Running Man: Episode 206

Cooking adventures abound on Running Man episode 206, the DIY Instant Cooking Battle! Warning: do not watch this episode hungry. They spend most of it eating and cooking. You know how when you’re watching a cooking show, you can just smell the delicious aromas of food seeping through the TV? Yea. This is one of those times. Hang on, I think I need to go find some food…

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Is it me, or have they been doing a lot of cooking challenges over the past few months? I like that the producers are coming up with new games, but I miss the name tag ripping!

Guests Joo Won and Hong Suk Chun join our favorite Running Man members this week to eat their way around Seoul and compete in a cooking challenge using only instant food. They split into three teams: Jae Suk, Kwang Soo, and Joo Won on the Blue team; Ji Hyo, Gary, and Suk Jin on the Orange team; and Jong Kook, Haha, and Suk Chun on the Green team. Each team is given a little world map puzzle, and they’ll be able to fill in the country/continent pieces as they travel to representative restaurants in Samcheongdong, Seoul.

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The Green and Blue teams both head to the North American restaurant first and chow down on a fancy brunch-looking meal (with what looks like a top-bun-less hamburger?), complete with orange juice and bendy straws. The Orange team elects to go for the European representative, which is a French restaurant housed in a hanok-style building. They enjoy a steak, and much banter abounds at both locations.

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For the Green and Blue teams, the first game is to catch a piece of toast flying out of a toaster. This is one of those times where even though I see people getting hit on the face with bread, I’m kind of eyeing the kitchen ’cause I want to try too, inexplicably. If only my toaster was that forceful in ejecting toast. Joo Won ably catches a couple pieces on his face and tries to maneuver them into his mouth with no success. Finally, it’s Mr. Capable himself who cracks it in one go.

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The Orange team has the lovely task of transferring beans with chopsticks, opening a soda can, and folding a functional paper plane – all while wearing boxing gloves. Ji Hyo turns out to be the ace as usual, but Gary also pulls through with a paper plane after having done horribly with the chopsticks.

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Just gonna put this screencap here, because Monday Couple.

With their successful completion of the Europe challenge, the Orange team heads to the South America stop next. The Green team joins them, and they eat some nachos and what looks like chili cheese fries? Are those South American..? The challenge here is to raise a team member’s heart rate. Because they want to play with our emotions, Gary and Ji Hyo embark on a k-drama-worthy conversation about their feelings for each other. It does indeed raise their heart rates, and the heart rates of Monday Couple fans everywhere, but not enough. Both teams resort to something more up Jong Kook’s alley – physical activity. Poor Suk Chun looks like he hasn’t exercised in quite a while!

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The Blue team has given up on the toast to go eat delicious, delicious looking Asian noodles. Have I mentioned that I’m really hungry at this point? The Green team shows up here too. Turns out the mission here is to stick rice noodles to one lucky team member’s face, and have the other two members shoot the noodles off with a water gun. I really wish I could be there for those brainstorming sessions…

The Green team comes out ahead again to snag the Asia puzzle piece, and at the North America challenge, the Orange team succeeds thanks to Gary. At this point, all three teams get a message telling them that a new puzzle piece is available at ‘H’ restaurant. They’re treated to a Korean meal this time. As they eat (how do they still have room?), Haha discovers that the Blue team stole their puzzle pieces. Classic.

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The winner at this special challenge gets a gold Korea piece that will be important for the final mission. What’s the gold-piece winning mission? A team flipper jump rope game, and the Blue team comes through with a much-needed win.

It’s time for the teams to trade in their puzzle pieces for their ingredients. The mission is to make the best fusion dish using only instant food. And the results are…interesting!

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The Orange team selects tonkatsu, shrimp, pasta, and chocolate. They form a type of kebab with all of those items, and want to make a chocolate sauce to dip it in. I must admit, seeing them wrap the spaghetti around the skewers makes me wince in horror a little bit. Does that look crazy to anyone else?! I also winced at the crazy tomato chocolate sauce, and the judges’ faces when they were trying to bite into the hardened, fried spaghetti. The judges give the dish four out of five stars, taking into account a good flavor and that the spaghetti was hard because it had been sitting out.

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The Blue team somewhat haphazardly throws together (then separates again) some instant spaghetti, dumplings, and fried chicken. Perhaps not the best culinary team ever established, Jae Suk, Kwang Soo, and Joo Won take the old ‘fake it ’til you make adage’ to heart and throw all the ingredients together. As they present to the judges, they warn them upfront that the dish is a bit salty, and they thoughtfully bring some preemptive water. The judges come up with some real zingers in their critique, my favorites being, “The best part of judging this dish was…when I took a sip of my water”, and “The fact that you ruined this dish is an insult to chickens”. Two stars for the Blue team’s effort.

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Finally, the Green team produces this “Three Beats in the Rhythm” dish comprised of three types of dumplings. It’s certainly the most visually appealing of the three and includes chicken, beef, rice cakes, and spaghetti. The judges have some critiques but overall, they seem to like it. That reflects in the scores as the Green team wins the challenge with four and a half stars.

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The winners each receive gold stars and glory in this Running Man DIY Instant Cooking battle. Check back soon for the episode 207 recap coming shortly!

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