News Bits: 12/11/2013 Edition


Three Days has just confirmed its February broadcast date on SBS, but it’s likely to lose its leading malePark Yoo Chun. The reason is that after all the shifting of the drama’s broadcast schedule, it’s become apparent that the drama shooting is going to overlap with his film shooting for “Haemu,” also known as “Sea Fog.” He’s already committed to the film, as it began filming in October. With all these conflicting schedules, it’s put him in an awkward position of being attached to two projects he can’t really do at the same time.

His agency and the production company are still in talks and figuring out the schedules, but its likely that Park Yoo Chun may leave the drama. Or, if they want to keep him, the drama could be postponed again and I think this latter solution is more favorable for everyone involved. I can’t say I’d be terribly disappointed if he leaves; I’m not that big of a fan of his, nor very attached. I just do hope that the drama sees the light of day and proves to be such a well-written story that it doesn’t matter who the actors are.

  • Rain plans to make his comeback on M Countdown stage on January 9th, just three days after his new album will be released. And this will happen before after his new reality show on Mnet, “Rain Effect,” airs on December 19. Oh joy. More Rain.
  • Another actor is releasing an album: Lee Jun Ki. He released a mini-album titled ‘My Dear’ for his fans in anticipation of his upcoming December 14th fan meeting in Korea. There’s the ballad ‘My Dear’ and the raunchy disco song ‘Fever’ included in the album. Go ahead, sing all you want. I’m still disappointed you’re not in 2 Days 1 Night.
  • Fans of Answer Me 1997 rejoice! Somehow, Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji will be cameoing in the sequel! According to a source, they finished filming their bit on the 10th. I don’t know how it’ll be worked in, but somehow it’ll work I guess. They’ll have to be three years younger (technically) and perhaps related in some way to After School’s Ju Yeon’s cameo in an earlier episode. (Ju Yeon played the wife of Song Jong Ho‘s character in AM 1997.) They will appear in this week’s upcoming episode airing on December 13-14.
  • Posters for Age of Feeling have been released. They look great for the drama set in 1930s Shanghai, and Kim Hyun Joong looks appropriately beat up for a street fighter. I look forward to the actual drama poster since these are more like character stills, and I hope it will look as dramatic as the ones for History of a Salaryman. Right now, the only character that intrigues me is Im Soo Hyang in her geisha robe, so what does that have to say about the drama’s biggest draw, Kim Hyun Joong?



  • On the other hand, the Miss Korea poster is such good fun! Lee Yeon Hee all dolled up in a fuchsia dress with a crown sky-high, Lee Sun Gyun giving her a manicure with a paint brush, Lee Sung Min welding her shoes, and Song Sun Mi with her cropped hair checking the overall look of their masterpiece. I have to say this drama really piques my interest because I always like a nice underdog story, and I keep thinking it’ll be like the Sandra Bullock film “Miss Congeniality.” But I’m going to have to pay attention to some drama – the question is, should it be Miss Korea or should it be The Prime Minister and I?


sources: tvreport, star news, osen, sportsseoul, naver, mydaily


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