Joseon Gunman: Episodes 15-16 Recap


The capital is in chaos and the political tensions are about to boil over. It’s affecting everyone’s lives, and while it’s preventing Yoon Kang from achieving the rest of his goals for revenge it’s also helping him be part of the change that Joseon needs. Even if it’s a change that Joseon doesn’t want.

Can’t say I was too psyched about this week’s episodes, so here they are combined!

Episode 15

So Yoon Kang actually shoots Won Shin. He really shoots his enemy square in the chest, causing him to fall backwards into the river below. It’s a moment of catharsis for Yoon Kang, who has just ended three years’ worth of grief and vengeful motivations.

However when he goes back to the temple to see his sister and Soo In, he can’t help but feel empty and worn down. He’s not happy as he expected to be, and Soo In comforts him in an embrace.

Word reaches back to Hye Won through her father’s injured bodyguard, and she quickly rallies her men to find her father. They search through the woods and end up in the river below, finding one of Won Shin’s shoes but no body. Sung Gil already fears the worst, but Hye Won refuses to believe her father is dead. There is no way he’d die so easily.

She goes to look for Soo In, who’s returning from the temple. Hye Won wants to know where the man who killed her father is. Soo In seems surprised (is she faking here?) but says she honestly does not know where Yoon Kang is. That may be true too, since she doesn’t really see where Yoon Kang hides out. However Hye Won doesn’t believe her and slaps her right across the cheek, sending the warning that if she finds Yoon Kang she will kill him.

And the revenge cycle begins again. It should also be noted that Won Shin is Hye Won’s everything, and their closeness has been depicted several times throughout the series already. It’s no wonder that she refuses to believe her father is dead.

Equally distraught over Won Shin’s demise is VP Kim, who wants Leader Kim to do something about it. Leader Kim is not as distressed, only saying that he would not rely so much on a hunting dog so as to be worried when he’s gone missing. Won Shin’s death should not – will not – derail his plans, and he’ll take care of everything.

The following morning Yoon Kang tells Sang Chu he’ll be attacking Kim Jwa Young. Sang Chu thinks he’s being reckless because there are too many guards at his home, but Yoon Kang is confident that this side door he saw will be his easy ticket into the estate. Seriously, Yoon Kang’s plan is so faulty and weak here that it seems like an unbelievable rush job to get revenge.

Meanwhile Leader Kim is holding yet another meeting in his house. He wants the palace guards to be even more disgruntled as they’ve already been replaced by the armed Byulgi Force under Ho Kyung’s guidance. VP Kim has set up restrictions on who can enter Byulgi Force as well to keep the segregation between classes intact, and Lord Choi is tasked with capturing all the runaway slaves and making an example out of them. Capturing the slaves would teach the lower classes to keep their heads down and not act so entitled just because the king is trying to promote equality.

VP Kim’s restrictions have an immediate effect on Ho Kyung’s force when less than half of his soldiers show up. Most have decided to boycott his leadership because he’s an illegitimate child and therefore lower-born than they are. VP Kim even takes a softer tone with his son (whom he just royally screwed over) by offering to send him to Japan where he can study and be with the scholars. Ho Kyung being an enlightenment scholar is far less threatening than him being in the government and having enough of a voice to enact change.

Officers also begin searching every establishment – including the temple – to see if they’re harboring any runaway slaves. Yeon Ha quickly runs off, fearing that they’re coming for her specifically, but is spotted. She runs deeper into the forest, but slips on some rocks and tumbles down the hill. Thankfully she manages to hide behind a huge rock and evade the officers chasing after her.

Yeon Ha’s sudden disappearance worries her monk-caretaker, and she and Soo In try to look for her themselves. But two women can’t cover the forest or the trails alone, and so Soo In goes to Sang Chu for help. And then the two literally go find Yoon Kang, who’s ready to infiltrate Kim Jwa Young’s home, and stop him in his tracks. They need him to stop his assassination plan to go find Yeon Ha. If there’s anything that can stop a determined, vengeful man, it’s his missing sister. I had to stop myself from laughing at this point. I know it’s serious and possible, but this whole scene was delivered in such a frivolous way that I could not take seriously.

The monk, Soo In, Sang Chu, and Yoon Kang all plunge into the forest together, and finally Soo In spots a bit of Yeon Ha’s dress hidden in the bushes. They find her asleep in the midst a nightmare as she relives her harrowing days as a slave. Yoon Kang wakes her up, and she puts on a brave face for him. But now Yoon Kang is aware of the burden she must bear as he goes off gallivanting on rooftops and plotting his revenge, where he and Soo In constantly worry over his welfare as their lives are very much dependent on his success.

Yoon Kang walks Soo In home, and once again she pleads with him to find a different way to resolve his issues so that he and Yeon Ha can live freely with their names cleared. Killing people is not the solution. Just then, Hye Won appears before them. She’s been looking for Yoon Kang alllllll day.

Hye Won’s pretty PO’ed that Soo In totally knew where Yoon Kang was but didn’t tell her. She wants to know if Yoon Kang really shot her father. All he can muster up is a sorry. Now she’s a woman who’s lost her father, and in the same situation that Yoon Kang is in. He can’t exactly fault her for wanting revenge now, and she swears she’s going to kill him. If only she had her tiny revolver on her at that moment she could have gotten the job done already. But since she didn’t, she tells Sung Gil to keep an eye on Soo In because she’ll most likely lead them to Yoon Kang’s hiding place.

Yoon Kang has a lot to think about that night and finally he sends a message to Moon Il Do through Jung Hoon, who hilariously uses his position as messenger to try and act superior to Il Do. Yoon Kang wants a guarantee that he and Yeon Ha can live freely as long as he proves Kim Jwa Young and and his party’s treasonous acts. Il Do assures it, so our hero finally agrees to using more manipulation instead of just his gun to get justice. Yoon Kang won’t participate in Gojong’s overall plans to revolutionize Joseon, but he will at least help in revealing the truth about Kim Jwa Young.

Chaos continues outside the palace walls when disgruntled palace guards discover that they aren’t being properly paid with the promised ration of grains. They’re already annoyed at the fact that they’ve been effectively replaced by the Byulgi Force, so when their rations end up being just sand and rice bran they are ready for a fight. Ho Kyung and Interpreter Jung go out to calm them down, but the seeds of discontent have already been sown. It’s quite obvious to us that Leader Kim diverted the real shipment of grains and sent out this bad batch on purpose.

Soo In continues her task in educating the queen by explaining quite simply how a camera works. It is during this moment that she is introduced to Emperor Gojong, so now all these characters know each other.

Ho Kyung returns to the palace to find that the soldiers who once boycotted him are back begging for forgiveness. They didn’t realize he was the Second Vice Premier’s son, so it would have been a conflict of interest to have been rude to him. Ho Kyung dismisses them, preferring to see them report to work rather than listen to empty apologetic words. Unfortunately it’s at this moment that Soo In, leaving the queen for the day, overhears this conversation.

Soo In is utterly shocked and betrayed at the fact that Ho Kyung’s father is the man who tortured her and her father. Ho Kyung is equally stricken and guilty that she had to find out this way. It’s okay. They’ll get over this betrayal soon. She can’t be mad at him for too long. He does move out of her house though.

Jung Hoon and Yoon Kang keep tabs on Leader Kim and discover that a lot of merchants have been arriving at his doorstep. Not only are all the merchants now leaning towards where they think the true power lies, but Leader Kim is also collecting funds in preparation for something big. What that ‘something’ is yet is uncertain. They’ll need to get a way inside Leader Kim’s house to know. It’s a good thing that Mr. Yamamoto just sent an arrival permit to the Japanese embassy and so he’ll be arriving any day now. Looks like Yoon Kang will be using this excuse to get in.

Meanwhile Sang Chu and Je Mi hit a rough patch. She’s a bit miffed that he lied to her about being the gunman and no longer thinks very highly of him. Aww, these two. She walks off by herself through the market but ends up being caught by some hired men of her former master and dragged away.

Sang Chu only ends up getting beat up by those men so he turns to Yoon Kang for help. Thanks to the new rules in place, he fears that Je Mi will die because she’s a runaway slave. And whose slave is she but Lord Choi’s, a First Vice Premier who’s also one of Leader Kim’s trusted cronies. He’s abusive and sadistic, and prepares to brand each and every one of his captured slaves that evening.

Just then, he is interrupted by the appearance of the ‘mysterious gunman’ – Yoon Kang. As Yoon Kang takes down all of the guards one by one, Lord Choi attempts to use his one and only gun to kill him. Yoon Kang uses one of Lord Choi’s men as a shield instead and then shoots Lord Choi right in the chest. It’s enough to injure him, and he then orders Lady Choi to bring all the slaves’ documents to him right now.

In a nice twist of the situation, this time Lord and Lady Choi are tied up along with their guards and non-slave workers. Yoon Kang takes all of the slave documents and promptly burns them, thus setting all the slaves free. They no longer have any documentation proving that they’re slaves. Yoon Kang expresses his disgust for a politician who doesn’t even treat people as humans, and leads Je Mi out of that house.

Yoon Kang promptly becomes a legend, a Zorro-like figure freeing the enslaved. His new nickname is ‘Dark Gunman of the Full Moon’ and stories spread throughout the town. When Soo In hears of it, she’s amused at hearing what Yoon Kang has done. She tells him how proud she is of what he did, saving the people who need protection, and he is reminded of why Kim Ok Gyun gave him a gun in the first place: To save people, not kill people.

Yoon Kang prepares to meet with Leader Kim by sending a letter to him as Yamamoto. Leader Kim agrees to meet the Japanese merchant as he was aware that Won Shin was trying to partner with this guy behind his back. Of course, he tries to verify that it’s really Yamamoto first, but all of his papers check out; Even though no ship arrived from Japan, Yamamoto claims to have arrived on a boat from Qing.

And then we get a twist – Won Shin is actually not dead. And of all people, Leader Kim is tending to him! Turns out Won Shin was wearing armor underneath his robes as a precaution and it managed to prevent the bullet from striking his heart. Primitive bulletproof vests worked wonders.

Yoon Kang turns himself into an Asian Charlie Chaplin as he, Kanemaru, and Sang Chu arrive at Leader Kim’s doorstep. He makes a fuss over having to be patted down before entering that Leader Kim comes out and says, “Is pride so important when it’s a matter of profit? Are you a measly merchant, or a big-time businessman who can at least overlook this small inconvenience?” I have to side with Leader Kim’s logic here, and Yoon Kang agrees to get patted down. It seems he tried to do some posturing for superiority but Leader Kim is not one to back down from his position.

The two talk business, and Yoon Kang makes full use of Sang Chu as he only speaks in Japanese the entire time. As Yamamoto, he proposes that they work together to help him start a mining business in Joseon. The only problem is that the laws are really strict for foreign businessmen and, knowing that Leader Kim is the ‘king outside of the palace’, he wants Leader Kim to change up the regulation in his favor. In return he’ll get a cut of the mining profits.

As they leave Leader Kim’s study, he asks about Hanjo, a.k.a. Park Yoon Kang. As Yamamoto, Yoon Kang replies that he knew he was a Korean man but didn’t care about his background. All that matters is that Yoon Kang would have been useful in helping him make a profit. Looks like they’re connecting on good terms, and this wave of positivity is what wakes Won Shin up. He glances through the crack of his door and is not fooled by Yoon Kang’s Charlie Chaplin get-up.

Yoon Kang returns to his hut in the mountains and Soo In visits him there, not noticing Sung Gil tailing her. Sung Gil hurries back home to inform Hye Won, and they reach the hut just in time before Yoon Kang and Soo In head down to the temple to visit Yeon Ha. Hye Won is now ready to kill Yoon Kang out of revenge for her father, and to say goodbye to the man she first loved.

Sung Gil aims his rifle right at Yoon Kang’s head, but this bodyguard is no match to Yoon Kang’s swiftness and is easily overpowered. Yoon Kang aims the gun at Sung Gil, but then Hye Won whips out her small pistol and aims it at Soo In.

Hye Won orders Yoon Kang to drop the gun, otherwise she will shoot Soo In right there and then. And how do you know she serious? She cocks the gun, ready to fire at Soo In’s head.

Episode 16

There’s only one solution to this issue as Hye Won presses her finger against the trigger. Yoon Kang swivels with the gun, aims, and fires. He shoots the gun away from her hand. Now he has the upper hand over both Sung Gil (the coward, who doesn’t even try to overpower Yoon Kang) and Hye Won (the desperate maiden who’s willing to die instead).

Yoon Kang won’t shoot Hye Won though, even though she’s ready to die because she has nothing to live for. He advises her to just let it go and lets her go free, but if she pulls a stunt like this again he will surely kill her. Well if one heartbreak wasn’t enough, now Hye Won has just destroyed her relationship with her friend and has created a permanent enemy of Yoon Kang.

Meanwhile Won Shin has recovered well enough to sit up and talk. Turns out Leader Kim was expecting him that evening but when he didn’t show up he sent men to look for him. It seems that Leader Kim has taken a liking towards Won Shin again – perhaps thinking that Won Shin will no longer act rashly against him – and entrusts a special mission to him to complete once he’s well. If it’s completed successfully, then all the business rights in Joseon will be under his control and all of his past “rebellious actions” will be forgiven.

Won Shin first wants to go back home, as he knows his daughter must think he’s dead. He arrives just in time to stop his daughter from shooting herself in the head. She’s no longer the strong woman from the beginning of the series, and he scolds her for choosing the easy way out. If he were dead she should have taken up the mantle and do everything he couldn’t do. They are the ones who can’t die easily, but it would be good for now for everyone to believe he’s dead.

The second order of business is to visit VP Kim. Won Shin lies that he was recovering in the woods and that he’s visiting VP Kim before Leader Kim. That makes VP Kim think he’s still in his camp (he’s not) and orders him to do whatever Leader Kim tells him to do for now (which Won Shin was going to do anyways). He does learn a new piece of information: Leader Kim is planning a rebellion to overthrow the king.

The following day Leader Kim and “Yamamoto” discuss the deal again, while Yoon Kang studies the layout of the house and the guards’ positions. Just as they wrap up, VP Kim arrives. EEK! Yoon Kang turns away, preventing VP Kim from getting a good look at his face. And thankfully, Leader Kim doesn’t let VP Kim meet with “Yamamoto,” hinting that VP Kim is not worthy enough to meet someone like a big businessman from Japan.

Yoon Kang relays the information about Leader Kim’s visitors, which include high ranking military officers and nobles, to Moon Il Do, believing that they are planning something as big as a rebellion. He heard that there’s going to be a huge secret meeting at Leader Kim’s house that night so he wants to catch Leader Kim in the act of doing something treasonous. If they have evidence, they can put away the traitors. Moon Il Do offers to go with him as a one-man backup, which is kind of measly in my opinion. What happened to the troops?!

Leader Kim is planning to do something treasonous that night: He wants all of his supporters to sign a document that states they plan to overthrow the king and “protect Joseon.” Everyone signs the document with their name and a bloody thumbprint. It’s the evidence that Yoon Kang needs of their treason, and it’s lucky that he managed to hide in Leader Kim’s study behind the folded screens.

Once everyone leaves, Yoon Kang emerges from his hiding place with a gun at Leader Kim’s head. He wants the document with everyone’s names on it. Leader Kim tries to bargain by offering anything he wants, but Yoon Kang takes the valuable piece of paper instead off his hands. Two guards enter the room, but Leader Kim tells them to step back. He won’t win with a gun so close to his head.

Yoon Kang leads the old man out but they’re only met with more guards. Now they can attack Yoon Kang, and he fights them all off single-handedly, shooting a few and knocking out the others. It’s funny how even though Leader Kim orders them to attack, they’re hesitant to do so because a sword can’t beat a gun. Nevertheless, Yoon Kang decides to make his escape, and as he runs off he sees at the corner of his eye a man who looks very much like Won Shin entering the estate.

Won Shin definitely recognizes him, but Yoon Kang doesn’t stop running. With the help of Moon Il Do on horseback, the two make their escape.

With the signed document in dangerous hands, Leader Kim sends the message out that the rebellion is to start immediately. They must act now before Emperor Gojong can do anything about it.

Of course Moon Il Do and Yoon Kang go directly to Gojong, who is now armed with the evidence to arrest Kim Jwa Young and all of his party’s supporters. He now can also clear Park Jin Han’s name. However, before the executive department can do anything, Minister Min bursts in with bad news: The rebels have occupied the capital and are making their way to the palace.

Gojong must move to a safe place, and so must the queen as the rebels are targeting her and the other enlightenment scholars first. Guess the queen is actually one of the progressive people in Joseon, and seen as a threat to the conservatives. (Some researching on Wikipedia makes me think that it’s the Imo Incident in 1882.)

As Yoon Kang leaves the palace, still wondering how it’s possible that Won Shin is alive, he sees the rebels barging through the palace seeking blood. A few of them threaten Soo In to reveal where the queen is, but she refuses to say. Before they can hurt her, Yoon Kang saves the day and leads her out of the palace. But Soo In, righteous as she is, wants to go save the queen, as she’s clearly in a lot of danger.

The Byulgi Force has already been dispatched to protect the queen as she makes her way to a safe haven. However Yoon Kang thinks this will draw more attention and she will surely be attacked. With Soo In’s help, they devise a plan to throw off the rebels – and that includes sending Ho Kyung and his men away first and meeting them at a later point in the route to Yeoju.

The palanquin sets out, and of course they are met with guards preventing their exit. One of them demands that the queen step out, but when he opens the window it’s not Queen Min inside… but rather Soo In! Dressed in a noble lady’s dress, she passes off as a noble who is trying to get out of the castle. Since this is not their target the guards let her leave, never giving a second glance to one of Soo In’s handmaidens, who is actually Queen Min. Once they are a safer distance away from the palace, Soo In and Queen Min switch places in the palanquin, and they continue their way to Yeoju, where her family home is located.

Ho Kyung sends a message to the king about the queen’s destination through Interpreter Jung, and advises him to get out of the palace as quickly as he can. However, as soon as Ho Kyung leaves, Interpreter Jung is surrounded by a bunch of rebel guards. They’re ready to drag him away to Leader Kim, but Jung refuses to go anywhere. He’s not afraid to die, as he knows that no matter what they do there will be many more scholars like him who will rise and help Joseon progress into the modern age. And with that, one of the rebels slices right through his chest.

So, show, you kill off Interpreter Jung but save Won Shin?! *Tears hair*

Leader Kim pays a visit to Woonhyun Palace, where Gojong’s father Prince Heungseon resides. (Historical note: Heungseon was never king but was regent for his son until Gojong came of age.) Heungseon questions the violence and the need for Queen Min’s death, but Kim Jwa Young assures that it’s necessary to calm down the public opinion. He wants Heungseon to appoint his eldest son Prince Heung (or Lee Jae Myung) as the king in the hopes that he’ll be better than Gojong. (Fact: Gojong is the second son of Heungseon, but was chosen by the predecessor’s dowagers to be the next king.)

And now with Heungseon onboard, Leader Kim gives Won Shin his mission. He is to assassinate the queen. Well, well, no one said gaining control of all the business trade rights was going to be easy.

With his daughter’s help, Won Shin learns of the palanquin’s direction and heads over with his gunmen, sending Sung Gil home to protect Hye Won. Though more ruthless now, Hye Won is skeptical if this whole rebellion will work. Won Shin assures her that he’s got a backup plan (I hope he doesn’t mean VP Kim), and that he’ll emerge a winner no matter what.

When Gojong sees the dead body of his trusted adviser, Interpreter Jung, he becomes a broken man.He ends up ceding the palace to his father, who enters gloriously with a trail of conservative ministers behind him. It’s a sickening moment of watching the emperor be inferior to these devious conservatives.

Yoon Kang, Soo In, and the queen rest in an abandoned home in the mountains for a short break since it’s too dark to continue. Queen Min is such a trooper, feeling more worried for her husband’s safety than the current peril she is in. Yoon Kang and Soo In keep guard, and as they sit by a makeshift fire (why would you light a fire!?), they reminisce of the day when they were being chased by Won Shin for Hyeon Am’s book. He’s not happy that she keeps putting herself in dangerous situations, but Soo In wants to protect the king and queen because they’re the only ones who can clear his and his father’s name. At the end of the day, her actions are all motivated by him. Aww.

They depart before daybreak, and by then Won Shin arrives at the abandoned house. He sees traces of them having been there and tells his men to step on it. They need to catch them before Queen Min can board a boat to Yeoju.

And catch up they do, as the gunmen shoot down a handmaiden and one of the palanquin guards. Yoon Kang sends the queen and Soo In and the others on their way and stays behind to hold off the gunmen. Won Shin spots Queen Min making her escape and leaves his men to do the work while he goes after the queen. Despite his better gun and shooting skills, Yoon Kang is still no match against five gunmen.

A shot rings out through the forest, and immediately Soo In and the handmaidens form a protective circle around Queen Min. Won Shin gives them all a chance to step aside and live if they give up the queen, but Soo In won’t budge. He aims his gun at Soo In, but before he can shoot he spies Ho Kyung higher in the mountains.

Ho Kyung shoots, and Won Shin barely manages to evade it. He thinks about shooting Ho Kyung but then remembers that the guy is VP Kim’s illegitimate son. Even though he’s the enemy, he’s not going to kill his ally’s son, so he chooses to run away instead.

The Byulgi Force all escort the queen to safety but Soo In expresses concern over Yoon Kang. Ho Kyung ventures back on the road to look for Yoon Kang and the two nearly shoot each other when they come face to face. Thankfully their small bromance saves them from all that, and they reunite with the rest at the docks.

Queen Min finally arrives safely at her family home in Yeoju, and she gives Soo In a letter to deliver to Emperor Gojong so that he’ll know she’s safe. Of course Yoon Kang isn’t going to let Soo In go back after all the troubles they went through, so he takes the letter himself and rides back to the capital, leaving Soo In in Ho Kyung’s care. He has to finish up his business with Kim Jwa Young anyways. Unfortunately, just as he leaves, Won Shin and his remaining men arrive in Yeoju as well, and they confirm Queen Min’s location at her family’s house.

Emperor Gojong is back home fretting about his wife. He’s been ordered to hold a royal funeral for his wife – who hasn’t even proved to be dead yet – and is forced to watch every change he’s instituted come undone. Thankfully Queen Min’s letter arrives to give him some relief.

He turns to Ministers Min Young Ik and Kim Ok Gyun for guidance on how to resolve the rebellion. Min wants the king to ask for troops from Qing to regain control of the capital and bring the queen home safely. Kim disagrees, believing that having the Qing interfere will affect the enlightenment as well. The Qing would never want to see Korea be so progressive and strong.

VP Kim’s spies inform him of the emperor’s dilemma, and he believes that Gojong will choose to get the army. He relays as such to Hye Won because he wants her father to stop what he’s doing. It would be best for Won Shin to just return to the capital without killing Queen Min. The question is, would that message be relayed in time?

Right now it doesn’t look like it, because Won Shin has already locked his gun on Ho Kyung and Soo In outside Queen Min’s home.

Yoon Kang sneaks his way back into Leader Kim’s home and reveals himself to be Park Jin Han’s son, not “Yamamoto.” Leader Kim isn’t too afraid of him now because that measly pact isn’t going to put him away in jail with Prince Heungseon in the palace. But Yoon Kang can still kill him. He wants to know first why Leader Kim had his father framed as a traitor. Leader Kim: “It was for the stability of this country.” But with a gun to his face, he tries to negotiate for his life. He’ll reinstate Park Jin Han’s honor. I can’t tell if Leader Kim is being sincere or not, but I’d like to think he’s sincere enough when it comes to exchanging something for his life.

In any case, Yoon Kang doesn’t care about his promises. He has sworn to completely end Kim Jwa Young and all the corrupt nobles just like him.


I’m going to be honest and say I wasn’t as impressed with this past week’s episodes. I don’t know if you can tell based on the fact that these recaps went up later than usual. I didn’t find myself as engaged in the story as I did before. It’s possible that history is starting to get in the way, and my lack of familiarity with Korean history definitely made it more confusing while watching this drama. Knowing the incident and where every historical figure’s political leanings are would have made it easier to know why people were doing the things they were doing.

But more than the history, I think that these two episodes felt quite shaky as the drama transitions from one of single-minded revenge to one where the hero has a bigger goal to achieve than his own. It was a bit blatant in episode 15 where we had Yoon Kang try to kill Kim Jwa Young out of revenge only to get sucked into saving his sister. And saving his sister is what then propels him to join Emperor Gojong’s cause. It felt like a really weird and flimsy device to make Yoon Kang face the real problem in his world and turn him into a Zorro figure for the commoners. I kind of wanted to see him do more Zorro-like things like fighting against the repression on the poor and saving slaves and all that, but we ended up getting right into the politics and the history.

Another huge disappointment was the revelation that Won Shin was dead. I was ready for him to die. As much as I enjoyed Yoo Oh Sung in this drama I was ready for him to be gone. Him dying marked the end of a particular era in Yoon Kang’s life. However they just had to keep him alive. I don’t see how useful it would be to the story other than to just keep a familiar enemy face on the screen.

On top of this, I’m starting to feel that Lee Joon Ki has been progressively overacting more and more. It was starting to get more frequent the past couple of weeks before these episodes, and I wish he’d tone it down a bit. I don’t need him to excessively yell or look pained when holding the gun; I already know he’s angry and suffering. I’d also like it if they could move his exposition scenes elsewhere instead of having him in secret meetings with Sang Chu or Moon Il Do in his mountain hut. Can we be a bit more creative about where those talks take place?

And finally, I wonder if we’re ever going to meet the famed, real Yamamoto.

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