Joo Ji Hoon and Ga In are a Couple!


AHHHH! The most unexpected news for me to hear was that Joo Ji Hoon and Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls are actually a couple!

It was a bit of a surprise to see the two of them admit to their relationship when it’s only begun a little over a month ago. The two of them have known each other for about eight years and were good friends. It was only when Joo Ji Hoon starred in her racy (and somewhat disturbing) music video for her single “Fxxx You” that the two of them developed romantic feelings for one another. A quick look at the steamy music video (which depicts an abusive relationship) and it’s quite obvious that the two had a lot of chemistry.


Since it is an early stage of their relationship they have been cautious about making any announcements and are just getting to know each other. They also join a long list of other singer-actor couples that includes RainKim Tae Hee, Teddy & Han Ye Seul, and SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Joon & Hwang Jung Eum. I’m a little sad about losing Joo Ji Hoon to the land called ‘Coupledom’; He was the first man to make me cry! I mean that in a good way because I’ve never cried while watching dramas and/or films, and Joo Ji Hoon was the first person who managed to make me tear up during Goong. Oh man, the memories… *Goes off to rewatch the last four episodes.*


As for upcoming projects, Joo Ji Hoon recently completed Medical Top Team and will star in the movie “Good Friends” with Ji Sung and Lee Kwang Soo. A dark film about three friends whose actions lead to an unspeakable crime, the film began production in January.

sources: osen, star fnn news

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  1. sulthanah 10 May, 2014 at 01:19 Reply

    I am not YEH and Joo Ji Hoon shipper, so it’s easy to say congratulation. Unlike when I heard that LSG dating Yoo Na. It’s hard to accept becasue I am LSG and HJW shipper.

    Now I am joining JSW and HJW’s ship. Lets cross the ocean together. lol

  2. Denali 10 May, 2014 at 23:35 Reply

    Huh. So she and her longtime celeb boyfriend in the kpop industry have broken up, hey? How sad. They were quite a cute and unexpected couple.

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