News Bits: 11/9/2013 Edition


Lee Ki Woo has confirmed to star in Miss Korea! Wahoo! This drama keeps adding people I like. Unfortunately Lee will actually be the antagonist in this drama. As Lee Yoon, he is a well known investment analyst in the States and comes back investigating fraud. He ends up becoming the enemy of Lee Seon Kyun’s character, Kim Hyung Joon. Aw man. At least the antagonist is easy to look at, right?

  • There’s been some shakeups for the variety show 2 Days 1 Night. After Joo Won’s departure, Sung Shi Kyung, Yoo Hae Jin, and Kim Jong Min have all said that they’re heading out as well. Lee Su Geun is also rumored to leave, which means there won’t be any original members left on the show. Early rumors say that Kang Ho Dong and Eun Ji Won (whose other new series Barefoot Friends recently got canceled) will come back to 2 Days 1 Night, even for a guest appearance. That news is enough to raise some hullabaloo over the staple Sunday show as it rushes to prepare for season 3.
  • Soccer player Park Ji Sung and announcer Kim Min Ji are getting married! Well yes, that is the natural course of things. Their families had a formal meeting back in August, and now they’re chugging along full steam ahead with the wedding preparations. They plan to marry in May 2014, after Park’s soccer season is done. Congrats to the couple – I hope they find some happiness.
  • Go So Young is pregnant again! That makes Jang Dong Gun a daddy twice over! She’s five months along, making her due date sometime in March 2014.
  • And finally – I guess it’s SAT time in Korea, as a bunch of stars have posted pictures and messages of support for the students. Wow – if only Johnny Depp did that for me, I might have studied harder. I guess it’s mainly because of the Korean/Asian culture of focusing on studies that prompts celeb support for a teenager’s most important test in his life.


The cast of Heirs – Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won.


Ha Ji Won.


Im Joo Eun.


Shin So Yool.

sources: star news, no cut news, sports chosun, naver


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