Stills of T.O.P. in ‘Tazza 2’


WHEEEEEE! It’s stills of T.O.P! In his upcoming movie!

In the stills below, T.O.P is Dae Gil, a talented gambler who also works as a delivery boy for his parents’ Chinese restaurant. Hah! At least he can rock the Hawaiian shirt! As the nephew of Jo Seung Woo‘s character Go Ni from the first movie ‘Tazza: The High Rollers,’ T.O.P is seen channeling some of his “uncle’s” gambling habits.

He’s joined by an all-star cast, including Shin Se Kyung as his first love Mi Na, Yoo Hae Jin (from the first ‘Tazza’) as mentor Go Gwang Ryul, Honey Lee as a wealthy widow, Park Hyo Joo (The Chaser) as an assistant gambling house manager who hunts you down for your debts, Lee Kyung Young (Vampire Prosecutor 2) as a gambling house manager who recognizes Dae Gil’s talent, Kim Yoon Suk (‘The Thieves’) as the villain Ah Gwi, Kwak Do Won (Ghost) as the deceptively dangerous Jang Dong Shik, and Go Soo Hee (Big) as Madame Song.





Park Hyo Joo also appears in her black skimpy outfit, which shows off her hard rock abs. She looks tough (and sexy), which is funny because she’s also going to be in I Need Romance 3, where she doesn’t have to look so tough (but probably still as sexy).


‘Tazza 2’ or ‘Tazza: Hand of God’ will premiere later this year.

sources: wowtv, my daily, e-today, newsen, soompi

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