Kim Nam Gil to Headline ‘The Rogue’


It has been recently confirmed that Jeon Do Yeon (“The Housemaid”) and Kim Nam Gil (Shark, Bad Guy) will star in the upcoming film “The Rogue,” written and directed by Oh Seung Wook (“Kilimanjaro”). Originally it was supposed to be Lee Jung Jaebut I guess the schedule conflicts did not work out too well and he was replaced with Kim. Aw man…

Some more details have emerged about the film’s plot and the characters. Jeon Do Yeon is cast to play Hye Kyung, a murder suspect who is quickly being hunted down by the police. As she waits for her lover to escape her impending arrest, she meets Jae Gon (Kim Nam Gil). Little does she realize, Jae Gon is the very detective who’s hunting her down. The two inevitably develop feelings for one another and that leads to a very big conflict of interest when Jae Gon must choose his love for her or his tendency to cold-heartedly pursue justice.

Filming is set to begin in June as Jeon is currently in Cannes as a jury member, the first Korean actress to actually hold that honor. She’s also the first Korean actress to win a Best Actress award in Cannes. There’s no doubt of her acting skills for this one, and I’m not even surprised she’s playing the criminal in this film. Heck, she’d do it a whole lot better than Kim Nam Gil! Kim keeps playing his criminal characters all broody, which can get very boring. It’s funny because he just recently completed filming a film called “Pirates” with Son Ye Jin, in which he’s credited as a bandit rather than a pirate. Son Ye Jin is the one who’s actually called a pirate. Heh.

This will also be Oh Seung Wook’s first film in 13 years, as his first film “Kilimanjaro” (also a crime thriller) came out in 2001. There’s no release date for “The Rogue” just yet, but is planned to come out sometime later this year.

sources: [email protected], osen


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