Running Man: Episode 207


Ji Suk Jin has been one of the ‘underdog’ characters on Running Man for most of the show, having won only a couple of challenges in four years. In episode 207, the producers decide to give our dear Big Nose Hyung an episode for his own. The guests for this episode are Suk Jin’s friends: Nam Hee Suk, Park Soo Hong, Kim Jae Dong, Kim Hee Chul, and Lee Soo Yeon. They play on Suk Jin’s team, with an advantage provided by the producers, to best the other Running Man members.

(Apologies in advance for some brief posts since I have a lot of catching up still to do!)

Team JSJ gets to choose an advantage card, and they draw the chance to win twice the gold for winning a mission. The team that wins more gold during the missions will gain an advantage in the final mission. Interestingly, the games are all somewhat physically demanding, which I feel puts Team JSJ at a disadvantage because, well, the other team has Jong Kook!


The first set of games takes place in a muddy field, leading to some complaints from the older cast and guests (and leading to fond memories of G Dragon backstroking through a similar muddy field). The male members have to pass the female member once around each of them. While the other men struggle, Hee Suk heroically flings So Yeon around his body in one fell swoop. Thanks to that trick, Team JSJ wins the first round. They don’t get as lucky in the next game, when Team Running Man wins muddy field bingo, which entails finding the numbered discs in the mud. The third game is all-kill arm wrestling, which, come on. It’s all in good fun, but arm wrestling on Running Man is never that interesting because Jong Kook always wins! The playground loyalty round sees the two teams having to total 100 circuits through the kiddie playground. Team Running Man wins by a mere 10 seconds – a surprise given the slight age difference between the teams.

Finally, in target dodgeball, Team JSJ surprisingly nails target Kwang Soo in both rounds thanks to great shots by Jae Dong and Hee Chul. In the end, even though Team Running Man did win many of the games, Team JSJ pulls ahead thanks to their double-gold advantage.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.28.26 PM

It’s not over yet! Team JSJ has a final challenge before they can claim ultimate victory. All the members are led to separate locations and told that their friendship is being put to the test with a ‘friendship telepathy’ exercise. They are all to either choose ‘gold’ or ‘money’. If they all choose the same word, they will win the gold. If even one person chooses differently, they’ll get dropped in the tank. It’s a nerve-wracking finale, but ultimately Hee Suk and So Yeon break the streak of members who wrote “gold”, and the whole team gets dunked into the ball pit.


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