More Controversy for Yoona in Nodame Cantabile


I find it fascinating that fans and media outlets alike seem to be reporting the casting choice for Nodame as a mistake. It seems that Yoona is not the popular choice to take on the role of Noda Megumi, and there have been a lot of mixed feelings regarding her participation in this drama.

Several news reports have pointed out that Yoona may have been miscast. It’s understandable that many are defensive of the character due to the hardcore fan base that surrounds Nodame Cantabile, both for the manga and for the Japanese drama that’s considered a scared classic. I can understand them because I personally love Hana Yori Dango and can’t bother to entertain Boys Over Flowers or Meteor Garden; I’m just stubborn like that. One article points out though that there was a lot of controversy surrounding Yoon Eun Hye‘s casting in Goong because so many didn’t think that she could portray the beloved manhwa character well. Yoon Eun Hye eventually proved the doubters wrong, so a similar outcome may result for this drama.

I’d like to argue that Yoon Eun Hye’s situation was slightly different: 1) The manhwa had never been adapted into another drama before Goong so there was nothing to compare her performance to, and 2) Yoon Eun Hye was a relatively untested actress before then, having only been in Baby V.O.X and Nonstop 6 prior to that drama. Yoona is different: 1) There is a drama to compare to already so of course people are going to compare the Korean drama to the Japanese one. It’s just natural. And 2) Yoona has had more acting experience than Yoon as she’s appeared in Cinderella Man, 9 End 2 Outs, Love Rain, and The Prime Minister and I.

So unless Yoona’s acting skills ramp up in just a few weeks, I don’t have much hope for her.

Another article says that while she has had a lot of dramas under her belt none of them did particularly well. Her appearance in this drama is almost like stunt casting just as how sometimes there is too much product placement that gets in the way of the storyline. Other actresses that were mentioned as possibly being cast aside from Shim Eun Kyung were Go Ara, Ha Yeon Soo, and IU. I would even agree to IU taking on the role! I just think it’s a bit of a waste to place Yoona against someone so talented as Joo Won. It was a bit of a waste to put her opposite of Lee Beom Soo already. I would like to see someone who can truly act on par with Joo Won be cast as Nodame, and from the dramas that I’ve seen with Yoona she doesn’t have ‘it.’

In any case, while articles are still saying that Yoona is positively considering the role and most likely will take it, I feel like it’s set in stone that she will be Nodame. Unless netizens in Korea really make a stand and show extreme displeasure to the point of threatening to not watch it (thus affecting ratings and revenue for this project), or her agency and the production company can’t reach a contractual agreement, there is no possibility of her backing out of the project. On the flipside the negative press could actually help the show because now more people will tune in to watch the first episode and see how Yoona does.

I know I won’t.

sources: ohmynews, veritas, star news, wowtv

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