Park Bom Leaves ‘Roommate’


Sad news for RoommatePark Bom of 2NE1 is taking a break from the show due to the scandal that occurred four years ago.

Back in 2010 Park Bom was mired in a controversy regarding amphetamines. She was having them shipped from the US to her grandmother’s house in Korea because they were prescribed to treat her depression. Her depression was the result of witnessing her high school soccer teammate’s sudden death on the field, and happened way before she went to Korea and joined 2NE1. But the drug is considered illegal in Korea and the amount that she was having shipped in made her appear to be a drug smuggler. Eventually she was cleared of all charges because she clearly wasn’t selling them, but was taking them herself as medication.

But now that the controversy is coming up again it’s affecting her ability to continue in the variety show. She’s already stopped filming for nine days and hasn’t joined the rest of the cast for the 100th day celebrations in Japan and Taiwan. Instead, she’s been in Japan for the 2NE1 concert, but has no plans to rejoin the cast for filming. She has shot some scenes already so it may mean that she’ll still appear in future episodes of the variety show. But despite having YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk back her up with a statement on her innocence, she has said herself that she isn’t confident to continue doing the show.

As much as I feel terrible to see her struggle with an issue that should be long behind her, I don’t find her as big of a presence in the show as Seo Kang JoonJo Se Ho, Park Min Woo, Nana, Hong Soo Hyun and Shin Sung Woo, who seem to take up more of the screen time. And it kind of makes sense because they’re all not currently on big projects that requires them to be out of the house for long periods of time. I also have to say it was awkward to see the burgeoning crush Park Bom was having on Lee Dong Wook. Nevertheless she was someone that a lot of the female roommates enjoyed hanging out with and she was pretty funny onscreen.

This controversy is so ill-timed, but then again I do wonder how Roommate will continue in general. I doubt these celebrities will live with each other indefinitely and I feel that there will be an end date for this season, similar to We Got Married. It’s just that there has been no end date announced. Perhaps her departure, if permanent, could signal a time for change in the show to either end the season or find a new roommate for the current cast. And then we could get a rotating set of people to come in and live together.

sources: star news, dramafever

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