News Bits: 8/9/2014 Edition


A small news bits post on some dramas I’ve been following before I go stalk some celebrities in KCON!

  • Im Joo Eun is out, and Cha Ye Ryun is in Rain’s new drama My Lovable Girl. So soon after it was announced that she was joining, Im decided she didn’t want to be part of the drama (or the madness?) and dropped out. Cha, who had worked with the director previously in Doctor Champ, stepped in as Shin Hae Yoon, the entertainment agency director. It seems Im couldn’t agree with the production team on the scheduling and also on the interpretation of the character. That’s a bad sign, but one person’s loss could be another person’s gain? Or Im just wisely dodged a bullet for Cha to take.
  • Looks like Lee Dong Wook won’t be dodging this bullet: he confirmed to take on the lead role in Iron Man. This means he’ll have to generate some chemistry with Shin Se Kyung. Poor guy. It seems that both are in the process of finalizing their contracts for the show. I guess Lee is better than Park Shin Yang, but it’s not that much better because I didn’t expect to see him for this role at all. Lee will be in a world full of pain as he has knives sticking out of his body. Bet he wishes he had the Iron Man suit instead.
  • Kim Woo Bin says ‘no’ to Pinocchio. Guess we won’t be seeing him growing any long noses or anything else for that matter.
  • Lee Byung Hun is getting super ripped for ‘Terminator 5’, and looks like he’s going to be playing the villain of my childhood nightmares, the T-1000. The liquid, re-morphing, robot. That. Would be. So. Cool. Frightening, but cool.


  • What’s the question to ask Hallyu star Lee Min Ho nowadays? “Do you have a girlfriend?” Official answer: “No, I have no time to fall in love.” Dude, he’s in love with himself. That’s enough. Plus he’s probably too busy in his own career and self-promotion to really pay attention to a girl in his life.
  • And finally, some really cute trailers from Discovery of Romance that solidifies my impression of the drama as I Need Romance 2014. What is up with that haircut Eric Mun? I’m disappointed.

sources: sbs, osen, sbs, tenasia, youtube

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