Shin Min Ah Begins Shooting ‘My Love, My Bride’


Shooting has begun for film remake “My Love, My Bride” and the first stills show Shin Min Ah at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucheon.

In the first scene shot at the academy, Shin Min Ah’s character Mi Young has a tense scene with Jae Kyung, played by Seo Shin Ae. Despite that, the crew had a very friendly vibe on set. Jo Jung Suk also visited the set even though he didn’t have any scenes to shoot that day, thus showing team spirit. Whee! I’m sure all of this helped to ease Shin’s nervousness for filming on set.



Excitement over the film has even led to some fan art being created for the movie’s posters. These are pretty creative, but it makes me look forward to the official art for the film now.



More actors have also joined the cast of the film: Yoon Jung Hee (Family’s Honor), Ra Mi Ran (Suspicious Housekeeper), Hwang Jung Min (Peninsula), Jeon Mu Song (The Iron Empress), Lee Shi Eun (Answer Me 1997), Seo Kang Joon (who’s everywhere these days with Suspicious Housekeeper and Sly and Single Again) and Seo Shin Ae (Thank You, High Kick 2). Not quite sure how Seo and Shin will have a rivalry at school, considering their age difference, unless this is a flashback scene and Shin is playing a much younger version of herself, or Seo is a student of hers. Lee Shi Eun will be playing the outspoken best friend of Jo Jung Suk’s character Young Min. Oh we all know he’s going to play that fabulously. He’s just too good at comedy.


Directed by Im Chan Sang, the film will be released in the later half of 2014.

sources: ten asia, tvreport, joy news

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