Running Man: Episode 205

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Ahh, nothing like a good “push people out of the shed” game to get you in the summer mood. Last week on Running Man (sorry for the delay, folks!), guests Lee Gook Joo, Baek Ji Young, Hong Jin Young, Fei, and Kang Seung Hyun joined our regular cast members for a competition to earn dormitory rent money. The Blue team is comprised of Jong Kook, Haha, Gary, Ji Young, Jin Young, and Fei, while the Red team has Jae Suk, Suk Jin, Kwang Soo, Ji Hyo, Guk Joo, and Seung Hyun.

The first game, as I mentioned, pits the teams against each other by granting the chance to play to the first member who could escape (or get pushed out of) the small shed. I always get such a kick out of this game for some reason. In one of the older episodes, there was a challenge where all the members had to dance/sing inside a shed with a bunch of windows/doors until the song stopped, then the first person out the door of the producer’s choosing was the winner. Ohhh Running Man, I love you so.

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I don’t really laugh out loud when I’m watching TV shows or movies by myself, but I had to pause the video so I could crack up without missing anything when Haha completed his gourd-smashing challenge and ran off at breakneck speed for an emergency bathroom run. I also loved Jong Kook as the MC, a rare sight, and how enthusiastic he is whenever they play his song “Lovely”, or anything Turbo for that matter. Jong Kook and Haha breaking out the Turbo dance moves never fails to crack me up.

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The second game entails picking pot lids – kind of like drawing the short straw – to determine which team gets water dumped on an unlucky draftee. Anyone else actually feel a little apprehensive when they’re picking pot lids? Ji Hyo, as usual, has an incredible amount of luck and the other members comment on how Ji Hyo’s team will be fine because her luck will rub off on everyone.

On the bus ride to the third game, there’s a hilarious exchange about whether Kwang Soo and Gook Joo would make a good couple. Jae Suk proclaims that Kwang Soo isn’t Gook Joo’s type, then through a tournament-style bracket, Kwang Soo decides that of all the females aboard, Seung Hyun most exemplifies his type. Kwang Soo is such a character, and I love what a great sport he is about being the butt of a lot of jokes on the show. You can tell the cast are all very close though – I’ve heard that even though Jong Kook is often portrayed as a bully to Kwang Soo, they are actually very close in real life.

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The third game is an anything-goes round of basketball. They don’t have to dribble the ball – in fact, they don’t even have to be on the ground as Seung Hyun sits on Kwang Soo’s shoulders to get an unobstructed shot at the hoop. The red team certainly has an advantage in height, but the blue team has not-too-shabby basketball players Jong Kook, Haha, and Gary helping to score. After a chaotic game, the blue team emerges victorious with a 10-8 score.

The final game is a hula hoop toss, kind of like horseshoes. The blue team comes through with the win again, and scores themselves the overall victory, along with the prizes they picked up along the way. Maybe it was my own fatigue, or maybe the game was a little uninspired/rushed, but to be honest I had checked out a little by this point. Sometimes on Running Man the momentum peters out by the final game. On a lot of earlier episodes, the earlier games build up to the final game, especially the name-tag ripping games, and that final game takes up a large portion of the show. For episodes like 205, much of the run time focuses on the first game, and then some of the later games might feel rushed or anticlimactic. Planning these games every week for years must get exhausting though, so RM can be forgiven for a few misses once in a while, don’t you agree?

More to come on my blog about my RM love, but meanwhile, to catch up on k-variety for Kaedejun!

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