Kaedejun and Gummimochi on: Angel Eyes Episodes 5-7

Angel Eyes_Commentary_Ep07

So we’re trying something a little new here this time around. Gummimochi and I have been watching Angel Eyes together ever since it started. It’s one of those dramas that we like to wait for each other to have time to watch, rather than watch ahead and wait for someone else to catch up. And then we figured, why not just watch it together?

We thought about recapping it ourselves (as you can see, I’ve already tried), but it’s a little difficult to do so with our current schedules. So since we watch it together already, and we love the series, we’re going to try a video commentary!

The assumption is that you’ve seen the episode, but if you haven’t hopefully our recap will show you enough of what happens in the episode. This is our first time ever doing this, and we hope to do more. But do let us know if you have any thoughts on what you think we could do better, and we’ll try to do them! For one thing, I’ll try to be less loud; As I hold my computer the mic ends up too close to me than Gummi. 🙁

In case you don’t want to watch the video (which is a hefty 45 minutes, and we hope to cut it down shorter next time), here’s a quick summary of episode 7.

– Dong Joo does leave even though Soo Wan begs him not to.

– Soo Wan doesn’t forgive him and yet can’t get over him. She balks at the idea of an engagement with Ji Woon and breaks up with him.

– Despite becoming head of the ER and having built a house for them, Ji Woon can’t win her back.

– Dong Joo returns and Soo Wan forgives him. Her dad does not.

– Dong Joo gets a new job… as a captain at dispatch. He’s now Soo Wan’s superior. Hah!



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