Roommate: Episodes 12-13

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We’re back with two more episodes of Roommate! Sorry about the delay everyone, but I am ready to whiz through two weeks of Roommate-y goodness today.

At the top of the Roommate-related headlines, of course, is Ms. Park Bom’s official departure from the show. Watching these past two episodes has been a little bittersweet because they obviously played down Bom’s appearances a lot and edited her out as much as possible. She’s only seen when she’s sitting with the entire group. I felt a little sad every time the camera caught a glimpse of her, knowing that she wouldn’t be on the show anymore. Now we’ll never find out who stole her pudding. =(

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That said, episode 12 focuses primarily on the night of the camping trip, and the bungee jumping trip that followed. The camping trip part felt a lot more like other variety shows, like Running Man, because of the way it was set up and filmed. The night starts with the roommates cleaning the fish that they caught earlier in the day and preparing dinner together. Se Ho tries to get Ga Yeon to answer him in a sweet aegyo tone, but to his dismay neither Ga Yeon and Nana speak to him like that, but opt to answer nicely to Kang Joon instead.

During dinner, So Ra hilariously sells the meat they’re grilling as if she were on an infomercial, ably assisted by Se Ho and Bom’s demonstration. Chan Yeol announces that they’ll play hackysack to determine whether his group or Kang Joon’s group will clean up. Se Ho surpasses everyone when he is able to kick the pom pom up 30 times, but in good team spirit, everyone pitches in. Afterwards, there is dancing and much balloon-popping, and Dong Wook also joins the fun after finishing his day’s work on Hotel King. Kang Jun and Chan Yeol have also pulled up some old clips of some of the roommates, including So Ra, Sung Woo, Se Ho, and Dong Wook (but only his kissing scenes!). They share a quiet moment after all the clips, reflecting on their journeys to get where they are now, and they express their appreciation for each other. I feel like moments like these are part of what gives the show its warm, fuzzy glow.

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After Chan Yeol and Kang Joon cook breakfast for everyone, they head to a bungee jump with Ga Yeon, Bom, Min Woo, and Nana. Chan Yeol takes the plunge first, followed by Nana and Min Woo. Their bravery encourages Ga Yeon and Kang Joon to sign up too. Kang Joon is especially nervous, but summons the courage to make the jump – but only if the editors agree to play “You Raise Me Up” over the footage of his jump. The oblige, but take out the music to reveal that Kang Joon is frantically yelling for his mom during the jump (as he does a full flip in the air!). Oh Kang Joon. <3

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The episode wraps up with a look at what Se Ho was up to during the day. On the set of a commercial, he gets advice from actor Kim Bo Sung about how to win Nana’s heart. Bo Sung advises him to own up to his feelings like a man – no games, no tricks. That Kim Bo Sung is quite a character! Speaking directly to the camera as a message to Nana, Bo Sung promises that he’ll be the MC of her and Se Ho’s wedding if they get together.


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For lucky number 13, the roommates challenge themselves to do something they’ve never done before. But first, Chan Yeol’s fellow EXO member, Baek Hyun arrives to visit the roommates. Chan Yeol didn’t realize the Baek Hyun would get there so soon, so it’s up to Mama Shin, So Ra, and Soo Hyun to entertain Baek Hyun until Chan Yeol get home. They are pretty much like well-intentioned but awkward parents entertaining their kid’s friend. Chan Yeol finally arrives, and in typical Chan Yeol fashion, gets a kick out of how awkward it must have been. Baek Hyun meets all the roommates and they demonstrate some of EXO’s famous dance moves. Baek Hyun stays the night in Dong Wook’s empty bed.

Before bed, Soo Hyun demonstrates her nighttime skincare routine, and Kang Joon sneaks the camera into the bathroom while Min Woo is showering. Min Woo is inexplicably wearing shorts in the shower though…do people really do that?

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Next, the roommates embark on their personal challenges. Ga Yeon is preparing for her professional debut, and also recovering from a shoulder injury. She also has to lose a bit of weight to compete in her weight class, forcing her to munch on grapefruit while her sunbaes chow down on pizza and pasta for lunch. It struck me that it must be really rough for athletes who have to juggle with weight classes – you have to make sure you’re shedding the weight, but also giving your body enough energy to keep working out.

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Soo Hyun makes her way to the recording studio to record a song. I can’t believe that an actress could be so shy, but she is so nervous to sing in front of others that her voice comes out as a tiny squeak. Her goal is to record the Roommate theme song, but when another singer joins her in harmony, she keeps losing track of her part. When she finally gets in front of the mic, her voice is still a little hesitant but quite pretty in the quiet, airy kind of way.

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Meanwhile, So Ra takes Se Ho to a pilates instructor to help him achieve his goal to lose 10kg. Se Ho does well, thanks to the pretty instructor. Min Woo also joins later on in the session. Together, they try out many of the machines. It’s hard work for Se Ho in particular, but he pushes through and starts seeing results right away.

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The episode wraps up with a roommate exchange game. Each roommate writes down on a sheet of paper one item they would like from another room, and they challenge each other to games to win those items. Kang Joon challenges Mama Shin first for his hair dryer, and they compete in a fierce match of bottle cap flicking. Kang Joon wins by getting his bottle cap closest to the edge of the table, and Mama Shin has to give up his hair dryer. But how will he style his flowing locks now?? By the end of the exchange, Dong Wook and Se Ho have lost their fridge to Ga Yeon, the three girls’ room has lost their clothing ‘styler’ (steamer?) to Mama Shin, Se Ho has lost his projector to Nana, and Se Ho and Dong Wook have lost their room entirely to Min Woo and Kang Joon.

Next (this) week on Roommate: trips to Taiwan and Japan! And no more Bom =( Bom back home =(

It’s been a while but I’m aiming to update my blog this week so please check back!


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