My Secret Hotel: Episode 7 Recap


We’re back! And the show is making laugh just less than five minutes into the drama! Things get a little more mysterious, and a wedding finally happens.

“Trap” by Yoo Sung Eun, Swings from My Secret Hotel OST [download]

After her run-in with her ex, Sang Hyo escapes to the garden for a breather. Sung Gyeom gives her a call, wanting to see her at the garden, but Sang Hyo’s not really in the mood to see him right now. She makes up the excuse that she’s really busy with the wedding preparations and even yells directions off the phone for Gi Chul and Kyung Hee. Little does she realize – Sung Gyeom is actually standing in the garden too, watching her whole charade!

Boy is that embarrassing for her. As her boss, Sung Gyeom wonders if it’s good to have an employee pretending to work. As her boyfriend, he wonders why she’s avoiding him so much.

He has a business trip to attend and will be gone for a couple of days. That should be enough time for her to forget her past with Hae Young, right? Sang Hyo agrees, as she hopes to throw her past away at the same time as the wedding. He hands her a tie he was going to wear. She never got him one, so he bought one. But now he wants her to tie it for him. Kekeke.

As she ties it for him, Sung Gyeom makes another leap: “Shall we get married?” Dude, you just started dating! He teases that she proposed first, to which she then tries to strangle him with the tie. (Playfully, of course.) Sung Gyeom wants to tell the whole hotel that they’re dating when he gets back, if that’s okay with Sang Hyo. It’s a bit of a sweet gesture, to acknowledge the relationship rather than to hide it. Until then, she ought to hide from Eun Joo.

Whelp – too late! Eun Joo witnesses them together, and boy is she miffed! But she steels herself for battle; just because Sang Hyo and Sung Gyeom are dating does not mean they’re getting married. She still has the chance to be the bride!

Meanwhile, Hae Young is not that excited about his wedding. Instead of getting ready, he’s taking a nap, and ignores all calls from Soo Ah. Shi Chan picks up the phone instead. Soo Ah is not her usual bubbly self, and she says that she’s stuck in traffic. In reality, she’s in her gown and in the car with Mr. Kim (in a convertible that reminds me of the one Hae Young and Sang Hyo had in Nevada), and they’re parked somewhere.

Turning to Mr. Kim but on the phone, Soo Ah then talks to Hae Young on the phone in messages clearly meant for Mr. Kim. “Have you settled your heart?” Mr. Kim nods, while Hae Young listens along, a tad puzzled. “You know I really love you, right?” Mr. Kim nods. “Even after I get married, my heart will stay the same.” She grabs Mr. Kim’s hand and adds, “I’m telling the truth. I’ll only love you even after we marry.” She then asks, “What about you, oppa?” Mr. Kim mouths, “Me too,” while Hae Young merely says, “I’ll talk to you later.”

Oh man, can you two just not get married?!

Hae Young pretends to get up to shower, but only readjusts himself on the couch to sleep. Shi Chan resorts to brute force: pulling Hae Young to the bathroom by pinching his cheek! Hae Young takes his sweet time getting ready, pausing every so often to lament his sad fate. Soo Ah cries as Mr. Kim drives her to Secret Hotel, ruining her makeup again. And Sang Hyo lets out a big sigh as she sees the wedding cake ready to be cut. For her to move on, two very sad lonely people will have to marry.

And then finally, Mr. Kim says what I’ve been thinking the entire time: “Soo Ah, should we just run away like this?” Heck yeah, you have the perfect car for it! (Plus, it’s just like how Hae Young and Sang Hyo eloped!)

Sang Hyo catches up with Manager Cha regarding the security for the wedding, and he assures her that there will be no pickpockets this time around. Sang Hyo assumes that he’s referring to Hwang since Hae Young’s wallet was found under his body. However, Gi Chul overhears this and has a mini freak out session. He didn’t know that Hae Young’s wallet was found under Hwang’s body. Could it be that Gi Chul was ordered by Manager Cha to steal Hae Young’s wallet, but didn’t know it was going to be used to pin the crime on Hae Young?

The parents of the bride and groom arrive, and the bride’s mother is just as uppity and picky as her daughter, while the groom’s father is just as calm and good-natured as his son. Sang Hyo takes Hae Young’s parents to their private waiting room and explains the course of events. As she serves the father a glass of water, she smiles at how kind Hae Young’s parents are. They clearly never married long enough to meet the parents. His mother takes a sudden interest in her name because it sounds familiar. Uh oh – does she recognize Sang Hyo to be Hae Young’s ex!? Nope! Turns out the mother thinks there’s a celebrity of the same name.

Shi Chan is trying to be the good best man to Hae Young, who feels like he’s not fated to marry Soo Ah because he saw Sang Hyo again. Shi Chan disagrees: seeing Sang Hyo again is meant to help him settle his heart before he starts the next phase of his life. Just then, Soo Ah calls. She’s sorry but she can’t leave the person she loves aside. She won’t be there at the wedding.


And guess what?! Sang Hyo arrives outside his room just in time to hear their conversation! Shocked beyond belief, she yells at Hae Young to go find Soo Ah and get married. Her future and the future of the wedding department hangs on this wedding. She even threw away her pride and knelt down for this wedding to happen. They must marry!

Hae Young argues that he’s just as shocked as she is, and it’s unfair of her to only think about herself and her hotel’s future when he just got dumped less than an hour before the wedding. Soo Ah’s mother comes running in frantically. Did he hear?! She’s so embarrassed she can’t face him or his mother anymore. Sang Hyo escapes the room to relay the bad news to her coworkers.

But it’s okay! Hae Young has a plan though! He tells Soo Ah’s mother to message all of the guests and tell them that her daughter’s wedding is not happening at Secret Hotel. Then he goes down to tell his parents the news, and about Sang Hyo. This makes his mother act like she just got a heart attack, but also reminds her where exactly she heard of Sang Hyo’s name. And while Sang Hyo is in the middle of telling her staff that the wedding has been canceled, Hae Young interrupts to say that it has not been. Instead, Sang Hyo can be his bride.


So basically, Sang Hyo will get the proper wedding she deserved seven years ago, and they will get the chance to start over together. And she will have a wedding to announce to the press that will save Secret Hotel’s reputation. Sang Hyo refuses, aghast that he could make such a suggestion. But Eun Joo is allllll for it! Besides, Sang Hyo married will mean Sung Gyeom is free for her taking! Eun Joo adds that if this wedding does not happen, more than half of the current staff will be fired and the wedding department will cease to exist. Therefore, instead of being selfish, Sang Hyo should get married.

Everyone votes in agreement. Sang Hyo freaks out, “How can something like this be decided with a vote!?”

Soo Ah’s mother successfully pushes all of her guests out of the hotel, even by force, without much explanation. When Manager Cha informs Sang Hyo, she runs out of the wedding hall without giving her decision, and leaves Eun Joo in charge to rearrange all of the guests’ seating and the name cards. This wedding between Sang Hyo and Hae Young must happen under her watch! Even Manager Cha is stunned and rooted to his spot when he hears that Sang Hyo will be the bride, and it’s kind of funny to see him look at Eun Joo like she’s a force to be feared when she orders him to screen all the guests. Anyone on the groom’s side may enter, but the bride’s side must be taken to the exit.

Meanwhile, Sang Hyo’s current boyfriend arrives at a secluded resort to check out the service as a regular customer. Unfortunately Manager Lee has already alerted the staff of his visit so they greet him at the front door. Not wanting to stay with his identity found out, he makes his leave. Just then, a young rich-looking girl comes running up to him screaming, “Goong Min-oppa!” (It’s singer Hong Jin YoungNam Goong Min‘s We Got Married wife!) She hugs him and is shocked that he doesn’t even remember his wife! He’s really embarrassed as he says he’s never been married, and one of the resort staff tells her that he’s Jo Sung Gyeom. Wow that was crazy, I almost thought our main character had a bit of a double identity he wasn’t telling us!

Sang Hyo goes to the garden to clear her head, and Kyung Hee joins her there. She reminds Sang Hyo that most people regret not having loved more before they die, and she doesn’t want the same to happen to Sang Hyo. But Sang Hyo is more cautious. She doesn’t want to just return to a former love because of lingering feelings.

The same uncle who was suspicious of the red “dots” on the ceiling the first time around now has an unshakable feeling that something is off again. However he can’t just place it, and it’s partly because he hasn’t noticed the bride’s name has changed! Eun Joo is slightly nervous that they may not pull it off, but no one has noticed the bride’s name change just yet. Well, Jung Eun hasn’t exactly entered the hall just yet…

The uncle figures it out – the bride’s name should be Jung Soo Ah! The evidence is on the cake! Before anyone else can notice, Eun Joo quickly jumps up on the podium and grabs the whole section that says “Jung Soo Ah,” and eats it! Hahaha!

Manager Cha finally informs Manager Lee about the wedding hall shenanigans and he hurries off to find Sang Hyo. He doesn’t have to look far: she’s already waiting outside of his office, hoping he’ll help her. He reassures her that no one can force her to get married and comforts her.

But the wedding is underway! Shi Chan begins MC’ing the wedding, and when he announces the bride’s name, Jung Eun nearly chokes on her water. She raises her hand, but Shi Chan plows on through with his speech, ignoring her. She calls attention to the fact that the bride’s name has changed, and everyone starts muttering. So Eun Joo begins putting out the fire by acknowledging the fact that the bride has changed, and then spins it into a story about destiny and miracles. Eun Joo then reveals Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s love story of how they used to be married seven years ago and how fate has reunited them together. She is really good at making it a touching story and tugging at the guests’ heartstrings. She even makes Soo Ah look like the good girl as the one who stepped aside for Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s love, and her a mother a saint for coming out to bless the marriage. It’s amazing and removes the bite from whatever Jung Eun was going to say. This is why Eun Joo’s the head of PR!

Eun Joo gets everyone into a rousing chorus of cheers as the guests say they’re ready to bless the couple. The soundtrack soars beautifully and triumphantly… and then cuts out when Jung Eun says, “No.” What a party pooper. Uncle even has to tell her to sit down to stop embarrassing herself.

The groom is introduced, and Hae Young walks down the aisle. But will the bride enter?

No one walks through the doors. Shi Chan nervously laughs it off and attributes it to nerves. Hae Young gulps. Will Sang Hyo never arrive?

Suddenly the guests all go, “Oooh!” The doors open – and SANG HYO IS THERE! IN A BRIDAL DRESS! Damn she’s sexy… Anyways, she was actually looking for help from Manager Lee to walk her down the aisle. After all, he’s the closest thing to a father to her. ACKKKKKK. I’m feeling super flustered for these characters! Manager Lee checks that Sang Hyo is sure, and she is. She walks down the aisle with a few simple flowers, and gives Hae Young a smile. Oh my God, Hae Young looks like he’s about to cry. Even Kyung Hee tears up.

But then Kyung Hee remembers that the suite needs to be cleaned up for the promotional photo shoot, and sends Young Mi to go up. Young Mi is so pissed off that she just got sent as a lackey to do the un-fun stuff and can’t even watch the wedding. As sour as she looks, I guess Young Mi does want to see her superior get married. Only Manager Cha is around in the lobby to witness Young Mi’s little tantrum, and I’m sure he files it in his memory somewhere.

Young Mi’s also not too happy that Soo Ah basically got away from her and her blackmail by running from this wedding. But at the very least she does still have Hwang’s necklace, which was found with him when he died, and can sell it off for a pretty penny. What she doesn’t realize is that someone is watching her as she was cleaning up the room. Young Mi calls up a stranger and tells him/her to hurry up and make a deal, otherwise she’ll sell the necklace off to someone else. Just then, someone enters the room.

Young Mi insists that the necklace is hers, and if that person doesn’t want it, she can give it to someone else. I fear for her life, but thankfully she manages to remain unscathed for her impertinence when the person leaves.

At the wedding hall below, Sang Hyo and Hae Young exchange their vows once again and she smiles beautifully all while crossing her fingers discreetly. She’s jinxing her vows! One thing she can’t get out of is the kiss, and she tells Hae Young he better not dare kiss her. Well then – that just makes him pull her closer.

Upstairs, Young Mi lays two wine glasses beside the bath tub. As she exits the bathroom, the person comes back and whacks her head with a candlestick. She falls to her knees and looks fearfully at her attacker as blood drips from the back of her head.

Downstairs, Hae Young and Sang Hyo slowly, hesitantly kiss. Sang Hyo reminds herself to stay calm because it’s all for show, and then red petals fall from above them.

Upstairs, Young Mi climbs into the bath tub in her heels. Why, I have no idea. You could back up to a wall instead. She ends up slipping and hits her head against the back of the tub. That’s the fatal blow to her already injured head, and she dies in a tub full of roses.

One more death during another wedding.

Downstairs everyone’s taking their pictures, and boy is it awkward between Sang Hyo and Hae Young. Someone finally notices that Young Mi isn’t around, and they wonder if they should go call her. Eun Joo says they can just forget her. Now Young Mi is left to bleed out in the tub.

Back at the station, Vice General Manager and Geum Bo have some jajjangmyun. When Detective Lee joins them, Geum Bo promptly covers his bowl so that Detective Lee ends up stealing the Vice GM’s. Hehe. Turns out Detective Lee tracked down Hwang’s call to the States. It was to a woman named Park Jong Sook – Jo Sung Gyeom’s mother. So why was Hwang threatening Sung Gyeom’s mother?

Interestingly, when we get a glimpse of Sung Gyeom’s call history, we discover that Young Mi had called him. So does this mean he was the one she was planning to sell the necklace too!?

Sang Hyo and Hae Young dress in traditional Korean dress and bow to his parents, who feel a little awkward for meeting her for the first time. The father wishes them happily ever after; an elderly matriarch (his grandmother?) tells Sang Hyo to produce many children; an aunt tells her to treat Hae Young like a king; a sister-in-law tells her not to disrupt the family company and the rights each son has; a second sister-in-law outright disses her for being unlike any other person in the family. So many rules for being part of the Goo family!

They finally get to retreat to the suite, exhausted. Sang Hyo is actually kind of confused as to why a sister-in-law mentioned management rights, so it seems Hae Young never told her about his family’s wealth. Until now! She’s shocked that his family owns the largest construction company, and he quickly says he has nothing to do with it. Sang Hyo is quite surprised that even though they’ve now been married twice, she barely knows anything about him.

In any case, this second one is not a real marriage. Sang Hyo tries to see if she can leave the suite early, but Eun Joo tells her she can’t: reporters are still around so she’ll have to stay the night! Sang Hyo blames Hae Young for all this, but he’s actually sincere and wants to start over. Just then, Sung Gyeom calls!

Sang Hyo has no choice but to answer, and Sung Gyeom asks if she was able to send Hae Young off well. She and Hae Young enter a war of mouthing, telling each other to get out, and finally Hae Young decides to go wash up. He even yells into her phone to make his presence known, but she quickly lies that no one is next to her.

Hae Young is so close to seeing the dead body in the bathroom, but shuts the door when he hears Sang Hyo say she wants to see the stars with Sung Gyeom too. He gets so annoyed he takes her phone and hangs up, throwing it on the bed. Hae Young wants her to be a little more respectful to the fact that they just got married, but she looks at it as a fake marriage. “Why do you keep dragging me into your impulsive weddings?! Not once, but twice!” she cries. Ouch, that hurts.

Sang Hyo hides under the covers, refusing to talk to him any further, and he grabs extra sheets to sleep on the couch. It’s so sad that he watches her while she’s asleep, smiling at the name card that now says Hae Young and Sang Hyo are newlyweds. Why can’t she be happy too?! When she stirs awake, he quickly pretends he’s asleep, and it makes her feel a little guilty for being mean to him.

Sang Hyo heads to the bathroom and turns on the light. Young Mi’s wide open dead eyes stare right back at her.



I love that we’re diving deeper into the mystery now that we’ve got the wedding out of the way.

I’m personally really happy that Soo Ah made a decision for herself because she can be a lot less annoying now. Who knows if she’ll appear in future episodes, but at least she’s no longer Hae Young’s and has acknowledged that they aren’t meant to be. At the same time, I kind of expected that Sang Hyo and Hae Young would go through with their sham wedding because it’ll add additional drama for the love square and also give them a chance to really grow as a couple again.

Young Mi dying was bound to happen: that girl flirted with danger in every episode. What’s interesting is that she was knowingly playing Sung Gyeom, and quite possibly Manager Lee. Just like how she found out about Soo Ah’s lover, it seems that Young Mi knew more than she let on about Hwang and his connection to Manager Lee and Sung Gyeom’s father. Now the secrets will definitely not die with her, because with each murder Manager Lee is exposing himself more and more.


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