Kim Ah Joong Goes Blonde


Kim Ah Joong stars in “Catch Me,” a heist thriller with Joo Won that’s coming out on December 12. Kim plays a beautiful thief whom Joo Won tries to arrest, but ends up falling in love with her. A reverse case of the Thomas Crown Affair I guess. Leading up to this film’s release, she also participated in a photo shoot for Marie Claire magazine.

Kim traveled to Helsinki, Finland and donned a blonde wig, making her look like a punk vixen. The photos actually make me want a movie that revolves around this particular character played by Kim. Her photos are that compelling, and her poses mysterious and confident. It seems to be a far cry from her film’s persona, which, based on the posters, portray her as sexy and elegant.




On another note, Kim and Joo Won admitted to having feelings for each other while filming. Unfortunately, they lost contact after shooting wrapped because Joo Won had to go on and do Good Doctor. I’d say they’d be an interesting couple to watch get together. They certainly look like an amazing couple in the posters. Let’s see if a public admission of attraction will lead to something more!


source: allkpop, sbs, sports chosun, asiae

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