7 Things I Learned at KCON 2014


There are a few things I learned from KCON 2014, it being my first K-anything convention ever. Some were surprises (SPICA!) and some were to be expected (ew, L.A. traffic). But here’s my list and recap of KCON!

1. SPICA is the most awesome girl group around. They’re funny and cute together, and I think my favorite is going to be Kim BoA. Also, they can sing. Like, really sing. None of that lip-syncing business.


2. Girls’ Generation is a bit dated. But they sure do know how to do fan service. I know they’re a really popular group and they have the advantage of having Tiffany speak English and give the fans a lot of love. But then I see how all of the girls look alike and sound alike, and I appreciate the variety that I see in SPICA even more. But that’s just me. They really know how to entertain the crowd.


3. Min Hyuk is growing up to be a fine man. *Fans self*. 


4. Eric Nam is ADORABLE. A very entertaining MC, he kept the red carpet lively even though there was always a few minutes’ lull in between guests walking down the red carpet.


5. Being a K-pop fan is a lot of hard work. The lines, the swag, the signs, the money. Wow. Kudos to them.



6. I’m a New York Girl at heart. The L.A. heat makes it almost not worth going to a convention where everything is outside. Tents don’t provide the shade you need, and the check-in process is so long. I was lucky enough to skip the lines but it’s still ridiculous that people have to wait up to 5 hours to check in. You would think things would go faster. They had the set up ready for crowds, but it didn’t look like there were enough volunteers to check everyone.


7. But the concert makes everything worth it. Seeing CN Blue, IU, and G-Dragon live were what I was looking forward to the most, and they really delivered awesome performances. And then the biggest surprises for me were B1A4 and SPICA, as I hadn’t ever really followed them before.




Bonus: K-pop socks are the bomb. 




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