complexes for being part of the “Social Care Group” because he’s not the son of a CEO or a famous public officer. I do think he gets away from a lot of the psychological suffering that his others go through because he’s the smartest in his class and is the class president, both factors which gain him the respect from his peers. I’m really amazed that Young Do never makes fun of him.


As for Bo Na, she’s erratic and crazy, but endearingly so. At first she appears off-putting because she acts like an arrogant and possessive girlfriend. Turns out she acts bratty because she is so possessive of Chan Young. She adores Chan Young but at the same time is so self-centered that she thinks everyone’s actions revolve around her. Tan is passing by the hallway where her club is? It must be because of her. Eun Sang is talking to Chan Young? It must be because she wants to make Bo Na jealous. It’s amusing to see that Tan also lets her think that way, though I think in reality I would have done all I could to put her down. A redeeming quality about Bo Na is that she’s willing to date someone who is “out of her class,” and doesn’t seem to have a problem parading that fact around. Everyone else around her wants to date/marry “up” or “within” the class, but she doesn’t care. She likes Chan Young too much.

In the past couple of episodes these two have become an unexpected pillar for Eun Sang to lean on. It brings fuzzy feelings whenever I see Bo Na help Eun Sang, even if it seems to be for all the wrong reasons. While Chan Young is Eun Sang’s ever loyal friend, because of him Bo Na is becoming her friend too. You could say it’s an unwilling friendship between the girls, but I think the two of them are going to end up closer than they’ll ever imagine. It started out for selfish and petty reasons (“Chan Young must never interact with another girl other than me!”) but it’s also founded in some respect. Bo Na is putting up with Eun Sang because she’s Chan Young’s friend and, while she thinks highly of herself, she also likes Chan Young so much that she’s not willing to cross him. She even keeps the secret that Eun Sang is poor because her boyfriend asked her to. Bo Na didn’t have to, but she did. Of all the characters in this drama, Bo Na seems to undergo the most change in a good way. Chan Young is a bit stagnant, but I don’t think he has very much else to improve upon.


Another thing I really like about this couple is that they’re the antithesis to every other couple in this drama. This one crosses social barriers: she’s the rich daddy’s little girl who gets to work with celebrities, and he’s the son of a secretary (who, arguably, has more power than the CEO but doesn’t have the salary to match it). Basically she’s dating a “social care class group” member. Tan and Eun Sang are struggling to have that same relationship; Young Do wants that relationship with Eun Sang; Secretary Yoon and Esther Lee failed at that relationship; and Won and Hyun Joo are at the breaking point of that relationship. But Bo Na and Chan Young are evidence that it could happen, so we just have to wait and see which couple joins aboard their boat next.

I don’t give full credit to the writer for creating such wonderful characters. A lot of it also has to go to the actors. Kang Min Hyuk has always played cheery, innocent characters and so this isn’t much of a stretch. In fact I find it odd when he takes command, but at least he’s not a bad actor. Krystal is amazing with her rapid-fire speech and ability to feel identifiable. She has grounded her character in such a way that makes me feel like I know her. I’ve either met teens like her, or was her at one point. She has the best lines, and plays her character so straight that it makes her even funnier. She reminds me a lot of Maggie Smith’s character in Downton Abbey, which, if you’ve seen the series, you’d know that Maggie Smith has the wittiest lines delivered with her quintessential dry humor. While Krystal isn’t being witty, she does deliver her funny lines with finesse and she never fails to make me laugh.

Heirs_CYBN-00002 Heirs_CYBN-00001

My favorite scene so far:

Episode 5 – Regarding Kim Tan coming back to Korea

Chan Young: What’s wrong?

Bo Na: Huh? I was singing inside. What did he say?

Chan Young: Kim Tan is back in Korea.

Bo Na (pretending not to know Tan) : Who? Oh the kid you saw in L.A.? What was the name of the song I was singing in my head? I’m really itching to know right now. I will go ask Ye Sol.

Chan Young: What song is it? G.O.D’s ‘Lies’? Big Bang’s ‘Lies’? T-ARA’s ‘Lies’?

He never fails to tease Bo Na, which also keeps her on her toes.


Episode 3 – Chan Young takes a picture with Eun Sang in L.A.

Eun Sang: you’re posting it on your SNS?

Chan Young: Yeah. I wanted to show you something funny.

Eun Sang: What is it?

Chan Young: Count to three.

Eun Sang: One… two… three.

[Bo Na calls]

Chan Young: See? Isn’t she cute?

And Bo Na is such a winning character for me with these lines:


Episode 11 – When Eun Sang needs to spend the night somewhere

Bo Na: Why would you call me?

Eun Sang: I’m really sorry, but can I sleep over tonight?

Bo Na: Are you talking in your sleep? Bye!

Eun Sang: Then I’d have to ask Chan Young.

Bo Na: 521 Cheongdamdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul! Come right now! Get on a cab right now and come!

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