Kaedejun and Gummimochi On: Angel Eyes Episode 11


We’re back with a new episode! It took quite a while, as we were cramming this in between World Cup sessions (sob*Brazil*sob) and also the July 4th weekend and all that jazz. But in any case, here’s our video recap of Angel Eyes!

This time around we get some more drama from the mama of Kim Ji Suk, as she is becoming more and more evil as we go along.

Here’s a synopsis of episode 11:

  • Detective Kim digs deeper into Jung Hwa’s case and he reaches Doctor Oh and her car, who doesn’t like the fact that he’s nosing around. It’s definitely her (or her husband) who hit Jung Hwa so she’s bent on covering it up.
  • With Doctor Choi back in the hospital, Doctor Oh uses him to be the one to smear Doctor Yoon’s name if need be. We develop nicknames for these two manipulators.
  • Dong Joo learns a lesson about proposing and we discuss proper ways of proposing marriage. (Take note future misters.)
  • Ji Woon continues to mope.

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