My Secret Hotel: Episode 3 Recap


This song isn’t exactly the song I like, but I like it still for being unique. It is also not a song you’d expect for a drama like this, which is one of those little things that makes me like tvN drama soundtracks.

“Secret” by Yoon Sung Ki feat. Lee So Ri [download]

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Kyung Hee faints and Gi Chul, the other member of Sang Hyo’s team, assists her to the infirmary. Young Mi is sent to the door to help the guests who are all running from the hall. Sang Hyo calls for security assistance and covers Hwang’s face with a white cloth. And Hae Young just stands there, frozen. Sang Hyo bids him to go to his fiancee. She must be shocked and will need her groom to comfort her.

Sung Gyeom wants to go to the hall and check out the emergency situation for himself, but Manager Lee won’t let him go. They’ll both need to stay away for now so that Sang Hyo can do her job effectively. Even though it’s an emergency situation they should trust that she can handle it. Manager Lee probably also wants to keep Sung Gyeom in the dark for just a little longer about the whole situation.

There’s crazy traffic outside the hotel, where police cars, ambulances, and guests trying to leave are roadblocking the streets. We are then introduced to our snazzy, studded-boots-and-ripped-jeans-wearing detective Kim Geum Bo (Ahn Kil Kang). At first the security team pushes him away, thinking he’s just a random spectator, but with a flash of his ID, Manager Cha takes him to the scene of the crime.

Right away Geum Bo is grateful that Sang Hyo has successfully gotten rid of the guests so that there wouldn’t be any crowds interfering with his work. Sang Hyo herself can barely hold on to her composure as looking at the dead body any more makes her feel queasy. Thankfully there’s one more task to do: Save Eun Joo from the reporters.

Eun Joo only comments that a hotel employee died, which could theoretically happen at any hotel. Right – a dead body falling from the ceiling in a wedding hall could happen to anyone. Jung Eun, who just so happens to also be a reporter, grills Eun Joo on the state of the hotel, which has rumors of being financially in trouble. Thankfully Sang Hyo arrives just in time and Jung Eun sneaks behind a pillar, hiding from Sang Hyo. Looks like she knows Sang Hyo from Hae Young’s history and only just now realized that she planned Hae Young’s wedding.

Sang Hyo does a better job at handling PR than Eun Joo does, whose answers keep leading to more questions and inflaming the issue. Instead, all Sang Hyo says is that there was an unexpected incident, but that does not affect the rest of the hotel’s operations. In fact, most of the guests don’t seem to know what’s going on. She invites them to eat the untouched reception food instead, and the reporters calm down. Thanks to her quick thinking, the hotel will not suffer much negative press.

Geum Bo and other policemen cordon off the scene to begin their investigation. His partner, Detective Lee, finds the murder weapon: Hwang’s favorite awl, which was used to stab him through the heart. One wallet has already been picked up and has Hwang’s ID in it. But another wallet is found under Hwang’s bloody body – one that has Hae Young’s ID on it.

Hae Young is sitting with Soo Ah but not doing much in comforting her as she cries over her ruined wedding. All he can think about is how Sang Hyo’s first thought was for him to go to his fiancee. Soo Ah is so angry that she seems to be the only one who’s upset that Hae Young holds a mirror to her face. Yeah, showing your future wife that she now looks like a clown with her streaked makeup is a way to show solidarity.

The crying and screaming intensifies and Sang Hyo can hear Soo Ah blaming her for the ruined wedding. She braces herself before entering, not realizing that Sung Gyeom is watching her.

And good thing she braces herself. Soo Ah slaps her for ruining the wedding (because Sang Hyo totally set up the murder and planned for him to fall through the ceiling). Hae Young tries to defuse the situation by telling his fiancee to stop dealing with “someone like Sang Hyo” and suggesting that they go home. Soo Ah doesn’t want to leave – not until Sang Hyo kneels and apologizes for not giving her the most perfect wedding.

Okay, I liked Soo Ah before but now this is a bit too much. A perfect wedding is not planned by the wedding planner alone. It requires that everyone else take part to help make it a perfect wedding – bride and groom included. Sang Hyo tightens her hands into a fist, trying to just take the verbal abuse. Soo Ah, seeing that she’s not kneeling, raises her hand for another slap. Hae Young grabs her wrist, and Sung Gyeom jumps in, stepping in between the two women. Well doesn’t he look dashing.

Hae Young recognizes him as the man who made Sang Hyo laugh the night before. Jealousy alert! Sung Gyeom orders Sang Hyo to leave the room now and tells Soo Ah that assaulting a manager is not becoming of a bride. Hah! Soo Ah almost thought she’d get charged for assault (as she should be!!) before realizing that Sung Gyeom won’t do anything more than a light scolding. Hae Young, on the other hand, would rather that Sung Gyeom not do anything for Sang Hyo or protect her. Jealousy alert!! Even Sung Gyeom seems to sense it.

Bride and groom drive off in their wedding car, and Soo Ah comments on how handsome and cool Sung Gyeom is. HAH! When she reminds Hae Young that he’s the guy Sang Hyo proposed to, Hae Young freaks out and breaks the decorations off their car. HAHAHA. Even Soo Ah can tell he’s jealous, although she thinks he’s jealous because she was complimenting Sung Gyeom so much in front of him. Stay clueless please. Don’t realize that your man actually hates the fact that Sung Gyeom might also appear handsome and cool in Sang Hyo’s eyes.

Geum Bo asks Sang Hyo a few questions about Hwang. Upon discovering that he was a delinquent employee, he comments, “So you shouldn’t be too sorry to see him go!” Of course that’s still a shock to Sang Hyo though. Just before Geum Bo can ask about Hae Young, Sung Gyeom barges in to stop the interrogation so that Sang Hyo can have some breathing room after today’s events. He grabs her wrist and drags her out. Geum Bo: “Aish… girls don’t like that. They want someone more gentle… smooth…” Haha! Calling out on the wrist grab cliche – yessss!

Eun Joo and Young Mi pass by the hallway at that moment and Eun Joo is so happy to see Sung Gyeom… until she sees him holding Sang Hyo’s wrist. Kekeke – even Young Mi can tell that Eun Joo will never beat Sang Hyo for Sung Gyeom, and is willing to bet a lot of money on that.

Sung Gyeom drags Sang Hyo all the way to one of the suites and finally lets go of her wrist. He wants her to stay at the room for the night and relax. As much as he likes and appreciates a competent and hard working woman, she should also recognize when she needs a break. And it’s only then that she finally cries, and he wipes her tears away. Whoa… that’s quite romantic… They’re interrupted by room service, and Sung Gyeom takes his leave.

Sang Hyo is immensely troubled still by Hwang’s death because of what he said about stopping the wedding, and feels as if Hwang’s ghost is in the suite with her. She wakes from her nightmare only to see shadows pass over her and hear his voice say, “Are you happy I messed it up?” …Only to wake up from another nightmare. She turns on all the lights and hides under the covers, only to get it pulled off by a… Eun Joo?!

The two ladies start screaming, having scared each other. Haha. Eun Joo just came to wake her up, since it’s already 10am the following day.

Simon searches through the personnel list in 1984 to see which employees were working at that time. The only two are Manager Lee and Hwang. As he informs Sung Gyeom, one of the assistants managing the archive files informs Manager Lee. Well now, this makes for an awkward meeting when they bump into each other. Geum Bo witnesses this tension and wonders if the fact that Manager Lee has to answer a man younger than he is a motive for murder. I like how Geum Bo likes to insinuate things right where it hurts and then laugh it off.

Geum Bo arrives at Sang Hyo’s office with an air of a playboy (snerk) so that he can talk to her privately. They head to the gardens outside and he gets right to the point. Does she know Hae Young? She pretends to only know him as the groom of the wedding she was planning but Geum Bo’s questions suggest that she knows him more intimately because she paid such attention to his wedding. Geum Bo even tries to wink at her but she doesn’t answer his question, and walks away instead. Hilariously, it turns out Geum Bo just thought Sang Hyo was really pretty. He didn’t even take real notes down, but just wrote, “Wow she’s just my type.” I hope for all his randomness he’s actually a brilliant detective.

Back at work Shi Chan is burning with curiosity: Did Hae Young meet the girl who made him drink the night before his wedding? Hae Young didn’t, but now he has a clear head regarding his history with her. Does he though? Just as he’s about to start his meeting, Jung Eun bursts in yelling, “Did you meet her or not!?” Clearly this is an extension of Shi Chan’s question because who else could she be talking about even though she wasn’t there for Shi Chan’s conversation, right? Jung Eun clarifies the “her” in her question as “the girl from Las Vegas.” Shi Chan freaks out – so Hae Young did meet “her”!

Jung Eun’s really pissed now – he’s led her on for so many years, is going to marry another woman, and met a different woman on the side? Wow his employees are definitely having a field day with his salacious private life. Hae Young drags Jung Eun to a private area and tells her to butt out, but she can’t. She must be involved in all aspects of his life. She warns him to stay away from Sang Hyo because she believes she’s the murderer.

Jung Eun spins the long plausible tale that Sang Hyo is the curse on Secret Hotel’s wedding hall as her marriage to Hae Young lasted less than three months. On top of that Hwang must have discovered her secret and threatened to reveal it, which would have ruined her career. Hence, the murder. Also, she probably didn’t want Hae Young remarrying so the murder helped cancel the wedding. Hae Young thinks she’s being ridiculous but Jung Eun points out that the police will believe her, especially when they find out that Hae Young and Sang Hyo gain to benefit from his death because their secret is kept hidden.

But Hae Young knows that it’s not Sang Hyo. Jung Eun: “If not her, then who? You?” Cue scary music and Hae Young’s glare.

Detective Lee comes back with background info on Hae Young. His father is the owner of a large construction company, and he started his own architecture firm, Mare, because he has no interest in the family business. He’s a bit of a designing prodigy and then went on to enter Harvard. He lived in the States for a while before moving to France and Italy, and then returned to Korea. Detective Lee doesn’t understand why the interest in Hae Young though. Geum Bo shows him Hae Young’s wallet (not bagged!). How could it have ended up under Hwang’s body? What’s the likelihood that Hae Young had a hole in his wedding tuxedo?

Geum Bo then pretends to see something far away, distracting Detective Lee just enough to flip him over. As Detective Lee falls, the wallet falls out of Geum Bo’s coat pocket. Demonstration done. So does this mean Hae Young is their suspect? Geum Bo whips something out of the wallet and shows it to Detective Lee, which is supposed to undeniably prove that Hae Young is the culprit. But first Geum Bo wants to check something…

Sang Hyo passes by the wedding hall and sees the two detectives discussing. Geum Bo spots her and gives her a wink, which scares her away. Haha, I love that Geum Bo thinks he’s such a lady killer. Sang Hyo heads back to their office and she sees Hwang’s ghost again. She freaks out but then realizes that it’s just Gi Chul sitting at Hwang’s desk, wanting a bigger desk.

She gets a text from Hae Young, who wants to meet at the parking lot. Sang Hyo doesn’t have an umbrella this time, but borrows Kyung Hee’s rain coat and runs into his car. I feel like these disguises are going to backfire on her one day during the investigation… Once far from the hotel, Sang Hyo hurries him to talk. She thinks he’s going to apologize about the slap or for his hurtful words, but that’s not what he wants to talk about. Nope – he wants to know if she told anyone about their marriage.

Sang Hyo is offended. Is Hae Young scared of something, like Soo Ah finding out? She doesn’t have anything to hide, but Hae Young begs her to be discreet. If word gets out about her own marriage ending in less than three months then the hotel’s image will suffer and her own career may end. Sang Hyo assures him that she hasn’t told anyone – even the detective – and doesn’t ever want to talk to him about this ever again. And with that, Sang Hyo runs off as the sky darkens with the impending rainstorm.

Soaked wet, Hae Young calls up Shi Chan with a request. The night before his wedding, can Shi Chan say that they were together all night instead of saying that he went to see Sang Hyo at the hotel? He needs an alibi. Hae Young is pretty quick on the uptake, although it’s worrisome that he is doing so much to protect himself.

A flashback to the night and we see that Hae Young actually returned to where Hwang was making his call after seeing Sang Hyo. Hwang tells him then that he knows Hae Young and Sang Hyo were married, and it sounds like he could use the information to blackmail her. Hae Young warns him never to threaten Sang Hyo with that information ever again, otherwise he won’t let it go. Hwang just ends up laughing like crazy. What could Hae Young possibly do to him?

He pokes his awl at Hae Young’s neck, and they end up struggling. Hae Young grabs Hwang’s hand with the awl and turns the sharp end towards Hwang’s heart. OMG DID HAE YOUNG SERIOUSLY INJURE HWANG?!

As Sang Hyo leaves her office for the night, she thinks she hears a ghost in the darkness. A lightning flashes and she sees Hwang’s dead body on the floor. Sang Hyo screams and faints. Thank goodness Sung Gyeom is still in the hotel to hear her.

When Sang Hyo comes to, she sees Sung Gyeom at her bed side in the infirmary. He wants her to stay at the hotel room for one more night, but she doesn’t want to. Instead of telling Sung Gyeom about Hwang’s ghost she just says she’s afraid to sleep alone. Of course he takes it differently and thinks she’s seducing him. Hehe.

He promises he won’t leave her alone, and by that he means talking to her on the phone while he stays in his room. They check behind the curtains, under the bed, in the bathroom… all the possible places that could scare her together. Then he tells her to take a shower and take off her clothes – HAHA. What a cheeky bastard. It does make her feel better though, and they talk for a little longer together, with Sang Hyo talking about her childhood. Finally she falls asleep while on the phone. Heh, guess Sung Gyeom really put her at ease.

It’s a brighter day the following morning, and Sang Hyo leaves a white chrysanthemum flower on Hwang’s desk.

Geum Bo heads to Hae Young’s office just when Shi Chan is asking Hae Young what he meant exactly by “needing an alibi.” Both men are tense, and Shi Chan bursts out, “HE HAS AN ALIBI! HE WAS WITH ME!” PFFFFT – what a way to make the detective think you really have something to hide!

Hae Young kicks out Shi Chan and then gives Geum Bo tea. The detective shows him his wallet and explains that it was found under the dead body. Did Hae Young know that? Because now it means he’s the main suspect of the crime.

Flashback to the night and it looks like Hae Young stabbed Hwang. BUT DID HE REALLY?!

No really, did he? Because that flashback could have also been a reenactment of what happened in Geum Bo’s mind.

Hot diggity the suspects are lining up!


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