Kaedejun and Gummimochi on: Angel Eyes Episode 8


Okay, so we’ve been a bit busy but we finally got around to recording episode 8! It took me a while to edit it together, and we tried to do it a little differently (giving it a tidy 19-minute run time compared to the beast of 45 minutes in our first episode.

Once again, hope you enjoy this episode! Click on the video below!

And if you don’t want to watch it, here’s a quick summary of episode 8!

– Hae Joo comes back. Most important thing of all! And she’s as cute as ever, and her entrance makes Soo Wan more jealous than ever (until she realizes it’s Hae Joo).

– Teddy is in love with Hae Joo.

– Ji Woon tries to win back Soo Wan by saying he’ll wait for her, but he is uneasy with her having cold feet. He’s also quite frustratingly mopey.

– Director Yoon isn’t happy to see Dong Joo back, and his master plan to break his “son” and daughter up is to reveal Dong Joo’s identity to Ji Woon, thus cementing (in Ji Woon’s mind) that they can never be together.

– However, Ji Woon eventually discovers that Dong Joo and Soo Wan were in love first. FINALLY the second lead witnesses the hug!

– And surprisingly, Director Yoon confides to Ji Woon’s mother that he’s the one who killed Jung Hwa.

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