Suspicious Housekeeper: Episodes 17-18


These two episodes could have just been one and the same. I’m slowing down on these recaps because honestly, these two episodes were not as compelling as previous ones. So this time around I’m going to give a seriously short recap of what happens in the two episodes.

The Story We Really Care About


Sang Chul’s suspicions grow regarding Bok Nyeo’s odd behavior. Why is she so harsh on Hye Gyul? And why is she acting like she won’t be around anytime soon? A call to Manager Hong confirms that she’s quitting, and will be going on a trip to her hometown with Do Hyung. It sounds dangerous, especially since he thinks Bok Nyeo will try to kill Do Hyung because she thinks he’s still Seo Ji Hoon. Bok Nyeo only wants to make sure justice is served to both Do Hyung and Detective Lee.

Meanwhile Do Hyung’s doctor warns him to stop overexerting himself, as his test results came back with bad news. Detective Lee also calls him up to relay his own fears that something bad will happen during this weekend trip. But Do Hyung doesn’t care – he’s one step closer to marrying the object of his affection. And if he should die, he’ll make sure she comes with him to hell.


Sang Chul visits Song Hwa, who finally admits that Do Hyung is Seo Ji Hoon. But she doesn’t want to help Bok Nyeo out because she fears for her life. Understandable. Song Hwa visits Do Hyung to tell him she’s quitting (and volunteering far away – just like Bok Nyeo did to escape Do Hyung), but also looks for the old photo of Park Eun Soo. Do Hyung burned it already, so there goes one possible piece of evidence that could have helped Bok Nyeo.


The following day, when Song Hwa heads to the airport she sees Bok Nyeo and Do Hyung heading for the trip. Filled with dread, she decides to turn back from the airport and go find Sang Chul. He decides to leave his kids at Grandpa’s place, then go after Bok Nyeo and Do Hyung. Song Hwa is to call Detective Lee and say that she has proof that Do Hyung is Ji Hoon, and to delay as much as possible so that Sang Chul can get the actual proof.

Bok Nyeo and Do Hyung visit her father’s grave, and he promises to take care of Bok Nyeo from now on. Ew. They go back to the house they’re renting for the night, and Do Hyung prepares dinner so that she doesn’t have to do any work. He is so ready to make some love with Bok Nyeo, but she’s totally not willing. Thankfully they’re interrupted by a call to the house phone, where the owner lets them know that there are oil cans in the shed if they want some heat. Uh oh – Do Hyung + fire = bad news.


Detective Lee then gets a startling call from Do Hyung and rushes to Bok Nyeo’s hometown. It’s while he’s driving that Song Hwa calls him about Do Hyung’s identity, and she waits for him in the station. After dinner, Bok Nyeo pretends to take a shower but then uses a small statue to knock Do Hyung out. It’s begun!


When Do Hyung comes to, he finds himself tied up to a chair in the living room, and Bok Nyeo taping his confession. Of course, he pretends he knows nothing and asks for details, and then repeats them back to Bok Nyeo as if it were his “confession.” Jerk-face. Well at least Bok Nyeo has one more trick up her sleeve.

She rips her shirt, then duct tapes Do Hyung’s mouth. Just as Detective Lee drives up to the house, she runs out, looking as if she’s been abused and beaten. She had gotten him to come by playing the recorded message through Do Hyung’s phone: “It’s me, Jang Do Hyung. It’s urgent. I think you should come right now.” Of course, Detective Lee’s first thought is that Do Hyung got caught as Ji Hoon.


Flashback to four years ago when Detective Lee was chasing Seo Ji Hoon down. During the car chase, Detective Lee accidentally hit a bicyclist and killed him on impact. Ji Hoon came out of his car and taunted the detective for killing someone. Through blackmail of this information, Detective Lee helped Ji Hoon forge a new identity as Jang Do Hyung (the dead man’s ID) and pretend that Seo Ji Hoon was dead in exchange for silence.

Now that Do Hyung seems to be “hurting” Bok Nyeo, Detective Lee fears that all their carefully built lies will come crashing down. He enters the house, telling Bok Nyeo to stay outside for safety, and then discovers Do Hyung tied up in front of a camera. Uh oh.


Before Detective Lee goes to get Bok Nyeo, he makes sure that Do Hyung didn’t say anything about being Seo Ji Hoon or his involvement. Do Hyung says he didn’t, but tells the detective to keep his mouth shut. Too late – because Bok Nyeo caught it all on tape on another surveillance camera she installed. She sends that clip to Sang Chul, who just arrives on time near the house.

And just then, Do Hyung discovers the camera.


Sang Chul sends the video to Song Hwa, who then submits it to another police officer as evidence to arrest Detective Lee. When the detective hears, he tells Do Hyung to run away or else they’re done for. Do Hyung requests he take Bok Nyeo away first, but the moment Lee’s back is turned, Do Hyung smashes a wine bottle over his head. Whelp.

Do Hyung takes Bok Nyeo to the shed and ties her up to a chair. His turn now! He pours the gasoline oil in a ring around them, pulls out a lighter, and sets the shed on fire. Do Hyung wants her to confess now – did she ever truly like him? Pah – well that’s easy to answer. Bok Nyeo says no.

Rejection actually makes Do Hyung feel better because he no longer feels guilty about killing her. But he also goes crazy because his one obsession has no feelings for him and only wants him to receive justice under the fullest extent of the law. And then finally Sang Chul arrives to save the day!


They tussle, but finally Sang Chul gains the upper hand. The police arrive and Detective Lee is arrested. Bok Nyeo and Do Hyung are then taken to the hospital.

The families are notified and they all gather at the hospital. Bok Nyeo will survive, although they’re not as sure about Do Hyung’s state. Of course Hye Gyul worries that Bok Nyeo will die because she hates her.

Bok Nyeo does recover, but she doesn’t go back to work. The Eun family chooses to wait for her to come back rather than hire a new housekeeper. Grandpa decides to help support Sang Chul’s Chinatown project so that even without its CEO, the company still has a chance to succeed. Do Hyung gets put in jail and we never learn what happens to him or his illness.


Bok Nyeo meets with Song Hwa, who’s staying at the company until the Chinatown project is done. The two have developed mutual respect for each other, and now Song Hwa asks Bok Nyeo to be the children’s mother. She then invites Sang Chul over so he and Bok Nyeo could talk it over. She’s still not ready, and Sang Chul won’t push her. First she has something else to do.


Bok Nyeo meets with her mother-in-law for one thing. Her mother-in-law thinks the meeting is about the insurance money, which she ruthlessly took away when her son died. Instead, Bok Nyeo wants to know where her son and husband are buried. Oh man. It’s so heartbreaking to see her finally see her loved ones’ ashes, and it explains why she only visits the amusement park; The amusement park is the only place she can “meet” her family.


The kids quickly realize that the mother-in-law might be impeding Bok Nyeo from being able to move on with her life. They get her address from Manager Hong and visit the mother-in-law to get her to apologize to Bok Nyeo for all the mean things she said about never smiling again. The mother-in-law pretends she never said those words, which leads to Han Gyul running off to Aunt Na Young and Grandpa. Outraged, Grandpa and Manager Hong call up mother-in-law to give her a good talking-to.

Talk about the mother-in-law from hell. She would rather give up the insurance money than apologize. So another meeting is set up between Bok Nyeo and mother-in-law at the Happy Company. Sang Chul and Manager Hong are present as witnesses, and Grandpa brings the kids along.


Mother-in-law apologizes to her for accusing her as an accomplice to her son and grandson’s murders. She offers to give back the money but Bok Nyeo declines. However just when you think things are peachy, the mother-in-law has one request: “Can you promise never to start another family?” If Bok Nyeo truly loves and respects her old one, she wouldn’t dare find happiness with another family.

It’s like giving Bok Nyeo a poisoned apple when she’s starving.

The kids want Bok Nyeo as a mom, but they also want to support their dad in whatever decision he makes. Song Hwa’s advice is to let Bok Nyeo protect the family any way she can. She knows that Bok Nyeo will eventually assume responsibility for shaking up the kids’ hearts and endearing herself to them.


Eventually Sang Chul meets with Bok Nyeo. He understands that what they have isn’t love, but he certainly does worry about her well-being all the time. He now understands that she wanted to be a housekeeper so that she could be told what to do, rather than have to think for herself on what to do. But now he wants her to make a choice for herself. He gives her the marriage registration form with his seal on it and asks that she come back to the family – as the kids’ mother.

The Children’s Stories

Han Gyul and her band, Rise Band, make it through to the second round. Woo Jae’s parents think the song is about him. It’s not. The parents look at Soo Hyuk, then Han Gyul. Awkward.

Manager Hong visits Grandpa’s place and informs the family that Bok Nyeo quit. She finds it strange that Bok Nyeo returned the wedding gift of money. Immediately Hye Gyul regrets being mad at Bok Nyeo, and she calls the housekeeper up. She wants to make up, and hopes that their fight didn’t cause Bok Nyeo to quit. Aww it’s so sweet. But Bok Nyeo’s still quitting (with tears in her eyes).


Han Gyul and her band reach the final round and sing onstage of ‘KPOP Star’, but they don’t pass that round. However, an agent scouts out Soo Hyuk for his talent. At first Soo Hyuk is reluctant to pursue the offer because the agent wants to talk to Soo Hyuk’s parents, but Woo Jae offers his parents in their stead. Woo Jae clearly still likes Han Gyul, who still likes Soo Hyuk even if he doesn’t like her, but is willing to go out on a limb for his best friend.

On another note, Mr. Oh meets with his writer/producer and hits on her. They seem to reunite, which is strange because the writer didn’t seem too keen on getting back with him. However she does give him a story to report – one provided by his wife about Bok Nyeo and her long crusade against Seo Ji Hoon/ Jang Do Hyung.

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