‘Temptation’ Shoots in Hong Kong


Temptation is sure making a huge splash in Hong Kong as photos of the stars shooting there for upcoming episodes have splashed the front page of many newspapers. Kwon Sang Woo, Park Ha Sun, and Choi Ji Woo have been shooting in Hong Kong as that is where the characters all meet for the first time. Kwon and Park are on a vacation when they meet Choi, and she then offers to pay off his enormous debt.


Park Ha Sun looks like she’s enjoying Hong Kong while Kwon and Choi shoot a scene on a bicycle. It looks quite a bit romantic to be riding a bicycle together when they’re not supposed to be that close (yet), but who knows how this scene will turn out. It certainly attracted a lot of public attention though when they were spotted at Stanley Bay shooting.





The cast also shot their drama posters, and it looks pretty dramatic. I find it visually interesting that in one of them you can’t see half of Choi Ji Woo’s face, making her meld with Kwon Sang Woo; It looks as if these two people will become one. On the other hand the other poster makes sure you can see Kwon’s face, and the distance between the two actors suggests that he is the tempter and she is the one falling for the temptation. Or he could have just stipulated in his contract that he wants his full face shown, never covered by another actor.



Temptation will air on July 14.

sources: SBS, tvreport

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