‘Unprecedented’ Broadcast is Delayed


Woohoo for 2014! New crop of dramas to look out for! One of them that I have my eye on is Unprecedented, which is a sageuk with Cha Seung Won and Han Suk Gyu, and the writer of Tree with Deep Roots. The historical drama was slated to follow Empress Ki on MBC, but has now been postponed indefinitely.

There are a couple of reasons for the postponement. One is that planning is underway for Dae Jang Geum 2, which MBC wants to make a reality in 2014. It’s still unclear if Dae Jang Geum will be the drama that will follow Empress Ki, but MBC is clearly putting a few more resources and energy into the sequel of a global hit. In addition, one of the co-writers for Unprecedented, Kim Young Hyun, is the writer of Dae Jang Geum so if the sequel is a go, she’ll just be jumping from one sageuk to the next.

The second reason is because of KBS’ drama Jung Do Jun which is going to air around the same time and revolves around a similar story. Unprecedented is also about the politician Jung Do Jun and how he clashed with King Taejong (a.k.a Lee Bang Won, or Sejong the Great’s father) during the founding of Joseon Dynasty. This puts us in the time period before the events of Tree with Deep Roots – you could practically watch them both one after another I guess. Because both dramas are going to be airing around the same time on the same topic, there’s more pressure on postponing so that it doesn’t hurt the potential success of the drama.

I’m kind of disappointed that Unprecedented has been pushed back, as when I heard of the drama’s cast and crew I started looking forward to it. Hopefully it doesn’t lose its cast during the delay, and I hope that by delaying it until after KBS’ Jung Do Jun finishes it will stand a better chance in viewership and ratings.

source: star news

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