IU, Jang Geun Suk on the set of ‘Pretty Man’


In about three weeks Pretty Man will air on KBS. The cast has already begun their script readings, completed their prayer ceremony, and shot the first few scenes of the drama. Jang Geun Suk plays the casanova Dokgo Ma Te, and IU plays Kim Bo Tong, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary crush.

So below are some photos from the set. I’m feeling pretty mixed about this because while I think it might be really fun and enjoyable, the plot is not really attractive to me. Or maybe it’s just Jang Geun Suk’s long hair.

The cast also includes Lee Jang Woo and Han Chae Young in supporting roles. They were all present for the script reading on October 24th, and then a prayer ceremony five days later.


Jang Geun Suk participates in a photo shoot, showing off his chic fashion style and wavy sideswept bangs that is reminiscent of his look in Love Rain. Please cut your hair. Please. Pretty please.


And then we get to some shooting scenes with IU. She cut her long hair recently to a short wavy bob that suits both her new album’s concept (jazz, swing, and the 1920s) and her role as a simple girl in the drama. She did say in an interview that she cut her hair due to the damages that the blond dyes had caused, but I’m sure it was also mainly for this drama role. It’s cute on her. I also have to add that while she is a very pretty girl, IU’s beauty is a little less conventional compared to her peers. I can see how she’d be considered plain, but at the same time she has an understated beauty about her. She’s not glamorous, and so I think she’s a perfect fit for this drama.

Finally, we get a glimpse as to how Ma Te and Bo Tong meet for the first time. Dorky girl in glasses falls for earthly angel at first sight on a bus. Aww.

The drama is based on a manhwa of the same name by Chon Hye Kyung, written by Yoo Young Ah, and directed by Jung Jung Hwa (Flower Boy Next Door, Flower Boy Ramen Shop). Look forward to it on November 20!

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