My Secret Hotel: Episode 2 Recap

Well this was the emotional episode. I think this helped balance out the fun hilarity that filled the first episode to ground the characters a bit more and give us more of a direction with where this drama is going. I am so enjoying this drama.

So now that Hae Young has torn up the cancellation contract – meaning he will hold his wedding at Secret Hotel – Sang Hyo is stuck with planning his wedding. No stiletto dug far enough into his shoe is going to stop him! He runs off, and she chases after him – how cute and immature are they!?

She turns the corner and suddenly Hae Young pops out from behind the pillar: “BOO!” THAT was amazing, because now he can calmly walk off while Sang Hyo has been delayed a few moments after falling and catching her breath. I have learned such a valuable lesson: The next time I get chased I will hide behind a pillar and scare him/her. So what does she do? She takes her coworker’s umbrella, uses it to disguise herself from the cameras, and stalks Hae Young to his car. She forces her way into his car and then uses the umbrella as a gun (HAH!) to force him to drive. Okay really, why the hell did they get divorced?!

They go to the riverside to talk, where Hae Young has to restrain himself from hitting her with the umbrella out of annoyance. Hehe it’s cuter than it sounds. He rationalizes that there’s no reason for him to not get married at Secret Hotel since they’re already divorced, and he thinks having his ex-wife plan his second marriage is an opportunity not to be missed. Well that earns him a nice punch in the jaw. He eventually drives off, leaving her behind because there’s no way she could get hurt with a punch like that.

To his credit though he does drive back after a while to pick her up but by then she’s long gone. He might seem a bit self-involved, but then you realize that they’ve both been missing each other in their own way. However because they’ve hurt each other it’s clouded their judgment when it comes to matters about each other.

Sang Hyo cabs it back to the hotel to pick up her things and notices someone enter Sung Gyeom’s room. She thinks it’s Sung Gyeom, but it’s actually Hwang snooping around. Who knows why, but he eventually finds a photo frame of interest to him. The following day, just by entering his office Sung Gyeom knows that someone’s been messing with his room. It’s a little creepy how he knows, and he calls in his secretary Simon to come and check his computer for any evidence of hacking. Meanwhile another security personnel discovers suspicious footage in the CCTV and reports it to General Manager Lee (not ‘Director Lee’ as I had previously incorrectly called him).

It seems that the security team has been keeping its eye on Hwang already but they won’t show Sung Gyeom any footage of the break in. They all seem to be under GM Lee’s control, which makes it seem like there’s a huge conspiracy going on.

Hae Young doesn’t want to take on a new project but his right-hand man Shi Chan (Choi Jung Won) convinces him to take on their rivals head on. It’s better than backing down and appearing weak. Hae Young takes that philosophy to tackle a different problem though – attending a meeting with his fiancee and ex-wife regarding the wedding hall. Haha. He decides to attend and show off his bruised jaw to his fiancee just to rile his ex up. Sang Hyo barely manages to hold it together as she politely guides them to the hall.

Right away Hae Young picks at the design of the hall, saying it’s not “state of the art” enough for him. He coos over his beautiful Soo Ah, who has a V-line shaped face (she doesn’t) and then compares it to Sang Hyo, who “doesn’t” (she does). Vengefully, Sang Hyo replies, “You talk as if you have been married before. You seem to know a lot about weddings.” HAH!

He throws it right back at her though, noting that she appears married, but her coworker, Asst. Manager Yang Kyung Hee says she isn’t. So… Sang Hyo hides her marital status from her coworkers. Not that that’s unexpected or anything. The two of them call a truce on this argument, and Hae Young extends his hand. Instead of taking it, Sang Hyo pretends she has a phone call to deal with. Hehe.

So now Kyung Hee must take over the tour and takes them to the honeymoon suite, where Soo Ah commences tackling her future hubby on the bed. UHHHH – THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE IN THE ROOM. Dang she’s feisty. Hae Young pushes her off unglamorously and answers his phone, as he really does have a call. He claims it’s an important business call but it’s really just Sang Hyo ranting at him for keeping his marriage status a secret. The two of them were only married for less than three months and never filed for a marriage license, so in a way there’s no legal proof they were ever married. It also explains why there’s a curse on Secret Hotel’s wedding hall.

The worst part of this call is that Hwang overheard everything from Sang Hyo’s side.

Going home Soo Ah wonders if Hae Young really was married before because she got a strange feeling when Sang Hyo brought it up. She doesn’t care if he was, and so he admits that his former wife was pretty. That annoys Soo Ah and she promptly goes to sleep in the car.

Meanwhile Sang Hyo spends the whole afternoon slashing at papers on her desk. Her coworkers notice and suggest a team outing. Despite protests of wanting to be alone they all end up eating and partying at a karaoke place. (With Sang Hyo miraculously changing her outfit from day to night while her coworkers are all still in their work uniforms!) One of her employees, a sour-faced Young Mi doesn’t want to go out with her, but ends up joining them. It seems she’s jealous that Sang Hyo is the center of attention, though we’re not quite sure why yet.

When Young Mi leaves the karaoke room to blow off some irritated steam she overhears Hwang and GM Lee talking. Based on their conversation it sounds like Hwang has been threatening GM Lee and won’t stop until he’s dead, and GM Lee won’t take it anymore. Young Mi then leaves, not really understanding what happened, but she gets stopped when someone pulls her head back. Cut to black. Guess that’s another mystery to unravel in the future.

Suddenly we end up at a poker table where Hwang is playing a variant of poker with three other goons. Hwang puts down a full house and is ready to take the pot, but another guy puts down a straight flush. He tries to grab the money but Hwang stabs his awl through the table. He’s not kidding around, and the other two quickly pack up the money and give it to Hwang. Guess Hwang thought or knew the other guy was cheating.

The following day at work we find that Young Mi is okay, but somehow disappeared for the rest of the night. We also learn that another manager is making sexual advances to other women in the company and Sang Hyo threatens to report him because she has elevator CCTV evidence of his actions. What a cast of characters in this hotel…

Just then the three goons from the other night appear at the hotel looking for Hwang and hungry for revenge. No one gives them information on where Hwang is though.

Sang Hyo hopes that Kyung Hee can handle the wedding rehearsal that afternoon, but Kyung Hee has a doctor’s appointment for her stomach issues. So Sang Hyo has to do the walkthrough with Hae Young and Soo Ah. When Sang Hyo walks in with Manager Cha, head of the security team, Hae Young thinks this is the guy she proposed to. Soo Ah pretends to be all shocked at the unconventional proposal until Hae Young reminds her that she proposed to him too.

They do the “walking down the aisle” bit and Sang Hyo is reminded of memories when she and Hae Young decided to elope in America. They drove off and found a small chapel in the middle of Nevada, and decided to get married then and there with a very small ceremony of them, a witness, and the priest. Cue beautiful lighting, the best song on the soundtrack, and a sun-kissed wedding kiss.

The feeling is mutual as Hae Young can’t forget his first wedding as well even though he has a new bride standing with him on the altar, and the moment she can get away Sang Hyo leaves, barely able to conceal her tears. She remains in the bathroom trying to get herself together while Eun Joo sends the couple off on their merry way. Eun Joo does find it odd that he seems to want to talk to Sang Hyo, but I’m sure any man who wants to talk to Sang Hyo must be “funny in their heads” to Eun Joo. Hehe.

Hae Young decides to go to a bar to drink his memories away. But then he has to call Shi Chan to pay for his tab because he forgot his wallet haha. He ends up telling Shi Chan about his problems of meeting this woman he hated for seven years, but suddenly all the good memories are flooding back. He doesn’t know what to do, so Shi Chan gives him the wisest advice: go see her and talk to her. And maybe from there he’ll figure out how he really feels.

Meanwhile Hwang offers to help stop the wedding for Sang Hyo since he knows she still has feelings for Hae Young. She refuses it, but dissolves into tears again. This time Sung Gyeom catches her. She reveals that “her friend” met her ex-husband recently and now suddenly all the memories are coming back. Sung Gyeom gives her similar advice: If the man really loved her, he’d come back and talk to her. So it’s possible this ex-husband will contact the “friend” soon to see if they still have feelings for each other. Too bad Sang Hyo doesn’t think that will happen even though Hae Young is going to do it.

In return Sung Gyeom reveals his own secret: that his father was the owner of Secret Hotel but had passed away when he was five. He doesn’t remember much, so he came back to this hotel to see what his father’s workplace was like.

Hae Young arrives at the empty hotel and barges into a meeting room to find Kyung Hee sobbing. Whoops. Wrong room. Also looks like she got a bad diagnosis from her doctor. He wanders around and finds Hwang on the phone with someone. Based on the snippets it looks like Hwang, the stranger on the phone, and GM Lee Moo Yang were all involved in something in the past, and while Lee and the stranger are living the good life he’s the only one who seems to have the worst end of the stick. If the stranger doesn’t want to talk to him, then he’s going to talk to the stranger’s son. HMMMMM….

Hae Young finally finds Sang Hyo in the park outside and sees her laughing with Sung Gyeom. With that image in his mind he thinks that she’s okay, and has no interest in him anymore, so he silently just walks away. 🙁

It’s finally the day of the wedding, and Jung Eun jealously watches Soo Ah get ready with her friends for her wedding. That girl is going to be up to something, I know it. We revisit the first ten minutes of episode 1 as everyone is frantically getting the wedding hall ready and Hwang has disappeared. Sung Gyeom is in his suite in the hotel though, and when he receives his breakfast he finds a note addressed to him that was left at the front desk the night before. It has a very simple message: “Your father was murdered. Do you know who the killer is?”

Aha! So perhaps Hwang, GM Lee, and the stranger in the U.S. are all involved on that! Although now who is the son of that stranger? I suspected it was Sung Gyeom but it might not be necessarily. Unless the father faked his death… Anyways! Sung Gyeom is disinterested in the note at first but then it nags him so much to the point that he orders his secretary Simon to find out who else was working in the hotel when his father died.

Sang Hyo sends off her ex with well wishes, as much as it pains her, and Hae Young heads down the aisle. A blood drops from the ceiling and the body of Assistant Manager Hwang crashes to the floor. Sang Hyo recalls Hwang’s offer to stop the wedding. We’re all pretty sure he didn’t mean to stop it this way.


WOOO! First two episodes and I’m hooked, and it helps that they have such an awesome soundtrack. So yeah… I have nothing much to say except there will be plenty of conspiracy theories galore! I hope this drama stays fun and breezy, and doesn’t get too bogged down with the melodrama and the birth secrets. I’m really loving Jin Yi Han, even despite the perm, and Yoo In Na together. But Ha Yeon Joo is so lovable that I can’t hate her either. At least, not until she becomes a vindictive second female lead, which I imagine she will end up becoming.


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