More Stills and Trailer from ‘Pretty Man’


More stills! Pretty Man is hitting all my expectations from this rom-com that I think I’ll have to keep my expectations low on this one. As much as I would love to watch Jang Geun Suk and IU together, none of the stills or the teaser is giving me much reason to stick around. But Han Chae Young‘s character certainly does pique my interest as the sexy mentor.

One thing that’s important is how well Jang can portray Dokgo Ma Te’s essence from the comics. I’d say he does a fine job, and thankfully without the blond hair.



Based on the stills and preview it seems that Dokgo Ma Te is just a student, just like Kim Bo Tong (IU), but because of the nature of his job and looks he needs her help to be his “bodyguard” from his legions of female fans. Myself included. WELL – we all know how that’s going to go, especially considering her obsession with Dokgo Ma Te. Kim Bo Tong is not your ordinary girl either, carrying a “six-legged backpack” made out of mannequin legs. It’s like she’s trying to use it as a weapon to kick people behind her, or acting like a peacock and showing her true colors.



For anyone not a fan of his long luxurious tresses though, you’ll be glad to know that he cuts his hair. Jang was spotted around town earlier today (November 15) with a visibly shorter haircut. He also uploaded pictures of his salon visit on Weibo. Stylized still, but definitely more clean-looking and sharper. It’s a good guess to say that the makeover is written into the script – perhaps Han Chae Young’s character will give him a much-needed makeover to seduce the top 1% of South Korea’s richest women.




Another tidbit: did you know that KBS wanted to change the official English title to ‘Bel Ami’? KBS has this thing of making their English titles different from their Korean titles. For example, Nice Guy‘s full title in Korean translates to The Nice Guy Never Seen Anywhere in the World a.k.a Nice Guy but it’s English title is The Innocent Man. Another example is You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly (literal Korean title) becomes My Husband’s Got a Family. Now this. By the way, Bel Ami is a reference to Guy de Maupassant’s French novel about a scoundrel who seduces his way to the top. Yeah – sounds like Jang Geun Suk’s character. And for fans of Robert Pattinson, yes that is also the title to his 2012 film also based on the book. Did you also know that searching ‘Bel Ami’ on Google also yields a site-that-should-not-be-named-because-it’s-NSFW?

Yeah – I don’t know how I feel about KBS wanting to associate a K-drama like this with something like that.

Pretty Man airs next week after Secret, which is doing really well ratings-wise in Korea and trouncing its competition Heirs. Question is, will Pretty Man be able to carry on the high ratings-torch when it takes over Secret?

sources: tvreport, sbs, segye news, osen, dispatch via naver, fnn news

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