Kaedejun and Gummimochi on: Angel Eyes Episode 9

Angel Eyes Ep09 Recap

And we’re back! This episode (and episode 10) are far less exciting for us to watch as not much REALLY happens in the episode. We get a few cute moments with our side characters, watch the leads grow closer, observe Ji Woon throw a few more pouts our way, and discover one new clue to Miss Jung Hwa’s death.

In the event that you’re not too interested in listening to the whole thing, here is a quick bullet point list of what you need to know that happened in episode 9:

  • Ji Woon finally – finally – gets it into his head that Soo Wan doesn’t like him. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting to get her back.
  • AND Ji Woon throws a punch.
  • We get some nice shower scenes between Ji Woon and Dong Joo. I am a very happy camper with that.
  • Soo Wan tells her father that no one but Dong Joo is for her. He’s not happy with it, but Soo Wan believes he’ll come around.
  • Min Soo and Detective Kim narrow down the list of suspects who could have killed Miss Jung Hwa. One of them is Kang In Tae, Ji Woon’s father. Dun dun dun.
  • Soo Wan and Dong Joo should have more grocery shopping scenes because they’re cute.
  • Dong Joo hears Miss Jung Hwa’s voice through Soo Wan’s cooking lessons, and breaks down in tears. Gummi and I break down in tears of happiness at seeing Kang Ha Neul show up again.


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