Rain is Now Catholic, and Marriage-Worthy?


Rain was recently baptized in a small ceremony in front of family, close friends, and his girlfriend Kim Tae Hee. Since it’s common knowledge that Kim Tae Hee is a devout Catholic, many have wondered if this is a sign that they’re one step closer to marriage. The actors say “no,” but converting to a religion is not a sign of the uncommitted.


On July 21st Rain was baptized at Namhansanseong Cathedral in Gyeonggi-do in a ceremony presided by a priest, Kim Tae Hee’s mother, and actor Ahn Sung Ki. His agency Cube DC announced that this baptism was a long time coming, though I’m sure it was motivated by the fact that he had a devout girlfriend. It’s likely she believes in having her wedding in a Catholic church, and the only way to do that is if both bride and groom are Catholic.

This couple can deny it all they want, but I won’t be surprised if wedding bells are definitely in their future. The pair have been dating since January 2013.

source: yonhap via naver, mk news


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