Jung Gyu Woon is a Married Man


NOOOOOO! Tears of sadness flowing down my cheeks! But I’m really happy as my man-crush Jung Gyu Woon is finally marrying the woman of his dreams in a private ceremony today in Gangnam.

Jung’s wife is a non-celebrity, a web designer who used to be a model. The two met through mutual friends and dated for three years before finally getting engaged and married. He’s said that she’s known for her cooking and strong personality, which makes her sound like a really cool person.




There were a few celebrity guests, including Jung’s History of a Salaryman costar Lee Deok Hwa as the officiant for the ceremony. The couple will go on their honeymoon after Jung wraps filming on God’s Gift 14 Days.

May Jung Gyu Woon have many many many years of happiness and love! 축하해요!

sources: tenasia, tvreport

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