My Secret Hotel: Episode 10 Recap


What a heartbreaking episode. It makes me feel like there’s no hope left for our leads. But I do appreciate the writer for giving the two men sufficient time to prove why each could be a good man for Sang Hyo.

Shi Chan is pretty confused at what Hae Young is moaning about, and it doesn’t help when Hae Young asks him once again to stay with him all night. Shi Chan wonders, could Hae Young actually be attracted to… him?! That just makes Hae Young drink even more…

Sung Gyeom is a little relieved to find out that he doesn’t get slapped after kissing Sang Hyo. (I don’t know if that’s a good thing to be happy you didn’t get slapped…?) Gathering a bit more courage, he asks if Sang Hyo really got married for the sake of the hotel, and not because she still has feelings for Hae Young. She assures him that she has no intention to start things over with Hae Young, which makes him feel a whole lot better.

However once alone, Sang Hyo finds herself thinking about Hae Young’s confession that he married her because he loved her. She even imagines his presence in her apartment, and continually has to shake off her memories of him. So when he actually is outside her apartment door calling her name, she thinks she’s still hallucinating.

Finally she opens the door, and a very drunk Hae Young collapses into her arms. She dumps him on the couch, where he falls asleep immediately. Before she can brush the hair from his face, her phone rings. She whispers when answering Sung Gyeom’s call, not wanting to wake up Hae Young and draw his wrath, which ends up making her boyfriend crack up. He’s close to saying that he loves her but decides to backtrack and tell her in person.

Hanging up, Sang Hyo looks over at Hae Young again. She messes up his curly hair and expresses distaste for his perfect eyebrows and perfect nose. Even though it’s part of what makes him so handsome. So the only way to stop herself from falling deeper in love with his beautiful face is to take one of her eyeliners and draw a perfectly curled mustache.

You know, if it were me, I would have made it more hideous looking so that it’d be more embarrassing and hilarious…

Hae Young wakes up the following morning to the sound of Sang Hyo setting up the table. He’s startled to discover that he ended up at her home. She heads off to work, and tells him to go eat the ramen she’s prepared for him at the table. Hae Young smiles at the fact that Sang Hyo still remembers his post-drinking habits. Flashback to the past and we see Sang Hyo cooking him instant ramen back home after he’d go out and drink, and Hae Young giving her a kiss for perfecting the art and making it so good.

Hae Young takes a big bite of the ramen at the table – it’s still as good as he remembers it.

Sang Hyo returns to work and finds Young Mi’s desk still empty. Kyung Hee and Gi Chul aren’t quite sure how to break the news to her, but Eun Joo comes in just in time to introduce everyone to Yoon Sung Min, the new team member to the wedding department. She’s also the one who ends up breaking the news to Sang Hyo in private. Sang Hyo then realizes that what she saw that night was no dream, and can’t believe that Eun Joo would send her on a honeymoon after that. Eun Joo points out that it wouldn’t have done her any good to have stayed behind. To give Sang Hyo some consolation, she adds that Young Mi was a dishonest person; hopefully this bit of information will help Sang Hyo move on a little faster.

However, having two people die within a month of each other in the same department is a bit unsettling. Even Yoon Sung Min can’t figure out which desk he wants: the one belonging to a guy who died a month ago, or the one belonging to a girl who died three days ago.

Simon updates Sung Gyeom about his own activities and reveals that he couldn’t find the necklace that Young Mi had. It frustrates Sung Gyeom, and we discover that he had arranged a meeting with the person who sent the postcard about his father’s death some time ago. Sung Gyeom was surprised to see that he was meeting Young Mi of all people.

Young Mi affirms that his father was murdered, but she doesn’t know herself who the perpetrator was. However she does own the necklace that belongs to the perpetrator, having taken it from Hwang’s belongings. If Sung Gyeom is willing to accept her conditions, he can have it and find out who killed his father. Young Mi adds that he’s not the only one looking for the necklace too. So the fact that Simon could not locate it after Young Mi’s death is very troublesome for him.

Sung Gyeom calls Manager Lee to his office and asks what is going on with Young Mi’s death. Manager Lee coolly replies that the police are investigating it. But that’s exactly what displeases Sung Gyeom: shouldn’t Manager Lee have reported to him about Young Mi’s death as soon as it happened? And shouldn’t Manager Lee have not reported to the resort that he was coming to visit?

Manager Lee actually chuckles over Sung Gyeom’s anger. Is it so bad that he wanted Sung Gyeom to work comfortably? It only makes Sung Gyeom suspect that Manager Lee has a hidden motive for wanting to hide Young Mi’s death from him.

When Hae Young discovers the little mustache, he’s more charmed than annoyed. See – this is what happens when you draw on a mustache that looks good on him! He imagines that she did it while being adorable, not even entertaining the idea that she did it out of vengeance. He makes himself comfortable at Sang Hyo’s house as he checks out every nook and cranny. He even hugs her pillow, catching some of her scent, and jumps on her bed. I’m surprised he doesn’t break it!

Shi Chan warns everyone that day at work to be careful around Hae Young, who didn’t look too good post-honeymoon. The coworkers think it’s because none of the extracts worked but Shi Chan blurts out that it’s because Hae Young spent the two nights of his honeymoon with… men. Haha! I really wonder how that drunken night went. The coworkers all freak out even more when Shi Chan reveals that Hae Young might like like him. HEE.


Just then Hae Young comes in all bright and cheery, and still donning that fake mustache, and slaps all the guys on the butt while greeting them good morning. Awk-ward. Shi Chan hesitantly goes up to Hae Young’s office to make it clear that 1) he likes girls, and 2) Hae Young needs to remove that mustache from his face. Hae Young takes it the wrong way and teases Shi Chan by pretending to flirt with him and even dancing…

Sang Hyo sends Kyung Hee to Manager Cha with a detailed plan for the security on Lee Young Eun’s wedding. Gi Chul offers to do the errand instead, saying that he wants to protect Kyung Hee. Manager Cha could hurt her if he doesn’t like her. That raises her suspicion of him, and when Cha finds her in a meeting room alone, she screams at him. “Did you really do it, Manager Cha?” she yells, crying.

Huh. So… is Manager Cha her former love that broke up with her all those years ago? Why do they act like they know each other so well?

Geum Bo and Detective Lee arrive at the hotel in time to see Kyung Hee crying at Manager Cha’s feet. Detective Lee thinks that Manager Cha hit Kyung Hee, which simply affirms in Geum Bo’s mind that Detective Lee is not a good detective at all.

The two detectives are really there to meet with Sung Gyeom and Manager Lee. Geum Bo quickly gets to the point that Hwang and Manager Lee worked with Sung Gyeom’s father thirty years ago. Sung Gyeom feigns slight surprise, to which Hwang wonders if he knew that Hwang called Sung Gyeom’s mother? This is also news to Sung Gyeom, and he’s not sure how to respond.

As for Manager Lee, he pretends he didn’t know that Jo Min Tae was Sung Gyeom’s father. Geum Bo asks about how Min Tae died. Manager Lee only says that he heard it was an accident, but the circumstances are suspicious considering that Manager Lee got Min Tae’s job after he died.

Soo Ah meets with Jung Eun, who wants the scoop on Hae Young and Sang Hyo’s marriage. Jung Eun thinks that Soo Ah was threatened by Sang Hyo to leave Hae Young at the altar. She even bluntly says, “I don’t like you. Your personality sucks but you have a lot of money.” Haha Soo Ah has met her match! But she’s also not going to play Jung Eun’s games. She clearly states that she stepped aside for Hae Young and Sang Hyo’s love and that they truly love each other. (Okay, so she told a half-truth.) There’s nothing more to it. And, on top of that Jung Eun is so not Hae Young’s type.

To add fuel to the fire, Soo Ah also proves that her personality “sucks”: by spilling the orange juice on Jung Eun’s lap! Jung Eun responds by throwing a cup of water to Soo Ah’s face, and the two engage in a ridiculous, hair-pulling cat fight.

When Hae Young is contacted by the police, he tries to pretend he doesn’t know her. Unfortunately Soo Ah and Jung Eun end up on Geum Bo and Detective Lee’s laps at the station, soooo Hae Young is forced to go to the station.

Both ladies are ready to sue, but when they see Hae Young the two of them start clinging on to him for sympathy. Detective Lee is impressed; how does one get girls to do that to him? Geum Bo: “Isn’t it obvious? Get plastic surgery and some extra height!” HAHA. Hae Young ends up resolving it with the police and forces them to shake hands with each other. It’s seriously like taking care of kids. He leaves them to take care of themselves.

Soo Ah cries out first, “What’s wrong with your face?!” Hae Young smiles, “Sang Hyo drew it.” And instead of making her jealous, Soo Ah just sticks her nose up at Jung Eun with an, “I told you so.” Jung Eun’s got no chance whatsoever.

Sung Gyeom calls up his mother to see if she still thinks his father’s death was an accident, because he certainly doesn’t. Sang Hyo finds him looking troubled and is worried that it’s because of her. Sung Gyeom sweetly puts her in her place by pointing out that his world doesn’t revolve around her. He notices that she’s feeling down because of Young Mi’s death and reassures her that it’s okay. After all, one doesn’t know what kind of person Young Mi was.

Second person to say that!

He then quickly changes the subject to dinner. He wants her to cook ramen at his place. Sang Hyo immediately blushes, and he teases her for having perverted thoughts. He promises to only have ramen, and so it’s a date!

Hae Young stops by a really nice flower shop to pick up a bouquet for her because he wants to propose to his wife. If the florist is already confused, she is even more so by the drawn mustache. He finds courage in the mustache because to him it means that Sang Hyo is still interested in him on some level.

Unfortunately when he reaches her place, he sees Sung Gyeom’s car pull up with Sang Hyo in it. What a mood killer. Sung Gyeom drops Sang Hyo off and pretends that he has a an errand to run, really giving her time to possibly clean up her place. Poor Hae Young, who watches their cute interaction from afar.

Sung Gyeom goes to the very same florist that Hae Young went to to pick up a bouquet as well. Funny how he smells the same flowers that Hae Young did but doesn’t like the scent. Meanwhile Sang Hyo is annoyed that Hae Young did not clean up after himself at all, and left such a mess around her house.

The bell rings and Sang Hyo excitedly opens the door. She happily accepts the bouquet thrust into her face until she sees that it’s Hae Young. Hahaha. He refuses to leave, even though her boyfriend is coming over. She tries to pull him off the couch, and he ends up just calmly running to her bedroom. What an awkward goose chase.

She manages to push Hae Young out the front door, but he finds himself nearly knocking over Sung Gyeom, who also carries the same bouquet of flowers. Sung Gyeom reaches to touch the fake mustache too – HAH. Now that it’s come to this Hae Young suggests they all go inside and eat together.

Hae Young takes command of the couch, leaving Sung Gyeom to sit on a bean bag chair. Awk-ward. Hae Young pokes fun at Sung Gyeom for always being a step behind, which causes Sang Hyo to hiss at him. “Why should I leave?” he says. “You let me stay over last night.” EEEP. That makes Sung Gyeom feel really uncomfortable, but Hae Young keeps going: Sang Hyo drew the mustache on him and made ramen for him in the morning. Sang Hyo tries to explain that he was drunk, but Sung Gyeom doesn’t need to hear anything more.

Lest we fear that Sung Gyeom is going to run from the situation, he proves otherwise. He can tell that Hae Young is the overbearing type so he understands Sang Hyo no matter what trouble Hae Young tries to instigate. Yes, Hae Young may have been her first husband, but that was a love from seven years ago. Yes, Hae Young may have married her again but Sang Hyo chose to continue dating Sung Gyeom, which means she only saw the wedding as a business deal. Therefore, Hae Young out to make his exit because there’s no reason for him to hang around.

Sang Hyo tells him to get out, and that’s really the final word that makes him leave. Hae Young removes the mustache in his car, and then vents out his frustration by pressing on the horn several times. Of course, Sung Gyeom and Sang Hyo can hear that too. It’s a mood killer for this new couple too, and Sung Gyeom takes his leave. He’s no longer hungry, nor does he want to eat ramen at her place anymore.

So now Sang Hyo is left alone with two bouquets from two men who love her.

Lots of brooding occurs between the two men in their respective homes. No matter how confident they are of their own feelings and of what they think Sang Hyo feels, they can’t help but doubt themselves. Meanwhile Geum Bo reviews the case one more time, linking Sung Gyeom, Manager Lee, Hwang, and Young Mi all together. Two are dead, one wants to keep Min Tae’s death a secret, and one wants to reveal it.

The following morning, Sang Hyo sees that Sung Gyeom is waiting for her outside her house. She apologizes for the night before, but he’s done some thinking. He’s not going to deny anymore that Sang Hyo and Hae Young have a special connection, and believes that she’s not currently trying to pick between the two of them. Therefore he wants to help her get rid of Hae Young for good. If she still wants that. Sang Hyo nods without hesitation. Well then – now Sung Gyeom wants to announce their relationship status to the hotel staff. I get that Sung Gyeom is trying to make some sort of ‘claim’ over Sang Hyo’s love, but that has still got to be weird to announce to the staff who witnessed her get married.

They arrive at work together acting a little too close, which is a tad suspicious. One of the hotel staffers immediately calls up Eun Joo, who comes down the hall screaming Sang Hyo’s name. She stops herself when she sees Sung Gyeom though, and learns that he’s throwing a company dinner party for the wedding department team, Eun Joo included. He has an announcement to make that he thinks she should most definitely hear. Eun Joo glares at Sang Hyo, who just ends up looking up at the ceiling and slowly moving behind Sung Gyeom.

At work Hae Young is more subdued as he receives Soo Ah, who’s still pissed about Jung Eun. He doesn’t want to hear anymore of her complaints, but she’s not the only one who’s got issues with him. Eun Joo storms in in frustration for not being able to perform as a “married man” should. Uh. Awk-ward. Now everyone is back to wondering about his impotence.

Hae Young grabs her and Soo Ah for a private talk, and Eun Joo wonders if he’s got a problem “down there.” Surprised, Soo Ah nods fervently; he had issues even with her! Hae Young vehemently denies any “issues,” and demands to know why she came to his office. Eun Joo reveals that Sung Gyeom and Sang Hyo are planning to make an “important announcement” that evening, and Soo Ah is quick to catch on that a proposal may be in the works. Eun Joo wants Hae Young to do something about it, knowing that he viewed the wedding as a real thing.

That evening at the restaurant, Eun Joo looks around nervously at the table anticipating Hae Young’s arrival. She keeps interrupting Sung Gyeom so that he won’t be able to make his announcement, and manages to delay it long enough for the lights to go out. A spotlight goes on the stage. It’s Hae Young! And boy does he have quite the song to sing!

Everyone in the restaurant claps and cheers along with the song while Sang Hyo is frustrated at how he knew that she was going to be there. It’s funny that her coworkers are really impressed at Hae Young’s enthusiastic performance (and totally stealing Sung Gyeom’s thunder), but even better still is that his coworkers AND Soo Ah are at the table behind them also enjoying the show! I swear Jin Yi Han’s musical theater skills are in full display here with his dancing. How do you reject a guy like that?!

Hae Young thanks the audience for their cheers because it’s given him the confidence to take back the woman who was stolen from him. Looking straight at Sung Gyeom, he says, “Will you return my woman?” OOOOOOOOH.

Sang Hyo wants to take care of it herself, but Sung Gyeom stands up himself. “I thought we finished talking about this last night.” Hae Young gets off the stage and looks at him in the eye. “I heard you out last night, is all,” he replies. Sung Gyeom says that he and Sang Hyo are starting over now (which, should be a shocker to all at the table since that is the big announcement) but Hae Young only smiles. The song he just sang was his response to Sung Gyeom: he is not giving up Sang Hyo, the woman whom he fell in love with at first sight.

The others in the restaurant then start goading Sung Gyeom to get up onstage and sing a song in response. Sang Hyo knows that Sung Gyeom can’t sing because he tenses up, so to save him she pulls him to leave. But pride won’t let him do it. Sung Gyeom picks up the microphone while holding Sang Hyo’s hand, and hesitantly starts singing. Though his voice is not as confident and showy as Hae Young’s performance, it’s honest and pure. And most importantly Sung Gyeom’s song reveals that while he may get jealous and get scared that his lover will disappear, he is happiest to have her around.

That was a touching song, and Sang Hyo is moved to tears for his song. It’s a little disappointing for Hae Young’s coworkers, but they can’t deny the sweetness of Sung Gyeom’s ballad. Both Hae Young and Eun Joo must now admit that they’ve lost.


It’s so heartbreaking to see Hae Young waver between happiness to despair this episode. He really finds hope in every little thing that Sang Hyo does even though she’s trying not to give him any. What’s remarkable is watching Jin Yi Han’s expressions and see how subtle and effective he is with his acting. Him and Lee Jun Ki are so good at expressing their emotions so clearly with their eyes.

I have to admit that I feel very broken up about this episode because I really want to root for Hae Young to get the girl, and yet I feel the despair that he does that he might have just lost Sang Hyo forever. At the same time, I really want to applaud to Sang Hyo for her courage to move on past the great love who’s come back to her. While I did have a strong second lead syndrome in the beginning I find that I’m losing interest in Sung Gyeom. It’s probably because of the case too because I really can’t tell if I’m to trust him yet or not.

I’m kind of grateful that the other ladies in this drama are slowly backing down for a bit. Jung Eun is probably the most annoying and frustrating character, and I hate her as much as I fear her. She’s hard to watch onscreen and you just know that she can cause a lot of trouble for Sang Hyo and Hae Young. Therefore I’m glad that she thinks she has no chance because we can get a little reprieve from her overbearing-ness. On the other hand Soo Ah wavers between annoying and sweet, but I certainly like that she’s also smart in her own way and totally not jealous because she sees Hae Young as an older brother. It makes me appreciate the fact that she broke off the wedding on her own because it merely affirms that she does not like him. Let’s hope that she doesn’t switch gears in the upcoming episodes and starts pining for Hae Young.

And last but not least, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, Lee Young Eun!

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