Kaedejun and Gummimochi on: Angel Eyes Episode 10


We’re back for another episode of Angel Eyes! Part of the slowness comes from the actual editing; we do ramble quite a bit. Har har. But now this episode is a tidy nine minutes, so we hope you enjoy!

In case you don’t want to watch, here is a synopsis of what happens in episode 10.

  • We find out that Ji Woon’s mother is not all she seems to be, especially when we discover that she’s the one who poisoned Jung Hwa. Why? We don’t know, but we’ve got our theories…
  • Soo Wan discovers letters from Dong Joo, and the very first one he gave her in the hospital lying on her father’s desk. Betrayed? Yes, but she still begs him for his blessing.
  • Ji Woon continues to linger on pathetically, while Dong Joo and Soo Wan get together – for real. Papa approved and everything.
  • Dr. Choi returns to the hospital to haunt Director Yoon’s dreams.
  • Hae Joo is the best babysitter/Catwoman ever, but an even better sister to both Dong Joo and Soo Wan. Proof? She and Soo Wan are already tricking Dong Joo to do their bidding. #BestBreakfastEver

The most important lesson? Boys, listen up: “Showing gratitude to a woman must be done with objects, not with words. Especially with bag or clothes.”

Thank you Mama Jung Hwa.


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