I Need Romance 3: Episode 14


Finally! Joo Yeon’s got her senses back! A bit meandering, the episode separated our two love birds for quite a while and it made me really antsy.

(I apologize for the delay and delinquency of this recap. Let’s just say… I have a hard time keeping up with young’uns in the club.)

Episode 14 – I Can’t Be Without You


Joo Yeon had planned to go home triumphantly with a story about how she and Se Ryung finally got over their differences. She thought that Joo Wan would be proud of her, not that he would leave her. Her girls’ night with Se Ryung and Min Jung involved them talking about their past boyfriends and break-ups, which is excellent bonding material.

But now, Joo Wan is gone. Totally gone. He’s not around to cook, to clean, to talk with her. He’s leaving without word of when he’ll come back or where he’ll go. It’s almost as bad as her previous break-ups.


Though Joo Yeon tears up, she stops herself from completely breaking down. It’s back to work for her, and she just goes back to normal life as best as she can. She has never gone crazy over another man, as she revealed to Min Jung and Se Ryung that night. It’s a bit unbelievable for the other girls, who have done stupid things over a boy before. Min Jung does the classic “stalk him until you’re over him” while Se Ryung does the classic “cling on and try to get him back until it no longer works” tactic  – over none other than Tae Yoon. (Awkward!) So now, Joo Yeon refuses to go silly over Joo Wan, whom she never even dated.

The bad thing is that she starts hallucinating him everywhere. When she gets outside her home she thinks she sees him running up the stairs, catching her just in time to go into the house together. When she watches the home shopping network and eats oranges, she imagines him scolding her for being a mess and watching work-related channels when she should be resting. She thinks that she should call him up and leave a message demanding why he won’t come home, but she never does.


At work, Joo Yeon tries to satisfy herself by asking Se Ryung about Joo Wan. She’s hurt to hear that he’s eating well (because she’s not), and that he’s staying at the hotel he was at before he moved in with her. She finds out that he’s now a radio DJ host, and when she listens to one of his broadcasts he talks about a girl he once knew who liked being lonely. Hahaha! Instead of feeling sad or feeling better to know that he’s okay, she’s livid. How can he live his life as if everything is normal when she’s clearly hurting?! Was he lying the whole time about wanting to take care of her?


Meanwhile, let’s jump to Hee Jae and Woo Young’s budding romance-friendship thing. She tells him that she always wanted to learn the piano, but her mother never sent her to classes. Woo Young suggests she learn the guitar instead because it’s less time-consuming, which leads to her pouting. He relents and promises to teach her some piano playing, since he knows the basics, and she also agrees to try the guitar. Jump forward a little later and he buys her a ukulele. Sheesh – he buys her everything! Woo Young admits that he wanted to buy her the bag at the department store but felt that she needed to buy it for herself.


A crisis is at hand: the New Brand Team discovers that another team in the Fashion Department totally stole their idea and is selling a cheaper version of the trench coat that they were intending to sell. It’s cheaper in both quality and price, but it’s too similar to their product. Min Jung, Hee Jae, and Woo Young confront the team leader after her broadcast, accusing her of blatantly stealing their idea. The team leader was originally planning to sell something else but switched to the trench coat at the last minute. She claims that she did no such thing since trenches are in season, she needs to have a successful segment, and her trench coat isn’t exactly the same as the one Min Jung and Joo Yeon were going to sell.


Joo Yeon heads directly to Tae Yoon and asks why he didn’t stop the team leader from selling that product. He knew what Joo Yeon was going to sell so he should have told her about it or stopped them from selling the product. Tae Yoon shrugs off responsibility. Trenches are not an exclusive product for the New Brand Team, and he is not going to stop his own team from selling something that might be a hit. Even if it’s at the expense of screwing over his own girlfriend, he needs to succeed too.


When Min Jung hears of what Tae Yoon coldly said, she clucks disapprovingly. Even she realizes that Tae Yoon is a bad boyfriend! Joo Yeon needs to wake up!

Back at home, Min Jung begins scrapbooking her pregnancy, and in the most nonchalant way we discover that she’s having twins! Oh man, Min Suk would have a heart attack if he found out. And next thing we know, he’s knocking furiously at Min Jung’s door!

Min Suk is drunk out of his mind, and practically collapses on Min Jung’s bed. He falls asleep hugging a huge gift box, refusing to let Min Jung take it away. What a baby. The following morning, she cooks him a simple breakfast and forces him to get up. He’s impressed by her soup, which is meant to help cure his hangover, and comments, “You really know your way around the kitchen.”

I sit in front of my computer, judging him for judging Min Jung based on her abilities as a potential housewife.


After breakfast he shows her what’s in the gift box. It’s a mechanical baby! He wants them to try being parents to this mechanical baby to make sure that both of them are ready for when the time comes. It’s also his own way of seeing if he can be a parent because he knows he’s a coward and yet can’t seem to stay away from Min Jung. If he can’t do it, he promises to move out. Min Jung and I are somehow impressed and hurt by his honesty. Min Jung also keeps her mouth shut about the twins; if he’s already overreacting about one baby, what more two?


In Joo Yeon’s house that same morning, she imagines that Joo Wan came back home to cook her breakfast because he knew that she would never eat if left alone. Not to mention, she’s getting a fever. Joo Yeon spent the night sleeping in Joo Wan’s loft, and when she realizes that it was all a dream, she breaks down in tears. She used to be okay by herself, but now she doesn’t know why she can’t seem to function without him.

She heads to the pharmacy for some medicine to treat her cold. Tae Yoon calls her to see if she wants to meet up for lunch, but she doesn’t want to as she’s not feeling well. At least he’s considerate enough to suggest she go to the hospital to get some shots, and says he’ll visit when he finishes up some work.


Joo Yeon wanders in the playground, and it suddenly begins to rain. She seeks solace in a gazebo and, suddenly, like a mirage Joo Wan is standing before her. He had stopped by the house to see if Joo Yeon was around but was too cowardly to. He was hoping that he’d find Joo Yeon hurting and completely lost without him; even though it’s a bad thought it’s quite justified in my mind. I’d love to know that a person I like is suffering without me when he rejects me.

So the Joo Wan in front of her, standing in the pouring rain, is the real Joo Wan. She tells him to get lost, thinking that he’s still an illusion, and he finds comfort in the fact that they’re both the same: lost souls always seeking each other out and forever in pain. Joo Yeon can’t accept the fact that she’s hurting since they weren’t even dating. Joo Wan points out that they practically were because they did everything with each other and she leaned on him for support. That’s “dating.”


Joo Yeon tells him to stop talking like this. She’s seeing someone and he’s making things very uncomfortable for her. Her request only makes Joo Wan even more angry because he feels like he’s the only one who’s crazy for her. He’s so happy to see her that he’s willing to fight with her. When he sees the pharmacy bag, and he begins to worry about her well-being. It’s sad that he’s the only one so aware of his feelings, and she’s trying so hard to deny hers.

At that moment, Tae Yoon calls. Joo Wan tells her to not pick up, and for the first time Joo Yeon doesn’t. She’s avoiding Tae Yoon, yayyyyy! Joo Wan swears that he’s never going to come back and check in on her. He’s not going to even try to miss her. Once Joo Yeon figures out her own life and feelings, then he wants her to come to him. And with that he leaves.


He misses bumping into Tae Yoon completely, who heads to the gazebo with an umbrella at hand. Tae Yoon drives Joo Yeon off to a restaurant so they can get something warm, driving right past a soaked Joo Wan.

Even though Tae Yoon didn’t have to go meet Joo Yeon because he had so much work to do, he insisted on seeing her because he didn’t want her to get mad at him for not coming over. Joo Yeon wonders if it’s because Se Ryung got mad at him for that once. Ooooh. She suspects that Tae Yoon wasn’t even truly worried about her, and starts probing into the past that he so badly doesn’t want to ever revisit.

Unfortunately, it’s his past that is causing their issues. Joo Yeon doesn’t believe that he truly likes her still and he asks what he should do to make her believe it. Oh, so she has to tell him how to win her heart? Tae Yoon: “I’m only trying to be what the person I like expects me to be and wants me to do.” Oho! So he’s trying to please his girl now, eh? Did he ever “try” with Se Ryung?


Tae Yoon admits finally that the love he had for Se Ryung was an all-consuming passion where he didn’t bother trying to work on their relationship. He just let his feelings lead him on until it could go no further. He let his feelings overtake his own senses to the point that he lost complete control over himself.

Joo Yeon is hurt to hear this, even though she asked for it. She had hoped that if he really liked her, he would have lied to her just a bit to shield her from the truth. Joo Yeon also realizes that he wants to be with her because he doesn’t have to lose himself to all-consuming passion, but it’s passion that would keep their own spark alive. It bothers her a lot that he doesn’t seem to think his past is a burden, but it’s a big problem for their relationship. Tae Yoon ends the conversation, saying he doesn’t want to talk about his past anymore or to fight.


Tae Yoon drops Joo Yeon off at home after reaching a sort of uneasy peace. Joo Yeon goes back home and sees some of Joo Wan’s old clothes and his demo CD. All she can think about are the cute moments with Joo Wan: when he kissed her, when he said she was pretty, when he said he loved her. She texts Se Ryung for Joo Wan’s hotel’s address and finally realizes that Joo Wan was always right. She was always two steps behind him and no matter what he told her, she never truly listened to what he was saying. All of his advice about love and finding someone who truly values her begins to make sense as she understands that Joo Wan truly is the one for her.

And suddenly she’s driving, racing off to an unknown destination. Is it Joo Wan’s hotel room!?

No, it’s Tae Yoon’s apartment.


Joo Yeon thinks Tae Yoon was wrong. There are things that some people can never have, but she wants to live her life believing that she can get them. She wants to believe in a love that you can’t live without, a passionate all-consuming love. She doesn’t want to give up on that hope yet, and she wants to find someone who believes in such a thing just like herself. And because of that, she wants to end her relationship with Tae Yoon.

Thoughts and Comments:


Life is good. Although wow, I’m kind of bummed that Joo Yeon has her epiphany so close to the end of the series. Will we have enough cute moments to go on with?

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