Sung Joon joins ‘Discovery of Romance’


Sung Joon, recently of I Need Romance 3, is now joining the cast of Discovery of Romance, airing on KBS in a couple of months. He’ll be joining Eric and fellow INR-alum Jung Yoo Mi in the drama.

The drama follows a furniture designer, Yi Rum (played by Jung), who finds herself in a love triangle between her current boyfriend Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) and her ex, Kang Tae Ha (Eric). Nam Ha Jin is a plastic surgeon (ha!) who is described as a warm and gentle man, the perfect charming young man you’d realistically want in a man. Tae Ha has been described as equally romantic, though I assume he might have a more ‘brusque’ edge due to his competitive nature. He’s got to be the opposite of Ha Jin in some way. Tae Ha and Yi Rum have an on-and-off relationship, which again sounds a lot like I Need Romance 2012. And to think Yi Rum might just leave the perfect younger guy for her ex, just like in I Need Romance (1)!

Wondering why there are so many parallels to the INR-franchise? It’s the same writer, Jung Hyun JungOh. Snap.

I find it entertaining that Jung Yoo Mi is basically reprising her role from I Need Romance 2012, while Sung Joon now gets the other end of the stick by playing the other man in the love triangle who doesn’t get the girl. (Or he could. But K-drama laws foresee and dictate he won’t this time around.) And Eric… is getting his toes wet in the INR-space without even being part of the actual franchise. And I would expect Discovery of Romance to be somewhat new and refreshing in its own way, but at the same time I can’t help but think it won’t. Jung Hyun Jung has managed to make every season of I Need Romance somewhat unique, and yet it’s still the same story of an on-again-off-again couple who have to get together and break up a couple of times* before they can finally accept each other. (*getting together and breaking up in the most general and vague of ways.) I felt that Jung explored a lot of that sort of relationship already, so I really wonder how much more special will Discovery of Romance be.

I shouldn’t be surprised that the writer has picked actors from her past projects, and I’m sure they enjoyed working with Jung to have signed on. I do admit that she has a snappy way of writing her characters that makes them lovable no matter how strident they may seem or sound. It’s a drama I should be interested in watching, and yet it feels too soon. I Need Romance 3 ended just three months ago and now we’re getting another dose in the same year.

Discovery of Romance airs in August after Trot Lovers.

source: tvreport

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