I Need Romance 3: Episode 3


A fun zesty new episode with the release of that awesome French song I love so much! This drama’s OST is the bomb. I love the song that plays when Joo Wan visits Joo Yeon’s home, especially when the singing voice changes from an adult to a child as he reminisces about their childhood.

Peppermoon – “Peu a Peu” – I Need Romance 3 OST Part 2 [download]

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Episode 3: It’s not that I’m uncomfortable, it’s just that I’m nervous and excited.


Joo Wan convinces Joo Yeon to go to the hotel with him, admitting that he might just be putting the moves on her. She quickly gets in the car but is a bit befuddled over his taste in women. Does he perhaps like rough women? Is that why he got turned on when she beat up his car and slapped Se Ryung? She ends up on a long spiel about whether it’s appropriate for them to go back to the hotel when she just broke up with her boyfriend and they haven’t even gone on a date yet. Joo Wan sits back, amused at her train of thought. Finally he comes clean, “You trashed my car and I live in that hotel. I’m asking for a ride home.”

HAH! HAHAHA! Oh yeah! Just one of his many trolling moments to come!


Joo Yeon is uncomfortable during the whole ride to the hotel but breaks the silence by noting how oddly he speaks. He’s speaking to her quite familiarly for a stranger, which isn’t really proper in Korea. So when she drops him off at the hotel, he walks over to the driver’s side and says, “Sweetie, drive home safely okay?” And when he reaches over to brush her hair, she sinks so low in her seat that he just brushes her coat. PAH! I love this dude.


Back at Jung Ho’s home, Se Ryung discovers that he purchased that two-ring necklace for Joo Yeon. Se Ryung just happened to own the same one. Jung Ho was planning to give it to Joo Yeon if they had stayed together. He broke up with her because he wasn’t sure if she really loved him. She didn’t even try to hold him back when he made his bluff about the break up. Therefore, he decided to take a lucrative offer from another company.


Joo Yeon’s thoughts (unfortunately for Jung Ho) are already on another man – Joo Wan. She tries to distract herself from thinking about his “sweetie” comment by doing some work, only to discover that her attic office has been converted into a bedroom! Her mom snuck in while she was out and prepared the room for Joo Wan! Hah! Now he’s definitely going to live with her! She calls him up, and he’s already expecting a shouting fest since he knows about the room.

A shouting fest ensues, but Joo Wan teases that she must have kept his number because she really did miss him. Joo Yeon swears she’ll make living with her complete hell; Joo Wan promises he’ll make it like heaven. She’s not impressed by his smooth talking skills, and I’m impressed that she doesn’t recognize Joo Wan’s voice as being the same as Allen Joo’s. On the other hand, he knows her so well he can predict that she’ll say “Hang up!” before she actually does!


The following morning Joo Yeon’s team makes a presentation of celebrity stylists whom they can work with to Tae Yoon. They go through the list, and some of them are stylists that Hee Jae should have taken out of the list or done better research on, but didn’t. Out of all the stylists, Se Ryung is the most viable option, but Min Jung quickly suggests that they shouldn’t hire her because of the dubious talk surrounding her sexual exploits, like the rumor of how she slept her way to the top. Joo Yeon makes an effort to prove that she’s more professional than petty, putting forth a good case on why they should reach out to Se Ryung.

Later in the kitchen, Min Jung asks Tae Yoon if he’d be okay with working with Se Ryung again considering their past. As in, Tae Yoon and Se Ryung are exes and he hasn’t moved on past her. Tae Yoon doesn’t reply and accepts Min Jung’s fresh cup of coffee instead.


Meanwhile Joo Yeon is yelling her head off at Hee Jae for not doing the presentation properly and rechecking her work. Hee Jae breaks down into tears, crying that she worked so hard the past few weeks (including weekends). Joo Yeon doesn’t care: What does working late have to do with the current issue of her not rechecking her work? She tells her not to ever show her tears again and dismisses her.


Despondent, Hee Jae goes to her secret stash of soju cartons hidden in a fire hose case and goes out into the balcony. Taking a few sips, she starts cursing Joo Yeon out for being an awful bitch! Tae Yoon happens to be nearby and overhears. He laughs and heads back inside to tell Joo Yeon. Woo Young appears behind Hee Jae with two cups of coffee and is completely impressed by her.

Joo Yeon’s not too hurt by learning that Hee Jae is cursing her to the winds. After all, she did the same when Tae Yoon was training her. It’s all because she believes Hee Jae has much potential. Since Min Jung doesn’t have “that potential”, she asks to leave work early. At first, Joo Yeon is all, “Why? I’m letting you guys come in late tomorrow.” Min Jung ends up railing against Joo Yeon and Tae Yoon for not giving her enough time to date and see other guys. Money is not everything in the world!!


Min Jung gets her night off, and prepares to meet her mysterious beau Ahn Min Suk… who just so happens to be her next door neighbor! Not that she knows that since they rendezvous at The Design Hotel.


Joo Wan visits Joo Yeon’s house, but calls her to check where she is first. She’s still driving from work, so Joo Wan hangs up and lets himself in. Not much has changed in the house, but her room is certainly messier. He looks back fondly at the old pictures of Joo Yeon growing up and takes one up to his room. He is so excited they’re going to be living together!

He calls her up again and teases her for picking up when she claims to hate him so much. This time, he wants directions to the playground in the neighborhood. Joo Yeon is initially outraged that he’s hanging around her home, but then realizes she has no right to impede on his right to wander. She animatedly gives him directions to the playground, seemingly nicer to him than in previous conversations. Happy, he sits down on a swing and waits for Joo Yeon.


Meanwhile, Hee Jae goes off to meet her boyfriend, only to discover that he’s volunteering for some coal workers. She’s annoyed with him for volunteering when he should be studying for his civil service exam. She needs him to pass so that he can get a good job, they can marry, and then she doesn’t have to work anymore! Her boyfriend’s a bit miffed that money seems to be everything to her. He was really stressed too, but she snidely remarks that studying can’t be that stressful compared to working. Suddenly, Hee Jae gets a call from her mother, saying that she’ll be out making deliveries that night. The house is free!

Everything is forgiven as Hee Jae invites her boyfriend over and he cleans up and relaxes in her room. She shares a few books of bank accounts she opened that show how much the both of them saved up for their future. They apologize to each other and all is forgiven.

By the time Joo Yeon reaches her neighborhood, it’s quite late. She stops by the playground, wondering if Joo Wan is still there. He is – still sitting on the swing. Except… she recognizes him as Allen Joo. *Face palm* She asks if he happened to see an ugly kid that looked like a sweet potato around, but he says he didn’t. HAH! Poor Joo Wan. He’s a bit disappointed that she hasn’t clued in to his identity.

He goes to pick up some roasted sweet potatoes from a vendor nearby, and Joo Yeon takes the opportunity to text ‘Sweet Potato’ on where he is. Joo Wan is delighted when he sees the text, and replies with, “I thought you didn’t want to see me.”


Joo Wan gives Joo Yeon a hot drink to hold so that she can stay warm. Instead of admitting to the cold, she says that she can endure. He wraps his scarf around her neck and puts his hat on top of her head, covering her face entirely (hee). “Someone in my past told me that she used to wrap me up like this,” he says. Joo Yeon still doesn’t get it that he’s referring to her. And he hands her a sweet potato to eat.


The following day, Joo Wan is working at a studio with a new band for their debut. He’s hired Se Ryung to be their stylist, and right away she can tell that it’s going to take some work to make these teenagers look dark and edgy. An assistant comes by with a proposal from Joo Yeon’s team at O Home Shopping Network. At the sound of ‘home shopping network’ Se Ryung immediately declines a meeting with them. She’s not going to tarnish her reputation by working for a home shopping network.


Joo Yeon’s team is unfazed by the rejection and Woo Young goes off to track Se Ryung down. He introduces himself to her in front of Joo Wan, who recognizes him from the Michelle Jang Launch Party. Suddenly, Se Ryung realizes that Woo Young works with Joo Yeon and relays that she will only meet with them if Joo Yeon comes. Joo Wan later asks Se Ryung if she’ll work with O Home Shopping Network if Joo Yeon attends the meeting. Se Ryung won’t, but it’ll be fun to see Joo Yeon at the meeting.

Joo Yeon’s team heads on over to Se Ryung’s office. Se Ryung is impressed that Joo Yeon managed to be a team leader and then demands that they both go for a drink instead of having a presentation. It’s a private affair and quite apparent that this is not going to be a typical business meeting. For one thing, instead of pouring drinks for each other, Se Ryung pours a shot for herself and forces Joo Yeon to serve herself.

Quite bluntly, Se Ryung says she doesn’t want to work with Joo Yeon. Instead, she wants an apology for the whole Jung Ho affair because she wasn’t the cause of the break up. She might have been the cause of Joo Yeon’s break up with her first love, and that was entirely because Se Ryung was jealous of Joo Yeon succeeding in her studies and dating life before her. Se Ryung was quite busy with her modeling gigs and didn’t have the time to live a “normal” high schooler’s life. She also liked that boy first, but Joo Yeon “stole” him away first. To Joo Yeon’s defense, Se Ryung claimed to have liked every guy she met so Joo Yeon couldn’t tell if she was being serious or not.


Right then and there, Se Ryung tells her that Jung Ho broke up with her because of how cold she was regarding relationships. If Joo Yeon was truly a friend, she wouldn’t have dated that first love because Se Ryung liked him, no matter how serious Se Ryung was. Joo Yeon disregarded others’ feelings and put hers first, which makes her quite similar to Se Ryung.

Joo Yeon is not too happy with hashing out the past again and offers to move on. But Se Ryung still refuses to work with her and finally leaves. Boy, is Joo Yeon pissed. Tae Yoon calls to see how she’s doing but apologizes for not being able to comfort her. He claims to be at home, when in reality he’s at a bar that he frequents a lot. He reminisces about a dog, Eve, that he left behind at the bar, and the bartender informs him that the new owner has adopted that dog.


Just as Tae Yoon leaves, Se Ryung arrives at the same bar in hopes for some liquid comfort, missing each other completely. Despite all the barbs she and Joo Yeon traded, Se Ryung still has a soft spot in her heart for Tae Yoon, who wanted her to be more careful about meeting people or else more rumors would erupt. He looked out for her, but she didn’t appreciate it and wanted to break up. Drinking away her sorrows at a bar they used to frequent would be quite appropriate. Soon, the bar’s new owner arrives – Shin Ji Hoon (Kim Ji Suk)! He’s with Eve, and Se Ryung happily greets her like an old friend. She explains that she and an ex-boyfriend adopted Eve but then couldn’t keep her because of their allergies. The bartender recognizes the story and tells her about a man who was just there and had left his card. That’s when she realizes that Tae Yoon is Joo Yeon’s boss at O Home Shopping Network.


The following morning while Joo Yeon is lazing around at home, Se Ryung gives her a call to accept the job offer. Shocked, Joo Yeon records the conversation to make sure that Se Ryung won’t go back on her word. Se Ryung even agrees to go to Joo Yeon’s office to sign the contract, as it will give her a chance to meet Tae Yoon again. Joo Yeon is busy silently cheering to really think about why Se Ryung had a sudden change of heart, and it’s likely she doesn’t know about her frenemy and boss’s past.

After her conversation with Se Ryung, Joo Yeon realizes she’s hungry and invites ‘Sweet Potato’ out for lunch. She’s in quite the forgiving mood! Joo Wan rejects her as ‘Sweet Potato’ and then calls her up on his hotel room phone as ‘Allen Joo’. He tells her that he found more issues with his car that she’s going to need to fix.


Joo Yeon is completely bewildered since his car seems good as new when she goes to see him. He tells her to get in so that he can show her how bad his car is, and gives her some food to eat. Then he drives off to the beach. It’s hilarious how on the way his song plays on the radio and she doesn’t recognize it, even though she claims to be his fan.

This “issue” that he has with the car is that it “stalls every two hours” except, in reality he just parked the car! He’s clearly making excuses to bring her to the beach, and Joo Yeon is a little uncomfortable by what’s going on. She wants him to be blunt with what is going on. Okay then.


Joo Wan: “I’ve started to like you.”

Wheeeeee! Joo Yeon is confused. Why would he like her when they just met, and she gave him such a bad first impression? He teasingly asks if she begins all relationships with questions because he certainly doesn’t. He pulls her in close and kisses her.


Thoughts and Comments:

I seriously squealed and covered my eyes like a bashful schoolgirl while watching the kiss scene. I don’t know why but it was SO HOT how he pulled her so close that their noses were touching, and then kissed her. (It was also distracting because the close-ups showed continuity errors! One angle shows him kissing her from the right and then another shot shows him kissing her from the left.)

I love that Shin Joo Yeon is a lovable idiot in this episode as she has many opportunities to put two-and-two together, but just doesn’t. She doesn’t seem to wonder how Allen Joo and Joo Wan could sound exactly alike, nor does she realize that she sees Allen whenever she should be seeing Sweet Potato. She certainly feels like something is off, but she still hasn’t deeply questioned what’s going on. At the same time, I love how Joo Wan uses the situation to his own advantage and plays her. However, I hope the truth is revealed soon, as it’s already getting a little weird how she’s being so nice to Joo Wan after forbidding him from moving in. Joo Wan is right: If she doesn’t like him, why does she call him or pick up his calls?

As for the other ladies in the drama, I’m really glad that we get to see a little more developments for each of the characters. The reveal that Min Jung’s “several nights’ stand” is her next door neighbor is brilliant because it’s sure to make their relationship riotous. I almost wonder if he could just be conning her into thinking he’s someone else, or perhaps fooling her into thinking that he’s older than he really is. That would be great for a 30-something year old pretending to be a 27-year old. As for Hee Jae, it’s likely that her relationship with her boyfriend is doomed because of her fixation on their future and money. Unless he steals those bank books with all of their savings, it looks like Hee Jae might end up emotionally cheating on her boyfriend. (I do think he’ll steal those bank books though. Makes it easier for the audience to have a clean break from him.)

Anyways – I’m really happy with how brisk this episode went. “Woosh woosh” go the plot developments. Unfortunately, the faster it goes in the beginning, the slower it might be near the end so I’m dreading that. But for now, I’m really enjoying the ride.

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