Jin Se Yeon Keeps on Going with ‘Doctor Stranger’


The Jin Se Yeon machine just doesn’t know how to stop. She’s like an Energizer Bunny – just keeps going, and going, and going, and going… Barely halfway through Age of Feeling Jin has just been officially cast in Doctor Stranger. She’ll be taking over the role that Park Min Young turned down.

Jin will be playing Song Jae Hee, the daughter of a businessman who is an Oriental medicine and anesthesiology expert. She approaches Park Hoon, played by Lee Jong Seok, under the fake identity Han Seung Hee. Along with Kang Sora and Park Hae Jin, they’ll form the main love square.

Jin Se Yeon has been doing a lot of projects almost continuously. As soon as her daily drama My Daughter the Flower ended, she jumped right into Bridal Mask. And then when Eunjung of T-ARA had to leave Five Fingers, she jumped in quite late, working on both Bridal Mask and Five Fingers until the former ended in early September. She took a well deserved break in 2013 before finally doing Age of Feeling, and now Doctor Stranger. I have no idea if she’s a good actress or not because somehow I don’t watch any of her dramas. However, I feel like she’s everywhere and she’s never the first one cast in a drama. It might just be me, but sometimes I feel like she’s just the “replacement actress” – the one called in when the first choice actress is not available.

Doctor Stranger will air in May after God’s Gift – 14 Days, giving her some time to rest after Age of Feeling ends in April.

Anyways – good for her. Though I’m not sure if I myself would want to romance a blond Lee Jong Seok anytime soon…

source: sports donga

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