Uhm Ki Joon Up for ‘Golden Cross’


Seems like KBS drama Golden Cross will have a leading man in Uhm Ki Joon! I am wary to say that he is definitely going to be cast in the drama, since there are conflicting reports of him actually being cast in the drama for sure and him still reviewing the script favorably. Unfortunately it looks like Park Shi Hoo is not going to join the production due to scheduling conflicts. (I’m relieved, because I wasn’t ready to watch Park come back in a revenge drama.)

If Uhm Ki Joon joins the cast, he’ll take on the role of Michael, a Korean-American businessman. Sounds like he’ll be a second male lead rather than the main actor, and possibly an antagonist. Uhm last appeared in OCN’s The Virus a year ago, and then acted in the musical “The Three Musketeers.” By being in Golden Cross he’d also reunite with his “Killer Toon” costar Lee Si Young. I find that Uhm is much better suited as an antagonist than as a protagonist, especially when comparing his performances in The Virus and Ghost.


Park Shi Hoo was up for the role of Kang Do Yoon, the leading man who’s seeking revenge against those who caused his father and younger sister to die. Apparently Golden Cross was one of the many scripts he was considering but ended up passing on because of the scheduling conflicts with the film “Fragrance.” The film just wrapped shooting and starting in March he’ll need to participate in full-scale promotional activities for the movie.

I’m kind of relieved that Park Shi Hoo isn’t going to be in this drama because I don’t really want to see him weeping and being angry all the time as the protagonist. I would honestly rather see him be a villain because his reputation has been ruined so much. He should make a comeback as a villain or a cold-hearted antagonist, not the vengeful protagonist we need to root for. I feel like with that role, he as an actor could return with a vengeance. If written and acted well, he could be a complex villain that would polarize audiences; they would either love him for being so evil or love to hate him. And it could be almost cathartic for audiences as they try to let go of his marred image.

sources: tvdaily, tvreport, hankooki, isplus

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