6 K-Drama Best Friends I Want In Real Life

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After writing about real-life OTPs, I realized I wanted Lee Kwang Soo more than anything to be honored in some way. And then I realized that he was one of the most awesome friends I’d seen onscreen. Sidekicks and best friends, these are the characters that I wish were there for me when I needed them most. Each of them have their own quirks, but all of them are supportive, level-headed partners to their hot-tempered leads.

1. Lee Soo Kwang (Lee Kwang Soo) – It’s Okay That’s Love


Oh how I love thee Soo Kwang-ssi, let me count the ways. There are times when I think Lee Kwang Soo isn’t even acting, but just goofing off as himself. What I love is that as annoyingly nosy or blustery he can be, Soo Kwang is good-hearted, sincere, and honest. He isn’t afraid to tell Jae Yeol or Hae Soo what he thinks of them or of their relationship, and that fearlessness is something I admire. A true friend will look out for you and tell you what it’s like baldly. At the same time, a true friend will be there to support you even when you don’t know it. Case in point: when Soo Kwang visits Jae Yeol and stays with him the whole day without explaining that he’s there to observe Jae Yeol’s schizophrenia and report to Hae Soo.

But best of all, I love that he and Hae Soo have a mature relationship where they’re best friends, are comfortable with each other, admit that there was a one-sided crush happening, and yet never ruined their friendship over it. It’s a solid friendship.

2. Eun Shi Kyung (Jo Jung Suk) – King 2 Hearts

Steady, reliable, and loyal, Shi Kyung was a man’s best friend. Not only did he end up becoming a true friend and confidant to a prince, but he also won a princess’ heart. I think what helps is that Jo Jung Suk just played this character brilliantly: Shi Kyung was stoic as a true soldier would be, but he also had a heart of gold who was willing to do anything for his friend and for his king.

It’s one of those dramas that just deepened my love and appreciation for Jo Jung Suk, and I would love to have a soldier-friend beside me to prop me up when I’m down and believe in me when I don’t.

3. The Coffee Prince Boys (Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, Lee Un) – Coffee Prince

04 Coffee Prince 129

All these boys get a tie in my book. Three distinct personalities, all of them supportive of Go Eun Chan when they discover “he’s” a “she.” They all had a wonderful camaraderie together, seemingly friends offscreen as well, and were incredibly supportive of Han Gyul and Eun Chan’s relationship. What’s best is that despite their tough exterior, they couldn’t help but tear up at Eun Chan’s departure. At that point they were almost like her protective older brothers.

I want protective older brothers too. And I want brothers/friends who will sincerely wish me the best in what I do even if it means leaving them.

4. Hong Nan Hee (Soo Ae) – 9 End 2 Outs


A girl on my list! More so than the I Need Romance gals, I think Nan Hee is a better, more relatable friend to have around. She’s an awesome wing-woman to Hyung Tae and helps snag him dates, so perhaps she could do the same for me too. She is gracious because she doesn’t mind being beside Hyung Tae even if she won’t ever be his. She loves, without ever turning it amorous, and that’s a quality I appreciate because you’ll know that friend is there for you no matter what.

Also, she’s not freaked out about living with a guy friend. How cool can she be?

5. Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk) – Heirs


The saving grace of the drama! I loved Chan Young, and this is besides the bias that I hold for Kang Min Hyuk. He was a really good friend to Eun Sang, giving her tips on how to survive high school but never getting in the way of letting her live her life and make her (sometimes wrong) decisions. He is a pillar of support and strength for Eun Sang when things get tough, a calming and good influence on Bo Na, an obedient son, and just a good guy. You need that friend in your life who is more level-headed than you are and can see things objectively. It also doesn’t hurt to have him be so good-hearted that he sets an example for you and makes you feel like you want to do better.

Big points for being the only relatively normal person on Heirs.

And I have to give a final shoutout to…

6. Kang Woo (Im Ji Kyu) – Queen of Reversals

This was the first drama that exposed me to the comic wonders of Im Ji Kyu. While he was only a secretary to Park Shi Hoo’s Goo Yong Shik character, he was probably the closest thing to a friend. I loved his deadpan and honest delivery, and his devil-may-care attitude. He never seemed afraid to get fired, and that confidence gave him more power than Yong Shik really had over him.

The friend with all the zingers? That’s Kang Woo for me.

So there’s my list. I’d like to add that even though none of the characters above are real people, and that if they were really my friends it would be super cool, my REAL friends are probably the best and irreplaceable. 🙂

So! Anyone that I’ve missed? Anyone you’d like to add? Sound off below!


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